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Chapter Twenty

It’s late and I am sitting up in bed watching tv and snacking on my favorite caramel quakes. Well, late to vampires. The house has closed the shutters for protection against the sun. We do not burst into flames in the sun but it can burn us. Tonight was fun meeting Abel, my hot, young, new guard.

What possessed my father to hire him? My father won’t allow me to date one of my guards, which was never a problem before since my guards are always around my father’s age or hideous.

He had to be top of his training class. Putting aside my snack I got out of bed and went over to my closet to get my workout equipment out. I hate setting it back up every day but I want no one seeing it. 

Locked my bedroom door, set up my pole and changed the tv to the music channel. Got a water bottle out of my mini fridge, took my clothes off and put on my black stripper shoes that matched my black lacey bra and thong. Pulled myself up on the pole and twirled. Used to follow a pole dance workout video, but been doing this for a while now I don’t need the DVD anymore. I learned my moves from YouTube. 

I wear cute lingerie while working out in my room; it makes me sexy so whatever. I have matching lingerie sets and shoes to go with the look. Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am in a strip club on the stage surrounded by adoring men. Not that I’d ever be a stripper, but want to show off my pole dancing skills. One day I’ll have a man to strip for.

That man might be Abel one day but I just met him. He is so sexy and kisses good, I can not wait until I see him again. I descended the pole into a split and leaned forward on my stomach and got up on my knees and bounced my butt on the floor that was something I had learned that real strippers do. They were not on the pole the whole time and did sexy floor moves. I liked doing those because I get tired on the pole and a nice breather but I am still working out my abs.

Rolled over to my back with my knees in the air lifting my bottom and circled my hips in the air, and put my butt back on the floor and raised my legs up, crossing and shook my hips back and forth to the music. Back to my stomach and bounced my butt to the music for a while raising back up to the pole.

Grabbed hold and spun around the pole with my feet still on the floor. Pulled myself back up for more twirling and spread my legs wide and slid ascending the pole tightening my muscles. Sat in front of the pole for a while trying to catch my breath, listening to the music and singing along with my favorite song by Sia “Cheap Thrills.”

After being cast out of the Royal castle by my father the Sitri King Damian did not know what to do next. My father had arranged for me to wed a woman of royal blood but I felt nothing for her and refused. I loathed arranged marriages and my father trying to force one on me. After not showing up to the altar I got cast out and had only moments to gather my belongings. I was to live in an old decrepit house with little money to my name to start me off until I find a job.

My father told me if I changed my mind and wed I could reclaim my title to the throne. Until then my younger brother was in line to the throne. I am sure he loved that; he has always envied me and wished he born first. I don’t understand him and why he wants the throne. I guess he does not care and wants the power that comes with it and wants the label of King.

I’d be a prince. There are still lots of rules, regulations, and expectations but less Royal obligations. Coming up to my "New" home shocked to see it was an old plantation. The greenery overgrown, but it stood solid and strong. It needed elbow grease and paint, be a nice project to get my mind off of pressing royal matters. I can be a normal young man working on his house. Have to invest my money, no idea how long I will be on my own.

Can’t be stupid and blow through the money. I got to find a woman. Will only marry my true love, not any women I come across on the street. Need to find a car to buy since I’m out in the middle of nowhere. My father could not have at least bought a house closer to the city. Maybe he thought I should use the solitude to get my priorities straight. He does not want me finding a woman to love, he wants to agree on the arrangement to the women he picked out for me.

He assumes the throne is important to me but that is just what I lead him to believe. Since birth I am groomed for the throne for when he passes, I never wanted to disappoint him so I went along with everything. I intended on doing the right thing but I refuse to spend the rest of my life with a woman I do not love. As I entered the plantation, I set my bags in the foyer. Old covered French furniture and the house was so quiet.

I am used to the castle always being a buzz of people, coming and going and servants cooking and cleaning. I walked into the kitchen and looked through the drawers and cabinets. Pots, pans, silverware, plates and bowls and no food in sight. Nothing in the refrigerator or pantry. The plantation was dusty, and the floors were dirty. I need to get the supplies. I looked under the kitchen sink and found cleaning supplies.

I took them out and placed them on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I wet a sponge and wiped the counters. Took the mop and mop bucket out of the pantry and placed the bucket in the sink to fill with warm water. I put floor cleaner in and watched the suds build. I mopped the floor and sat at the kitchen table and raised my feet. There was still plenty that needed attention but I felt satisfied looking at the clean kitchen, making me more at home.

I got my laptop out of my bag and placed it in front of me on the table. I needed to order things for my new home. Found that I had no internet and linked my cell phones wifi

my computer. I got busy ordering the essentials I will need around the house. For instance, I do not have a coffee maker. I am a big coffee drinker.

If I found one it’d not be a Keurig. I didn’t see a tv in the living room and I can’t go without that, so I ordered cable and the internet. Using my phone as the internet is not sustainable, just temporary since I could not handle how slow it was running. I do not want a cable guy coming out just in case I am not in my human form so I selected shipped and I will install the cable and the internet myself. Even though I was royal, I still wanted to be self-sufficient. That’s serving me well now.

Never let servants do things for me. I Attended family meals but I cooked for myself when I could, I had the chef teach me and cleaned up after myself. Let no servants in my room to clean or help dress me and I always thought getting help to dress was so old-fashioned. Bought my clothes online or at the mall, never had the seamstress make them for me. Everyone else had custom clothes and shoes made just for them. I still dressed nice, but I liked to pick out my clothes not have them designed by someone else for me.

I did my laundry and always got the weirdest looks from the maids. They always tried to take over and do it for me but I always declined, I know they are busy and work hard it was one maid when I was a child who taught me how to do laundry. I always felt as the black sheep of the family and misunderstood. I ordered a pepperoni pizza with hot wings, bread sticks, Coke and a cookie cake, my favorite thing to order from pizza hut. My stomach was rumbling and the wait time for delivery was an hour.

I sighed and took a look around the kitchen, satisfied I got up and explored the rest of the house while I waited for the pizza delivery guy. Hit the light for the staircase and started up the stairs. The wooden steps creaked at my footsteps, I held onto the banister just in case one broke under the weight of my feet. Creek, creek, creek as I walked up the stairs. Old picture frames with no pictures hung on the walls.

Wonder how long it has been since the last person lived here.Thinking out loud, my voice echoing off the walls. I am hunting for the master bedroom, On the first floor a kitchen, dining room, living room, sitting room and a small bedroom, either for a nursery or a guestroom. Had not seen the master bedroom yet. Tried the hall on the left of the second floor, 4 bedrooms each having their own bathroom and the exterior rooms had balconies, I stepped out onto a balcony of the first room I entered and took a look at the land in the back of the house. A massive fountain pool, in the color of a lake and needed tending too but impressive and an attached hot tub.

Gardens with overgrown weeds that needed to be dug up but plenty of colorful flowers. This place has potential. Who lived here before showed a good eye, everything ancient but fancy, and French furniture.

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