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Chapter Twenty -one

She must have read my mind, “Been trying to talk myself out of here to pour myself a scotch for 30 minutes now.”

“Good thing I had the same idea.” She laughed.

I watched her make her way over to the bar, my eyes fell to her swaying hips, she has a nice ass. The thought of her being my future queen got me excited, any man is lucky to have her. She turned on the radio to an alternative rock station and got to pour our drinks. I am glad she turned on music other than the hot tub jets it was silent in here. The quiet was nice but listening to music while in the hot tub is better.

“I hope you don’t mind me turning on music, so quiet in here.” She said as she came over with our drinks.

“I do not mind,” I said taking my scotch.

She got in across from me, sank in and made a happy relieved expression.

“Feels so nice in here.”

“Too hot at first,” I said.

“No,I like it hot.” I laughed

“You like it hot, huh?”

She blushed and looked away. “I mean it’s nice since its freezing tonight.”


She took a sip of her cocktail, looked like it was vodka mixed with cranberry. I took a drink of my scotch and looked over at her. We locked eyes; she had light green eyes; I do not know how I have not noticed them until now.

“So, you may know this but I am next in line for the throne now,” I said.

“I know you were promised to my brother but you might get me instead.” I grinned.

“That does not sound so bad.” She said with a heated stare.

“I will talk to my father but I am sure that is what will happen because the future King needs a future Queen for a strong reign.”

“I think you deserve to be queen for the shit you put up with from Damian, you will make a great ruler.” She smiled, “Thank you.”

We both relaxed back into the bubbles and were quiet for a while listening to the music and taking glances back and forth at each other.

“We should try to get to know each other better since we will be wed soon,” I said.

She nodded. “That is a good idea.” She blushed.

I could not treat her as the other girls I have been seeing, she is on a much higher level than they are. She has Royal Sitri blood running through her veins and will be my Queen so I do not want to rush things with her. I want us comfortable in this proximity without having sex yet, I held out my arm and motioned for her to come closer.

“Come on, I won’t bite.”

Flashing my pearly whites at her. She laughed and made her way over. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her in close; she fit by my side. She rested her head on my shoulder and I gave her a squeeze, rested my head on the top of hers.

“Not so bad, huh?”

“No, this feels nice.”

I smiled, “We should go together to the Royal dance this weekend.”

She looked up at me shocked.

“Yes, we should go together.”

I can not believe I am going to the Royal dance with Dominic, Damian’s younger brother. Pictured myself with Damian ever since I was promised to him at a young age. Had not even thought of Dominic in this way before seeing him the other night in the hot tub and here I am getting all dolled up for him. Have tried so hard to get Damian to notice me but he has never seemed interested. Even though our marriage would have been arranged anyway, I still want to marry for love.

I had hoped that we would date and fall in love before we had to go through with the marriage our families had arranged but he showed no interest in me. I was about ready to just give up and have an unhappy, loveless arrangement and just focus on all my Royal obligations as Queen to the throne. There was a knock at my bedroom door I opened it and a maid came in with a long, skinny black box with a red bow.

“I was to deliver this to you for tonight.” The maid said.

“Thank you.”

She handed me the box and then left, shutting the door behind her. That is weird I wonder who sent me this box? I laid the box on my bed and took the top off revealing a note in tons of red tissue paper.

The note read:

I thought you could wear this tonight,

Love Dominic.

I pulled back the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful black lace gown. I reached inside the box and pulled the dress out. It was a floor length gown; I held it up against my body and looked into my dresser top mirror. He could not have picked a better gown, I love it. Never once had Damian asked me to the Royal dance.

He has also never given me a gift before. I thought with him being cast out unless he came back and came to his senses to marry me that the arrangement would be off and I would never be Queen. My world felt like it had been turned upside down but now is a silver lining. Maybe I ended up with Dominic and he will be the next King. Just from the night we spent in the hot tub, I hope things happen this way.

Something sparkly caught my eye I had not noticed as I pulled the dress out, there was black beaded dangle earrings, bracelet, and necklace to go along with it. I laid everything out on my bed and went to my bathroom to get ready. I ran my bath and lowered myself down into my porcelain claw-footed antique bath tub. The water was a shock at first but then nice after I got used to the heat; I leaned back relaxing into the water. I allowed myself a few minutes to relax but then soaped up, rinsed and climbed out.

I dried off with a red fluffy towel and then wrapped my hair up with it to dry. Walked out of the bathroom to my dresser and picked out a black lacy lingerie set bringing it to my bed where I had laid out my gown and jewelry. Got dressed putting my bra and panties on and stepping into my elegant dress from Dominic. Took my jewelry and sat in front of the vanity mirror.

Sitting in front of the mirror putting my jewelry on I could see the anxiety in my eyes, my stomach was in knots, I hope everything goes well with Dominic tonight. I like being with him and do not want him picking another woman to marry but he acts interested in me though. Now I am done with my bath and getting dressed I checked my phone for the time, my hair and make-up artist, Amy should be here soon.

I schedule for her to come to the palace for special events. I reached out and chose a perfume bottle from my collection sitting on the vanity, my favorite scent, cherry blossom. Something caught my eye sitting on the floor by my bedroom door, it was a black gift bag with red tissue paper, must have come from Dominic with the dress and jewelry but the maid forgot to hand it over.

Had not even noticed it because only focused on the gift box with the dress. Curious to see what else he got me so I rose from my chair and went over to the gift bag, picking it up. Moved the tissue paper aside for a peak and realized it was a pair of sexy, black lace, platform heels to go with the gown.

Sat in my chair and slipped my heels on; they are perfect and comfortable for heels. There was a knock at my door, I knew who it was her bag of cosmetics hitting her side as she walked through the hall before I even opened the door. I opened the door, and she gave me this huge beaming smile; she had platinum blonde hair, green eyes, she was tall and lean as a model.

“Hey, Beautiful you look great in that dress!”

“Thank you, Prince Dominic, sent it to my room for tonight.” I blushed.

The surprise in her eyes to hear the name Dominic instead of the usual Damian.

“Wow, turn around and let me see the whole thing.”

She said twirling her fingers around in the air. I twirled showing off my dress.

“The prince has good taste and he won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you.”

“Let us get started on your hair and make-up.” She said with excitement.

“I think an up-do for tonight.” She said.

I nodded,

“Sounds perfect.”

I sat in front of my vanity. She got to work on my hair with a hot iron and a curling wand for the ends. Love when she comes in to do everything for me, nice just sitting at my chair leaving it up to her. I do my hair and make- up okay but it always looks ten times better when Amy does it.

“You should keep your hair down and sexy for the Prince.” She said with a wink.

“You’re right,” I said positioning my hair in front of my shoulders, playing with the still warm, curled ends.

“Since I’m done with your hair, I will do your make-up.” She said while opening her make-up case.

“I am going for a more natural, soft look for you tonight.”

She laid out the cosmetics on my vanity and applied them to my face. First, the primer then the BB cream, concealer, and powder. Next the light brown sparkly eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. She added pink lipstick to my lips and pink blush to my face. She leaned back to look at her masterpiece.

“I’m done, hun.” She smiled.

Loved what she did with my hair and make-up.

“Thank you so much, I love it.”

I said admiring her work in the mirror. I could not have made myself look this good without her, I am feeling much better about the Royal dance with Dominic now, more confident and ready. She packed up her things, gave me a hug and wished me good luck with Prince Dominic and the royal dance.

“Thanks, Amy, perfect job as always.”

I said as I hugged her back.

“Thank you.” She said shutting the door behind her.

Dominic went the next night to check on Damian again and found him lounging in a hot spring with that same girl. I can not have him enjoying himself, I will take her from him and hold her captive. That way he will never see her again and be miserable in this human world, the way he should be. I following his girl around for a couple nights to see when would be the best time to take her. Once I caught her out at night alone, I knew it was the time. She put up a good fight, but I still got her. That was stupid of her to leave the mansion without her royal guards but good for me.

I watched as he took out my Royal guards; he was fast and deadly. I should run for my life right now but I could not pull my eyes away from him, he was handsome and those muscles. He walked towards me and I froze.

“Are you going to kill me now?”

“No, but you are coming with me.”

I took a step back, and he took a step closer with his eyes trained on mine.

“I am not going anywhere with you,” Crossing my arms over my chest.

He ran his fingers through his hair and gave me this sinister smile. He crossed the distance between us and scooped me up into his arms, taking off into the sky. At first, I struggled but the higher we got the less I tried to get away. Built as a linebacker and with blue hair, bright blue eyes, and tons of tattoos. He did not have a shirt on and I am guessing hard to wear shirts with those wings out. He must have been out hunting when he ran into me and my Royal guard.

“If you’re not killing me, then what are you doing with me?”

He looked at me with that sinister smile again that sent shivers through my spine. I was silent the rest of the way, wondering where he was taking me? We are heading up the mountains, He landed in a clearing in the woods and set me on my feet while he retracted his wings, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me inside a portal with him.

“Do not run from me.”

“Why, what are you going to do?”

He took me by the hair, yanking my head back and an inch from my face he said,

“Do not test me, vampire.” Through gritted teeth.

My eyes watered from the pain, I bared my fangs.

He won’t get away with treating me this way. Released his grip on my hair and stepped away as I righted myself. Shoved me through the front door into the foyer. I caught my balance and shot him a glare; he smirked. A deep voice came from behind me.

“Why did you bring a vampire here?”

“I thought I could get information out of her.”

“Now a vampire knows where we live?”

“It is fine I will not let her out of my sight.”

“I am a vampire princess, my royal guard will find me and kill everyone of you,” looking between the both of them.

Tariq went straight to the living room to pour a glass of Jack. My chin was killing me and I did not want to go to the house doctor. I will drink to take the edge off and bandage it. It is a nasty gash but I can get by without stitches.

I pounded my jack in one big gulp and poured another but ditched the glass and took the whole bottle with me. Walking to my room I could not help but wonder why he took the female Vampire. He has reason because that was so unlike him. He kills any Vampire with no hesitation even female because they were rabid animals to us we had to take out for our survival. Demons and Vampires have hunted and killed each other for centuries.

When we come into contact with one another, it’s a fight to the death. I grew up with Dominic and I know how his father was. What if she escapes and gets back to her world and finds her way back? She can bring Vampires to this realm and get us ambushed.

He should have a damn good reason to bring her here. Vampires can not learn any information that can compromise us. I took a swig off the bottle of Jack as I ascended the stairs up the second floor to my room. My surroundings looking distorted from the alcohol and my chin was not throbbing as much now.

It did not take long for the jack to kick in since I had nothing in my stomach to absorb it. I grabbed onto the glossy, wooden handrail for support as I climbed the red floral carpeted steps, I needed to hurry and get inside my room before anybody sees me. My chin is dripping blood onto the front of my shirt. I held on to the wall to stay upright because the floor swayed underneath me. Every painting I came up to I have to push myself away from the wall to not knock them off the wall.

The house had many nice paintings but my favorite was the one right by my room. It was an oil painting from the 1600’s called The Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens. The painting is very morbid and disturbing. It is of a Roman king who ordered execution of young male children in Bethlehem to avoid the loss of his throne to a newborn King. made it to my room got in and shut the door behind me locking it.

I wanted no one barging in on me. Embarrassed enough that Damian saw what happened with that vampire; I need no one else finding that out since I am known for my combat skills; trained with the best. Can not even remember how many vampires I have killed, I got caught off guard.

In my bathroom, at the sink, I got a glimpse of my face. My chin was bloody and swollen and could use stitches but put butterfly bandages on for now. I usually take showers but considering my bandages I ran a bath. I needed to wash this blood off me and get into clean clothes. The hot water will be nice on my sore muscles.

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