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Chapter Eight

“This is Baz.” Nichole laughed.

“I like your name,” I said.

“I like yours too.”

We all started walking towards the other side of the bayou, where he lived. I felt safer now that Baz was around to protect us in the event that something jumps out of the shadows to attack us. I thought though if we are all really vampires then I shouldn’t be afraid because we should be what other people are afraid of.

“How much further,” I asked.

“Not much further,” Baz said.

That’s when I started to see a figure coming towards us, Baz stopped and reached his arm out to stop me and keep me behind me.

“Stay behind me.” He said.

“Is that a Demon?” Nichole squinted.

“It’s not human.”

“What?!” I said.

“Just stay behind me.” He bared his fangs.

Shit, I guess vampires do really exist. As the figure got closer it became more apparent what it was they were worried about. It was sickly pale looking with black soulless eyes.

Before it could get any closer Baz charged the demon, leaving Nichole and I at a safe distance, tackling it to the ground. I backed away even further just in case it over powered him and I needed to run. If I am really a vampire I am a nube and don’t know what the hell I am doing. Baz seemed like he had control over the situation though, he was clearly the one doing the over powering.

The demon growled and stretched his hand out watching as claws grew out and wings shot out of his shoulder blades, that turned the tables fast. He went up into the sky with Baz, holding him at a distance. It looked as though he was going to drop him, it was high up but I don’t think that would kill a vampire.

“Run!” Baz yelled down to us.

We were both frozen in shock and could not pull our eyes away from the scene unfolding in front of us.

I started backing away to run when the Demon let go of Baz and let him drop to the ground. I thought that was it for him but he dematerialized into thin air. He materialized on the other side of the bayou, luring the demon away from us.

“Is that the best you got, Demon?” Baz taunted.

The Demon made his way over to the other side of the bayou and landed in front of Baz.

“I knew you would do that, I like to play a little cat and mouse.” The Demon smirked.

Baz charged at him again tackling him to the ground and going for the things neck. He was taking long hard drags off his neck as if he was trying to quickly drain him of his strength. The demon was trying to get out of his hold. His wings came out again and he tried to fly away but his strength was being depleted.

He dug his claws into Baz trying to get him to stop, it worked because he cried out and reached for his side. The demon stood up and slowly started ascending towards the sky but Baz wouldn’t allow him to get away. He jumped up grabbing him by the feet and dragged him back down to the ground. This time he went for his jugular ripping it right out with his fangs.

He spit it out on the ground and looked over at us with blood dripping down his chin. He dematerialized back to the other side of the bayou to us.

“Sorry, I am sure that was hard for you to see but I couldn’t let that thing get away,” Baz said wiping the blood off his face.

“I am just glad you’re okay, thanks for protecting us.”

“Yeah, no problem.” He smiled showing off his pearly white fangs.

“Your fangs are still out.”

“Oh, sorry.” He laughed.

He closed his eyes and took some deep calming breaths and then his fangs went back in place.

“I have to calm myself to have them retract.”

“After yours ascend for the first time you will have to be careful to keep them concealed from humans,” Nichole said.

“If I am really a vampire, why haven’t my fangs ever ascended?” I asked.

“They will do it the first time you feed,” Baz said.

“So vampires can survive without drinking blood?”

“No, blood has been sneaked into your food or drinks since you were an infant.” Said Nichole.

“The Hawaiian drinks you like, and sometimes in your tomato soups.” Baz smiled.

“Gross!” I yelled covering my mouth.

“Sorry, but I had to keep you alive.

“Why was it up to you, who are you?”

“I am not really Nichole’s boyfriend.”

“What?” I said looking over at Nichole.

“He wanted to be the one who told you everything.”

“Why say he is your boyfriend though?” I asked.

“I thought it would lead to fewer questions.”


We all started walking again towards the end of the bayou, to where Baz lived.

“You were adopted by humans to keep you safe until you were mature enough, you are the princess of our coven,” Baz said, bowing to me.

“This is ridiculous.” I laughed.

“Oh, but you are and it’s time you know.”

“The demons are getting worse and a war is about to break out between us.”

“You need to be in the safety of the coven,” Nichole said.

“How do you even know I am who you say?”

“Baz has known you for centuries and always knows where you are.”

“For some reason every time we are reincarnated you never remember anything but I always do and am the one who finds you,” Baz said reaching out and pulling me into him.

“This a lot to take in,” I said pushing away from him.

“You still haven’t answered my question, who are you?”

“The Prince, we got married a long time ago.”

“Not just any vampire can take out a strong demon like that one.” Nichole gestured across the bayou.

“So we are married?”

“No, but we have been in the past, sometimes we get back together and sometimes we don’t but I always keep my title in the vampire world."

All this was a lot to take in, I didn’t know what to say to him. I wonder why we sometimes don’t end up back together? Maybe sometimes he feels like being with other women. Well, he seems to be into me right now.

“Why do we not always get back together?”

“You don’t remember me as I remember you.”

“It’s okay, I just then have more time to focus on other things.”

When we were almost out of the bayou Baz walked over the concrete entrance and laid down on his back.

“Join me.”

“What are you doing?”

“Looking at the stars.”

I looked up at the starry night sky, it was beautiful.

“Okay,” I said amused.

“I have learned to stop and enjoy the small things in all my years.”

“You believe me now?” Nichole whispered as she laid down next to us.

“Yes,” I whispered smiling back.

Baz slowly reached over and took my hand, it felt so natural in that moment. He looked over, meeting my eyes, I held his gaze for a while but started feeling awkward with Nichole next to me. I don’t want to make her feel like the third wheel, I know how uncomfortable that can be.

I had so many questions that I wanted to ask him about us but I wanted to wait until I got a chance with him alone. He leaned over and whispered, “Can I come to you tomorrow night?”

“What do you mean?”

“I can dematerialize to you.”

“Okay... do you need my address?”

“No.” He laughed.

“You already know where I live?”

“I always know where you are.”

“It’s my blood that I give you, so I can always sense where you are.”

“Kind of creepy.” I laughed.

“It’s for your nourishment and safety.”

“I guess I can see that.”

“I can sense if something is wrong or your hurt.”

“Could come in handy.”

“Remember when that guy held you upside down over the balcony at your school?”

“You were there?”

“You don’t remember me?”


“I was the one who pulled you back over and went after that guy.”

“I vaguely remember you, it all happened so fast.”

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