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Chapter Six

I texted my dad asking if I can spend the night at Nichole’s and he replied that I could. I hate sneaking around like this, now my dad doesn’t know where I really am if I need him. Before meeting Nichole I didn’t do all this sneaking around. I am honest with my dad and try to stick to his rules and he sure does have a lot of them. He has a thing with trust and if I break that trust shits going to go south really fast.

I followed them upstairs to their apartment, they had a two bedroom. I had expected for us to hang out in the living room and watch TV or something but instead, we all went into Brendan’s bedroom and he shut the door behind us.

“We can be in here with the door shut?” I asked.

“Yeah, my dad is cool.”

“Chill, Anna.” laughed Nichole.

I looked around, where should I sit? I would feel weird sitting on his bed with the both of them.

What kind of parent lets teenagers be alone in a bedroom together? If my dad knew this I would be in so much trouble. I wish I could just call him to come get me but then he will find out and I will get grounded and probably banned from hanging out with my new friend. I ended up sitting on the edge of the bed because I thought it might look weird for me to sit on the floor.

“What should we do?” Asked Brendan.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do.” Said Nichole.

I rolled my eyes.

“We should go to the hot tub,” Brendan said.

“Sounds good to me.” I chimed in, excited to get the hell outta this room.

At the hot tub, I rolled up my pants and stuck my feet in the hot bubbles. It was a cold night and the heat felt nice, I wish I had a swim suit so I could get in though.

“I’m getting in,” Nichole said.

She stood up and started taking her clothes off, stopping when she got down to her bra and panties. She was wearing a thong though so there was not much coverage of her ass.

“Can I borrow your shirt?” I asked Brendan.

“Yeah.” He said while taking off his shirt, handing it over to me.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“No problem.”

I went behind the covered bar, grill, lounge area and took my clothes off, leaving my bra and panties on. I threw his shirt on over and walked back to the hot tub. Brendan was already sitting next to Nichole in his boxers. Luckily it was late so it was just us since we didn’t have the appropriate swim wear.

I decided to sit on the other side of Nichole but soon after Brendan moved and got in between us and put both arms around us. This is so awkward, I thought. I am not even that into him and obviously, Nichole is. Is he expecting a threesome or something? That is not happening my first time is going to be special with someone I am in love with.

I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet and I don’t want it to happen tonight, like this. Maybe I should get out and go back p to his apartment and let them have their alone time but what do I say when his dad asks why I came back alone?

“I think I heard my phone go off,” I explained as I pushed his arm off me and got out of the hot tub.

They started making out so I put my clothes back on over my wet bra and panties, which was super uncomfortable and that I had a towel to dry off with.

I logged onto Facebook and searched for Trent when I found his page I sent him a friend request. Not long after I was alerted when he had accepted it. I waited nervously to see if he would send me a message and when he didn’t I sent him one.

“Are you getting back in the hot tub?” Asked Brendan.

“No, I am talking to someone on Facebook right now.”

“Your boyfriend?” He teased.

“No.” I laughed.

“Then get back in.”

“I am kind of tired of the hot tub, can we go back inside?” I asked.

“We will go back in a minute,” Nichole said.

“You can go ahead to my room if you want.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“We will be up in a minute, make yourself at home,” Brendan said.


Back up in his room I went and sat on his bed and got back on my phone, luckily Brendan’s dad had fallen asleep watching TV. I hadn’t known what I was going to say if he asked why it was only me coming back. I couldn’t tell him about them making out in the hot tub and me feeling too uncomfortable to stay. Finally, I got a reply from Trent to my message.

I hadn’t said much in my message just Hi, this is Anna from school. He said how he couldn’t find me at the movie theater and I told him that plans got changed and how I thought Nichole told him. He said that she hadn’t told him anything but that he assumed plans got changed. We started talking about getting together next weekend.

I must have drifted off because I woke up in Brendan’s arms, we were spooning. I jumped and tried to move out of his hold without waking him up. None of my efforts worked because he woke up anyway.

“Lay back down, babe.” He whispered.

Shit, I thought as I laid back down. I am not going to lie it is nice having this kind of attention, he clearly likes me but he has been making out with my friend all night. Trent was more of a goth were Brendan was more of an emo looking guy, still cute though.

He started kissing my neck, making me warm up to him a little. The soft kisses felt nice as they trailed up to my jaw, closing in on my lips. I had closed my eyes for the first kiss and some how I completely missed his lips and kissed his nose instead. That brought me back to reality, I don’t want my first kiss to be with him laying next to my friend. This is wrong, not romantic.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Nichole likes you.”

“I like the both of you, maybe we can all be together?”

“No.” I laughed, shaking my head.

I went and sat at his computer chair until Nichole woke up and called a ride to come get us. Her Grandmother was who came to get us, on the way to her car Nichole said in case she asks, we spent the night at Mary’s. Well, that explains how she could call her Grandmother for a ride. I was nervous hoping I wasn’t asked any questions about Mary since I had no idea who she is.

“Hi girls, How was your sleepover?” Her Grandmother asked.

“It was fun, Grandma.”

“Yeah, it was.” I chimed in.

“I’m glad you two had a good time.” She smiled up into the rear view mirror.

In the car, Nichole leaned over and whispered watch the clouds.


She was whispering something to herself over and over again and had her eyes on the clouds up in the sky. I thought she was trying to show me a shape a cloud was making that looked like an animal or something but this was different.

“What am I looking at?”

“Just watch the clouds.”

I noticed one cloud turning gray and then the other clouds started moving in closer together turning gray too. First little rain drops started sprinkling down, the rain gradually picked up to a thunder storm. It was pouring now and lightening, I could tell her grandmother was having a hard time seeing the road.

“I might have to pull over girls, I can’t see anything.”

That’s when Nichole stopped repeating those whispered words over and over again.

“Okay, Grandma.”

We pulled off the highway into a Wendy’s.

“Hungry?” She asked.

“Yes!” We both yelled

“Jinx you owe me a coke.” I laughed.

“Dork.” Nichole laughed.

In the drive thru I ordered two Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers with a diet coke and a small fry. Her grandmother ordered an Apple Pecan Chicken salad and Nichole ordered a Baconator combo with a Dr. Pepper. We parked in a parking spot and ate our meals.

“Thank you,” I told her Grandmother.

“Yeah, thanks, grandma.”

“You’re welcome girls.”

When the rain let up we got back on the highway towards their house. We went straight up to Nichole’s room when we got there.

“What was that all about in the car with the clouds?” I asked.

  “Yes, with a chant to the goddess of Nature.”

“A spell.” She said.

“You made it storm?”

“Goddess?” I questioned.

“Yes, they do exist and I will teach you how to use your powers too.”

“I don’t have any powers.”

“Yes you do, you are just oblivious to them.

“I would have noticed by now if I had powers.” I rolled my eyes.

“The other day at school when you got mad at the teacher and everything flew off your desk?”

“Papers fall off desks all the time.”

“Not like that.”

Maybe she is right, I had been raised to not believe in witches so I never really thought about stuff like that, things do fall a lot around me. I blame it on being clumsy but I am not so sure about that anymore. I am going to try and pay attention to things like that to see if it’s true that I move things with my powers.

“I have some other things to talk to you about,” Nichole said.

“Okay, what is it.”

“It’s going to be hard for you to believe but please keep an open mind.”

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