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Chapter Eighteen

“Want to go to Denny’s?”

“That sounds good, I am hungry.”

We pulled off the road and into Denny’s parking lot,

“Should we place the order to go?”

“I have time lets eat at the restaurant.”

“Okay,” Damian said.

He got out first and walked around the car to get my wheelchair from the trunk and helped me sit. Inside at the front counter, my eyes falling on the pies. A woman came up, greeted us and grabbed a couple menus motioning to follow her. She leads us over to a handicap booth, Damian pushed me into my spot at the table and then went around to sit on the other side.

“What can I get you guys?” The waitress asked.

“Pancakes and a coffee,” Damian said.

“I will have the grand slam with shredded cheese on top of my scrambled eggs and a coffee please,” I said.

“Okay, I will get that right out to you guys.” She replied and walked away.

“So, you are Annabelle’s Royal bodyguard?”

“Yes, until my leg heals, I am not much of a guard.” I sighed

“You Vampires heal quickly though, right?”

"Yes, thankfully."

Early Damian was flying through the night air trying to figure out what to do. Cast out from the congregation but wants to keep control over his own life and most importantly don’t want to live amongst humans. If I find a woman to marry, my father will forgive me for backing out on the arranged marriage. Then give me back my title to the throne.

I will not marry anyone, only one person out there meant for everyone. I hope I can find her before my father dies and my younger brother becomes the king. My brother has always been jealous of me, I’m sure he is loving that I am gone. I am a black demonic creature called a Sitri with black angelic wings, but I can take human form when needed. That is going to come in handy.

I live in this old plantation house at the bottom of the mountains where my father ordered his driver to take me. The driver handed me money from my father and told me to not to overspend because that is the only money I am getting. I am flying around enjoying myself when a light caught my eye, a motorcycle, two people on it. The man wearing a helmet; the women without one, blonde and petite sized. I followed hovering above the trees. What are they doing?

Hidden in the dark night sky, I watched as the women with long blonde hair. Her arms around the man. He was covering her hand with his for warmth. I hope sense dangerous for him to steer one handed on these windy mountain roads. I got this feeling, and for a reason but I hoped I was wrong. He took a turn too fast and lost control, they both went sliding.

I watched it happen in slow motion. The guy slid off the mountainside, and the women hit the rock wall. I flew to them and took human form. I walked to the girl that wasn’t moving. She was unconscious and her head busted open, blood everywhere. I picked her up and walked over to the edge to check on the guy. I saw him moving and trying to get up so I took my natural form.

Flew off into the sky with her in my arms, knowing she needed medical care right away, no time to call for help. She felt good in my arms and I wanted to keep her safe and warm; I pulled her closer into my chest. She is such a ray of sunshine why she with that guy? He should have given her his helmet and should have been steering with both hands. She needed a man that could treat her right and put her needs before his own. I guess that makes me a hypocrite, I should put my fathers and the thrones needs before mine.

Looking at her, she is the one, she can be my princess. Once at the hospital I landed behind a dumpster and then turned back to my human form. Inside I handed her off to a nurse while telling them how she was in a motorcycle accident. After they took her away, I told them I was going to the bathroom. Instead went to check on the guy I had left. The trees were a blur as I flew past them trying to hurry; I hope an animal did not find him first. They hunt for food at night.

At the accident, I spotted the guy still on the ground. I flew to him and still in my natural form hovered over him. He saw me; I do not need to disguise myself right now.

“What are you?”

He doesn’t know who I am, he must have hit his head.

“I am Damian, a Sitri, a demon.”

His eyes widened, “Demon?”

He tried to inch away from me but grabbed his leg.

“It looks broken.”

“Where is Annabelle?”

“I took her to the hospital.”

“I can not fly you to the hospital with that broken leg.”

His condition is not dire, so I called an ambulance. Waited with him until seeing flashing lights. Told him I had to go and flew off into the sky towards my house. Couldn’t help but think of that girl, Annabelle, I want to visit her. Changed human behind the dumpster, so nobody should have seen me but I can not be sure. I paced around my house, with her on my mind.

I want to make sure she is okay, her head looked awful. The whole way to the hospital she never woke up or even stirred in my arms but she had a pulse and was breathing. I wish I didn’t have to go to help the guy, I wanted to stay with her. Alright, screw it I will see how she is doing. I walked outside to my BMW parked in the driveway, got in a took off towards the hospital.

I was speeding along the windy roads trying to get there faster. At the hospital, I parked in the visitor’s parking. Walked inside, asked the lady at the front desk if I could visit Annabelle, the women I brought in with a head injury. They must have alerted her boyfriend, he came out into the waiting room to talk.

“You’re who took her to the hospital right?”

Remembering I was in my true form with him in the mountains.

" Yes." I nodded

“Do you have to drink blood to survive?” Asked Damian

“Yes and no we can eat food but we do need blood at least once a week.”



“We do have a reflection in mirrors.”

“So, you have never met a Vampire?”

“No, I was in my dimension until getting cast out recently, I am the Dark Prince.”

“Oh wow your Royal,” I said.

“Yeah.” He said.

“how did you get cast out?”

“My father tried forcing me into a loveless arranged marriage, I do not believe in them they are old-fashioned.”

“Wow, that is old-fashioned.”


“Why is he so admit on you getting married?”

“To secure the throne for when his illness takes him, he is sick.”

“That is heavy,” I said.

“It is the way of Sitri’s.”

“So... what’s your plan?”

“To invest the money I have left to be able to take care of myself and try to find my future Queen.”

“So you still want the throne?”

“Yes, I can’t let my brother do it, he is crazy.”

“How so?”

“It’s a long story."

" I plan on finding a woman and persuading my father to give my title to the throne back."

“You got a woman in mind yet?”

“No, but I will find her.”

That is so crazy. I couldn’t imagine being a Sitri, I am so glad as a vampire we don’t do arranged marriages. What other traditions and rules they are obligated to follow. That life must blow. Sounds he has a good head on his shoulders though, I should try to help him out.

“I can help you find a girl.”

“Thanks that be great, man.”

“No problem, I can take you to this club me and my friends go on Fridays.”

“What’s it called?”

“The club is called Nocturnal and hot girls go there.”

“Annabelle and I go every Friday, you can go with us.”

saying her name reminded me of the incident, I guess Damian noticed my change of demeanor.

“She will come around, man.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

I took a sip of my coffee, “Ah, that’s a good cup of coffee.”

“You ready to head out?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Sun will be up soon.”

“Yeah, I can start to sense the sun, good thing my brother lives close.”

“Yeah, we lost track of time.”

I rolled myself away from the table. Damian came over and helped wheel me up to the front counter where he paid our ticket.

“Thanks, man.”

“No problem,” he said.

He helped me back into his car and put my wheelchair in the back and then we were back on the road. He’s nervous that we won’t reach my brother’s before the sun came up and was speeding.

“We will make it in time, don’t worry.”

“We are cutting it close.” He said.

Luckily we got there in one piece and I didn’t get into a second accident tonight.

“Told you.”

He laughed as we pulled into the driveway and came over to my side. I opened the door for him while he was getting my wheelchair out of the back. He helped me out of the car into my wheelchair and pushed me to the front door and rang the doorbell.

“Well, I’m heading home, it was nice meeting you.”

“You too, call me when you want to go to the club.”

“I will take it easy.”

He waved bye and walked back to his car.

I was looking at the door watching as lights turned on and my brother started coming forward. That’s weird how Damian didn’t want to meet my brother. The front door opened and my brother came out looking worried.

“What happened to you?”

“I got into an accident on my motorcycle.”

“Shit, are you okay?”

“Yeah but I may have a concussion and cannot be alone so can I stay with you during the day?”

“Of course, let me help you in.”

He came around and pushed me through the front door into his house.

“I’m going to bed but are you hungry or thirsty?”

I could hear the shutters on the windows starting to descend blocking the sun from shining into the house.

“No, I ate before I came here with my friend Damian.”

“Okay, well let’s get you settled.”

“Okay, thanks, brother.”

“No problem, I’ll be right back I’m going to get you a pillow and blanket.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

I stayed in the middle of the living room waiting for my brother to come back with my pillow and blanket. I was getting tired; It had been a long night. What is Annabelle doing right now, sleeping in her room under her duvet? I should be happy she is alive, and not in the morgue right now getting prepped for her funeral. It sucks she can’t remember me and I am ordered to stay away by the king but at least she is alive and well.

I looked at my leg and thought how annoying this cast is, I can’t wait to get it removed. Good thing I heal quick. At that, I heard my brother approaching.

“Here is your pillow and blanket, let me help you to the couch.”


He helped me out of my wheelchair and on to the couch and grabbed the TV remote and handed it to me. 

“You can watch TV if you want.”

“Okay, thanks.” 

“Let me show you how to use the TV.” 

He showed the remote to me and how to use and work the cable channels. So many damn cable companies, everywhere you go the cable is different from yours. Trying to Navigate through the channels. I am tired but I won’t be able to fall asleep since I wasn’t at home. I am not ever at my brother’s house since I got my own apartment so I am not that comfortable here.

“Well, try to rest I am going to bed.”

“I will, good day.” 

“Good day.” 
He went back to his room. I laid back and reached around for the remote, finding it and pushing the power button. After flipping through the guide for a while I settled on Sons of Anarchy. Guns and violence is what I needed.

It was a chilly night, it was going to snow soon. Annabelle and I didn’t get much time in the mountains on my bike. After it starts snowing I need to put my bike up until spring. I guess that does not matter anymore though, her father ordered me to stay away from her. I need to focus on finding a way to regain Annabelle’s lost memories. Her father cannot keep us apart I will figure something out.

If I can trigger her memory, we can go back to hiding our relationship. He will think she does not even remember me still, but what if she never gets her memory back? I guess then we could make new ones and start over again.

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