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Chapter Sixteen

Abel is taking me to a concert tonight to see a band called the Gym Class Heroes, I have never seen them but he says they are really good. I had not been to but one other concert before for a band called Slayer, I had gone with a friend and her mom when I was in middle school. We sat in the way back on the lawn, I could not even see the members of the band. I remember being so excited to go to my first concert, It had taken me forever to pick out an outfit to wear that I saw fit for a rock concert and finally decided on a black band shirt and jeans. I even put on dark lipstick and a lot of black eyeliner.

At the Slayer concert, my friend and her mom were sitting back on the lawn while everyone else singing, dancing and banging their heads to the music. She would not let us move up with the younger people, I wanted to blend into the crowd and enjoy myself. I stuck out like a sore thumb being the only one standing up singing and banging my head to the music. Bet this experience will be different with Abel. I am just as giddy getting ready for this concert but because it’s a real date with him, not just him coming along with me to a place to guard me. 

Told my father I am going to a friend’s house and having one of my guards drive me, he would not like that Abel and I are getting close. Decided on a black silk blouse, black skinny jeans, and my studded buckle boots. I straightened my hair and threw on makeup. Heard the UV blockers rising on the windows let me know the sun is down, meaning it was time to meet Abel. Grabbed my purse, leather jacket, phone and left my room heading downstairs to the foyer. He is waiting for me as usual, he must always get here early.

He was in his usual, black band shirt, black baggy pants with a hoodie, black ball cap, and combat boots. I bet if I looked inside his closet it be black; he wears no other colors. I don’t know why he only wears black; not Gothic or Emo, He looks good and Gothic guys are a turn on but I wonder how he looks in jeans. Giving me a big toothy grin showing off his pearly whites; I love the dimples he gets when he smiles big. I caught him checking me out, I’m glad he likes what he sees. He came up and gave me a hug, wrapping his arms around my waist, I threw my arms up around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, beautiful.”

“Hey, handsome.”

I squeezed his muscles under his clothes, making me want to rip his shirt from his body. Before I mustered up the words that would send us to my bedroom he said, “Let’s go, babe.”

Pulling away from me, grabbing my hand and leading me out the front door to his motorcycle. Once outside he handed me his helmet, I took it but said,

“You should not be riding without a helmet either.” I scowled at him.

“I don’t want you to get hurt either if we got into an accident.”

He smiled at me and said, “I care more for your safety more than mine and I will look into buying another helmet.”

He helped me put the helmet on and did the buckle under my chin, got on the bike and held out his arm to help me on the back, the bike rumbled to life and took off across the driveway to the security gates. They opened, and we took off into the night, my stomach was in knots and my hands were clammy. I dread large groups of humans. I have always been this way never liked my Royal social obligations. It has been awhile since we had a formal Royal gathering, means another one is coming up soon.

We pulled up to the music center and parked in front where the motorcycle parking was. Abel held his hand out for me to help me get off the bike, he shut off the engine, got off and then leaned it on the kick stand. I took my helmet off and smoothed my hair back in place, handing it back to him.

He always hangs his helmet on a bike handle but instead took it with us. I guess someone might steal it while we were at the concert.

Once inside, we stopped at the bar and Abel ordered us a couple beers and then we headed towards the music, finding a spot near the stage. Few people here but it’s early, Abel is early for everything. We kept smiling over at each other, and sipping on our beers, waiting for everything to start. He said

“Want a cigar?”

I made a funny face at him,


Never seen him with a cigar before, I thought he did not smoke, but I guess cigars are better than cigarettes.

The next night, Annabelle and I decided to not go out tonight. I told her to come over to my apartment so we can have alone time together. She was happy to get time alone, with her. We are always surrounded by her other guards. I told her to dematerialize here into my apartment so that she is not outside alone unguarded.

I was in my living room watching TV when she took form right in front of me. Even though I knew she was coming it still made me jump. I stood up to give her a hug.

“Want a drink, babe?”

“Do you have wine?”

“Yes, I bought a bottle of Moscato.” I smiled.

“Thank you, that was very nice of you.” She smiled back up at me.

She started shrugging off her coat, so I offered to take it from her and I put it in my coat closet next to mine. I walked over to the kitchen to open up the wine bottle; I decided to start off with small talk.

“It is freezing tonight, isn’t it?” I said.

“Yes, I am glad I remembered my coat before I dematerialized.”

I nodded.

I poured us both wine and then went back to the living room and handed her a wine glass.

I took a sip out of mine and then reached for the remote sitting on the coffee table.


“ Yes.”

When we were ready and had our snack, we sat on the couch to watch the movie we both decided on for date night, Suicide Squad. The Joker and Harley Quinn reminded me of us, well if we were both bat shit crazy anyways. What I’d do for this girl. I looked over at her and watched as she twisted her hair in her fingers over and over again. She even know she is doing that? I love it though; it is cute. It makes me wonder what she is thinking; I have heard when women do that it’s because they are thinking of you.

I reached over and put my arm around her pulling her into me; she laid her head on my chest and put her arm around me. We stayed that way for a while watching the movie and it got to a steamy scene with Harley Quinn and the Joker kissing. I guess that scene got to her too because she looked up at me and grabbed my face bringing my lips to hers. I smiled and deepened the kiss.

My brother always gets what he wants, I can not stand him. Love to be with that beautiful women, I want to be king and take over my father’s responsibilities. I don’t understand Damian why he refuses the privileges that come with his birthright? I think he is too comfortable in the human world, he should be miserable after being cast out. Went to see how miserable he was and instead; found him enjoying himself with a girl.

Makes me wonder if he will turn her Sitri and make her queen, then he will be welcome back with opened arms. Father wants him to find a queen to keep our reign strong. Needing to make sure he does not make his way back and reclaim the title. Keeping an eye on Damian and that girl and will just take her from him if it gets serious between them. Am sitting on a rug in front of the fireplace in my room with my wings wrapped around me for warmth.

It is below zero tonight and I can not stay warm anywhere else. I wish I had a woman to cuddle up with by the fire, maybe soon. The hot tub sounds good right now. I got up and pulled my blue tropical swim shorts out of the top drawer of my dresser and put them on. I left my room and went through the long dark hallway. It was late at night and everyone was asleep except me because I have insomnia, I can go days with no sleep.

End up passing out but that does not come until after I hallucinate. If I have something important to do, I will take sleeping pills but I dislike taking them. I’d rather take the elevator to the basement where the indoor pool was but I decided to just take the stairs to not wake up anyone since the elevator is loud when you are trying to be quiet. There is a hidden staircase to the basement behind the bookcase. I reached out and pulled on a book that opened to a lit doorway.

Dominic Stepped through and descended the spiral staircase to the pool, the smell of chlorine entering my nostrils. Went over to one of the lounge chairs and took off my shirt, draping it over the back, put my phone on the chair and then headed over to the hot tub. I was so cold the hot water burned my skin at first. Relaxed back and closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of the water bubbling around me. It felt so good but I wanted to go over to the bar and make myself a drink; wish I did that before getting in. Was getting ready to get out and make a drink when I heard the door open.

Looked over to see who else could be up at this hour and to my surprise; it was Maia, the women my brother Damian dumped. Before she noticed me she took off her robe revealing her pink bikini, my eyes trailed down her lean toned body. She had her dark brown hair gathered up at the top of her head in a messy bun. She jumped when she saw me in the hot tub,

“Hi, Dominic.”

“You scared me, I thought no one else was awake.”

Her cheeks turned red, I can see she liked me but I always knew she is for my brother. Since I am in line for the throne now this might mean she is for me now, I would have her she is so beautiful.

“Sorry I scared you, I could not sleep either and my room was freezing,” I said.

She nodded, “Yeah this place is drafty, the only place to stay warm was right in front of my fireplace.”

She said. “I have a lot on my mind with your brother being cast out and everything and can not sleep.”

I frowned, “Yeah I am sorry, I don’t understand why my brother is how he is.”

She finished taking off her robe and laid it on the back of the chair.

“I am getting a drink from the bar, want me to get you a drink too?”

“Yes Thank you, a scotch please.”

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