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Chapter Fourteen

I was so excited, Abel texted me that he was taking me for a ride on his motorcycle to the mountains to show me his favorite spot for some alone time together. For him to share that with me must mean something. I was in my closet trying to figure out what to wear, picking out a pink bra and panties. Could not wear any heels, so I went with cute leather knee-high boots.

Grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a black blouse that showed off my cleavage. Laid everything out on my bed and walked into the bathroom to do my hair and face. Since I will wear his helmet I decided to just straighten my hair instead of an up-do. When done straightening my hair I turned off my iron since I am always afraid I will forget, leave and burn the house to the ground. I started on my make-up, first I put on a coat of primer, then a coat of BB cream for that flawless look and bronze for that sun-kissed glow. I put on brown glitter eyeshadow, a darker brown in the crease and a cream color under my brow.

I put a line of black eyeliner on the top and then mascara. I put pink color stay lipstick on and blush on my cheeks so they match. Painted my nails pink to match my bra and panties pulling out my collection of nail polishes to find the perfect pink to match. Sitting on my black shag rug I had on the floor in front of my bed to watch Bridget Jones’s Baby, I must have seen this movie a thousand times, I love how they came out with a new Bridget Jones, one of my all-time favorites.

Had to stop and laugh without ruining my paint job. When done painting my nails I stayed on the floor to finish the movie and let them dry. I should have got dressed first, I grabbed a throw off the end of my bed and covered up with it, which was no easy task with wet nails. Once dry I climbed up off the floor and went over to my bed to put my clothes on. I grabbed socks out of my dresser and slid them on my feet.

I checked my phone, time for our date. I shoved my feet into my leather knee-high boots, grabbed my leather jacket, coach purse, turned off my tv and left my room. As I put my jacket on and ascending the stairs to the foyer I had expected to wait in the living room and maybe even be able to get a drink from the bar but he was standing in the foyer waiting for me. I wonder how long he has been waiting for me? He smiled up at me,

“Are you ready to go, babe?”

I smile at the endearment.

“Yes, handsome.”

He liked me calling him babe I can tell from the cocky look he gave me. I love the confidence he has in himself I threw my arms up around his neck for a hug and he returned it by bringing me in closer wrapping his arms around my waist. I pulled away staring into those blue eyes I could stare into forever.

“I am excited to see your favorite place.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Handing me his helmet.

At that moment my Uncle walked into the foyer.

“Where are you two going?”

“Oh, we are just going to one of my friend’s houses, I thought you wanted me to take at least one guard.” I lied.

If I told him what we were doing he’d catch on to the fact we are dating, this feels like a date. We haven’t put a label on it yet.

“Which friend?”

Shit, my mind went blank, what are my friend’s names again? I am horrible at lying.

“We are going to Annabelle’s friend’s house.”

Abel tried to help by saying,

“Yes sir, she wanted to go to her friend Annabelle’s house, and make sure she got there okay.”

My Uncle nodded and said,

“Okay good you are taking a guard with you, Thanks Abel for looking out for my daughter’s safety.”

He walked off and said,

“You can never be too careful.”

Once he was in the living room, we both relaxed.

“That was close.” We both laughed.

“We need to plan better excuses for being alone together without your other guards.”

“Yeah, we should.”

We walked out the front door to the covered carport where he parked his motorcycle. I liked just being with him; he differed from the other guards. We always walked to the basement to the parking garage, the older guards are so formal and to the book. I felt safe with Abel; he had this hard-ass vibe to him but I know if something were to happen he can protect me.

I put the helmet on my head and leaned over to him so he’d buckle the strap for me. When he secured my helmet I got in behind him on the bike. He started the bike, and we took off into the brisk night air. It was a nice night and I am glad I remembered my jacket but forgot my gloves. Abel told me not to forget my jacket and wear gloves.

Oh well, now he has to hold my hands. I thought with a smile and leaned in closer to him. Abel glanced at me through the corner of his eye and pulled my hands closer. The best part of riding with him, I felt nearest to him in this moment. I am unsure where things are going but I know he cares for me.

We were cruising the windy road up the mountain. It has not snowed yet since this could be dangerous on icy roads. He gives me his helmet to keep me safe but what if something happening to him? Well, he does not ride his motorcycle after the snow falls anyways. Kinda makes me wonder what he drives in the winter.

He had earbuds in listening to music; I wonder what the music he listens too; he enjoys the industrial music at the club but he might listen to different types as me. It depends on my mood. Hip-hop when I am working out and dancing in the club to industrial. Sometimes I even listen to country but it reminds me of my cousin who passed away at 22 years old. I try not to dwell on it, hurts too much, she was as a big sister to me so I try to stay away from the country or stuff that triggers memories.

I was tearing up, so I pushed the memory back, deep. We passed by my ex Drew’s house? Weird. Memories came flooding back. I waited to find a man I could date since he made himself clear that what we had was just casual. That was not fun to hear after telling him I wanted more from him.

At least he was being honest. I was with Abel and shouldn’t be thinking of another guy. I found the right one. He pulled off of the road and he motioned for me to get off and held his hand out for me.

I got off the motorcycle. It was quiet and deserted up here, I could see him at the bottom of the hillside. He took my hand and lead me along the road little ways to dirt steps that lead up the hill next to a fence. I never been to this place. This is not a hiking trail I am used to exploring. Good thing vampires got great night vision, but he took a penlight from his pocket.

He leads me up the steps. By the time we made it to the top I had to stop to catch my breath. We came up to a cliff overhang; he told me I’m the first one he brought here. I looked over smiling at him and said: “It’s amazing.” We sat and rested under the cliff hang looking over the landscape just taking it all in.

“I know it’s fast, but I never felt this toward anyone.”

Abel said looking into Annabelle’s eyes. He looked away at the landscape.

“I have feelings for you too.”

I reached over and grabbed his hand. We both laughed at the intense moment. He stood up pulling me to him and pressed his lips to mine. Then he leads me to a trail, we were walking hand in hand. He stopped at a tree and looked at me smiling. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife, motioning to a spot in the tree.

We should carve our initials in this tree, marking our spot. I laughed and said okay, smiling up at him. He carved A+ A, with Forever under and then carved a heart around it. We both stepped back and admired our mark left on the tree, knowing will always be here. Could see a stream ahead running over mossy rocks.

Took his hand and lead us towards a fallen tree laying over the stream. Wanted to walk across it and have him take a picture of me standing in the middle of the stream. Such a nice time of year, with the leaves changing colors, falling to the ground was so colorful before everything gets covered by snow. I stepped out onto the fallen tree. Abel took out his phone and took a picture. I stayed for a minute to take it all in.

Drew heard a knock at the door, his maid hurried to the door. Surprising since no clients are scheduled for the tonight. I was taking the night off that Annabelle girl is getting to me and making it hard to fuck my clients. I don’t know what I will do, I can’t just stop I need the money. My brother walked through the door looking in a great mood. Since he has moved out, he never comes by to visit like I thought.

“Hey, brother.” Said Abel

“Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Been busy with guard training.”

“Okay, how is that going.”

“It’s going great, I got assigned to Queen Annabelle.”

He told me about her and how they are dating and he has never felt this way before and thinks she is the one.

Shit, I thought should I tell him? I have to he will know something is up. He can’t get mad at me I didn’t know they were seeing each other.

“Princess Annabelle?"


"I used to see her, but it didn’t work out."


Abel stormed out of my house not saying another word.

Abel leaned into the mirror and over the sink, he wiped the moisture off of the glass with his towel. Then picked his toothbrush out of its holder. He brushed his teeth, hung the towel up to dry and went back into his room to his closet.

I could not stop replaying in my head what my brother said to me before I left to pick up Annabelle. My grip tight on the handlebars, the cars a blur as I speed past them. I’m only focused on what’s right in front of me. The street lights making my headache worst. I needed to talk to her I felt as though I’m going to explode if I had to keep it inside any longer.

I can not believe she had sex with him, even before we met. She touched him the way she has not even touched me yet; he has been inside her. How can I look at her without seeing her with my brother? I do not know if I can get past this and keep seeing her. I hope she says the right things to make this okay; I guess that is why I am rushing over to her.

If she was any other girl, I’d brush this off and stop seeing them but something is different with her. I slammed on the brakes as I noticed a stop light. I slid into the intersection but luckily was late and were no cars. What is this girl doing to me? As I came up to her house, I parked in the front under the carport and took a deep breath in and out, turning off my bike. The door opened and Annabelle stood in, the doorway, gleaming at me.

" I am ready!" With a huge excited smile on her face.

I mustered up a smile to her. She looked so happy I could not decide if I should bring it up right now. It does bother me she had sex with my brother but what right do I have? I should wait until I am completely calm. I’d hate to regret what I say tomorrow.

" Let’s go," I said.

She jumped with excitement and then walked up to me and got on the back, wrapping her arms around me. The bike purred to life, and we exited through the gates. Once we were up in the mountains, I pulled off the road and told her to get off my bike.

She looked around and said, "Why?"

"I can’t handle your arms wrapped around me any longer."

Her eyebrows came together. “What?”

“Did you date a guy named Drew?

Her eyes widened. “How do you know that?”

“He is my brother!”

I’m shaken with anger.

"I don’t know if I can be with you now knowing that."

Tears gathering in her eyes.

“I have needs, I did not know he’s your brother.”

”Do you still see him?”

“No, I stopped seeing him when I met you.”

I looked away into the trees; watching the leaves dance.

“I hate the idea of you being with my brother.”

“I understand, I hate the idea of you with someone else too.”

I turned back around to her.

“I know we are not together and I have no right but I can’t get past this.”

I looked away as tears started falling, I needed to be strong.

“I should get you back home.”

Walking back to my bike, I motioned for her to get back onto the bike. I looked over at her as she righted herself and wipes her tears away. When she turned to me she had swollen red eyes and her makeup running past her eyes.

She started shaking her head and taking a few steps back.

“I am not getting on that bike with you.”

She stormed away from me taking off into the trees.

“No Annabelle, you are going to get yourself lost!”

I yelled taking off after her at a dead run. How she is running so fast, I can only see a blur. Vampires can run faster than humans but not that fast that is abnormal.

She kept getting farther and farther away from me.

“Annabelle, Stop!”

He can’t leave her up in the mountains at night alone. But with royal vampire blood running through her veins she is much faster than he is. If I knew where she is going I’d dematerialize to her. I stopped to catch my breath and took out my phone to text her I’m sorry and to stop running from me.

She never replied but I see she read the message, well at least means she is alive.

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