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Chapter Two

I was sitting in front of my vanity mirror staring at the women looking back at me. She had a crown full of jewels and a beaded lace, sweetheart neckline, red ball gown. She smiled back at me revealing her pearly white fangs. There were chambermaids frantically running around in the background. Seems like just yesterday I was a normal girl leading an ordinary life.

Thinking back...

Monday was the first day at my new school. I had a girl show me where my classes were at first but today I was on my own and got my schedule confused. I was hiding in the bathroom to not get sent to the principles office.

The class I knew to go to next was my history class. I had butterflies in my stomach almost thinking that it may not be the right class, that I had it wrong. When I got to the classroom I went to the teacher to introduce myself and see if I was in the right place. Turns out I was in the right place and took a seat. A girl turned around and introduced her self as Nichole and welcomed me to the school. She was a Gothic looking girl but seemed very nice. I kinda liked the way she dressed but my dad would never let me dress that way. I wonder why she is being so nice to me, probably she just feels sorry for the new girl.

“ Come sit with me and my friends at lunch.”

“Okay, thanks.” I smiled

At lunch, she asked if I would like to go to her house after school, that I could ride her bus home with.

“I’ll have to text my dad to see if that is okay.”

“Okay, let me know, I’ll wait for you outside.”


I sent a text to my dad asking him if I could go to my new friend Nichole’s house after school and he replied yes, to text me her address when he needs to pick me up. I was happy he said yes but also nervous to go to her house and meet her parents for the first time, parents always made me uncomfortable until I got to know them. I hoped they were a nice family, you never know what you are going to walk into. Could be a nice set of parents or mean and strict kind.

I went to my locker after the bell rung and collected my things I needed to take home with me. I had a lot of homework to work on when I got home. I wonder how long I will have to be at her house. When I finally got outside she was standing by the buses waiting for me.

“Are you coming to my house?”

“Yeah, my dad said I could.”

“Awesome.” She smiled.

“What bus is yours?”

“1356, right here.” She pointed behind her.

We both got on the bus and shared a seat in the very back. It made me a little nervous to sit in the back with the older people but it didn’t seem to bother her. I normally sat in the middle of my bus and kept to my self. I am more of an introvert were she seems more of an extrovert. That is a good thing for me to make friends with a person like that though to kind of pull me out of my comfort zone. I need that sometimes to make friends and do fun things.

Once we got to her stop we got up and moved our way up to the front of the bus and off onto the sidewalk. She lived in an older but nice subdivision. On the way to her house, she told me how she and her mom lived with her grandparents. She said how her family is very nice and are going to love me. That was nice to hear but didn’t make me any less nervous to meet them.

When entered the house and her grandparents both got up and came over to greet me. They were surprised by my normal appearance and said how Nichole normally hangs out with other goth looking kids. The grandmother said she loved my blonde hair and to never dye it like her granddaughter does. Until now I hadn’t really given much thought about my appearance. I have never felt I looked so plain until meeting her at this new school.

They asked me where I was from and when I moved here. I told them how I just moved back to Texas after being in Wichita Falls for a year, that I was born here. I told them how my parents are in the middle of a divorce and my dad took us away with him to have a chance at getting full custody of me and my little brother and sister.

They said how they were sorry to hear that and quickly changed the subject by asking if we were hungry and wanted a chicken salad sandwich. I said, “Yes, please.”

I love chicken salad sandwiches and I was starving. We followed her grandmother to the kitchen and sat at the dining room table. She made our sandwiches and gave us milk and chips to go with.

After we were finished eating we went upstairs to Nichole’s room and that’s when I met her mom. She was in bed watching TV, she smiled at me and said nice to meet you. I wonder why she is in bed, maybe she is sick today? She seemed kind of out of it. We were not in her mom’s room long before going down the hall to her room.

The first thing I noticed was a small door on the wall to the right.

“What’s that door go to?” I asked.

“Another realm.” She said.

I laughed it off, “No, really?”

“Really.” She said with a straight face.

“Do you believe in magic?” She asked.

“No.” I laughed.

“Well, I’m a witch.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I am, I’ll show you.”

She went over to her dresser and opened the top drawer pulling out a few candles.

“I have to hide my candles from my grandfather since he doesn’t allow them in the house, he was in a house fire as a child.”

She pulled a lighter out of the pocket of her trip pants and lit the candles and set them up on her dresser. She stared at the biggest red candle and really focused in on the flame, the flame started to flicker. When the flame went out completely I couldn’t believe my eyes, it must be some kind of trick. She looked at my skeptical face and lit the candle again, I paid more attention this time to her mouth to see if she could have possibly blown out the flame. Her lips were sealed shut and her hands were behind her back.

How is she doing that? Magic and witches are not real.

“I’m not stupid I know its some sort of trick.”

“Are you religious?” She asked.

“Yes, I am a Christian.”

“How can you believe in something you have no proof of or haven’t seen but not believe in magic, all myths come from somewhere.”

Maybe she is possessed and it’s the demon that is controlling the flame.

“I don’t know.”

I wasn’t sure if I should trust what she says, I have always been told witches don’t really exist. She changed the subject by saying she wants to try some of her clothes on me to see if they fit. She went over to her closet and pulled out some black and purple Capri, trip pants with bondage straps hanging off of them. I had never worn anything like those before.

“I don’t think they will fit me.”

“It’s okay if they are a little baggy.”

She reached back into her closet and held out a black shirt to go with the pants.

“This will go perfectly with those pants.”

I took the clothes and went down the hall towards her mom’s room to the bathroom to change. I have never liked changing in front of other people and I am glad she didn’t make fun of me. I took off my blue jeans and pink blouse. I put on the baggy pants and shirt and looked in the mirror. I kind of like this look and these pants are really cool. I bet people at school is going to freak when they see me dressed like this.

I looked at my phone and it was getting late, my dad will be here soon to pick me up. I have a lot of homework to do before I go to bed, but I am glad my dad let me come here after school and do my homework later. The rule is to have my homework done before I can leave. I went back into Nichole’s room to show her the outfit and she said that I can borrow it and wear to school tomorrow if I wanted. She said it looked really good on me.

Her grandmother yelled upstairs that my dad was here.

“Thanks for the clothes, I’m excited to wear it to school tomorrow.”

“Everyone is going to love the way you look.”

“Thanks, I hope so.”

“They will.”

I went back to the bathroom to grab my clothes and we both walked downstairs to meet my dad. He looks surprised to see me the way I was dressed.

“Dad, this is my new friend Nichole.”

“ It’s very nice to meet you, Nichole.” He smiled.

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Smith.” She replied.

We said our goodbyes and left their house and he didn’t say anything until we were in the car.

“What are you wearing?”

“She let me borrow some of her clothes for school tomorrow.”

“You are wearing that to school?”

“Yes, why not?”

“It’s a lot of black.”

“You don’t like my outfit?”

“It will just take some getting used to.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

“How was your first day?”

“It was okay, I’m glad I made a friend though.”

“Good, she seems nice.”

“She is.”

I couldn’t tell him about her being a witch and able to do magic or he would not let me hang out with her again outside of school. I wanted to tell him that witches and magic were real but he wouldn’t believe me. He will think she is a bad influence on me so I will have to keep it to myself. My dad turned the radio up and we jammed to alternative rock music the rest of the way home.

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