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Chapter Nineteen

Since meeting Annabelle I have been trying to make money and be able to live better in this world. Looking into possible business investments and reached out to a realtor. I need to invest the money or I’ll go broke and have to crawl back to the congregation and beg for acceptance. My father will make me marry that women Maia as a stipulation. Determined to find love on my own, I will not let father force this.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and my laptop going over the properties I will take a look at today. Out of the other properties, a Nightclub called Nocturnal that interested me the most. A big property, I could so much. I finished drinking my coffee, closed my laptop put it in its carry case and headed for the door.

She had just got out of her car to come ring my doorbell when I stepped outside and turned to lock the door behind me. Yes, my “Old,” new house is much smaller than the castle but I want to take care of it and its antiques.

“Hi, I am Susan, your realtor.”

She is an older lady with white hair and blue eyes, she had on a fashionable red skirted suit with a ton of fancy gold jewelry to complement her ensemble.

“Hi Susan, Nice to meet you, I am Damian.”

“Nice to meet you too, Hop on in hun.”

“Okay, thank you, mam.”

The first stop was Club Nocturnal in Downtown Salt Lake City. When we arrived a man opened the front door for us, even though they don’t open until 10 pm. He escorted us upstairs to the office where they do their business. As we walked through the doors, I looked around and liked the vibe of the place, the whole place painted black, a huge dark cave and had a huge industrial dance floor with a stage. Three bars downstairs and then one more upstairs by the office, easy access boos right by my office. There is a big glass window upstairs overlooking the dance floor, so it will be easy to keep an eye on things.

Once in the office, they gave me an offer, and I took it and bought the place. Told them to keep things the same and I will change things as I see fit. Handing over the money, he gave me the title to the place and I signed paperwork, making the place mine. I was trying to hide my excitement, this was the first investment I have ever made. This club will bring in plenty of money. I won’t have to think of my inheritance anymore.

“Nice doing business with you, I will be here Friday night,” I told the guy.

“Okay see you Friday.” He responded.

Sitting on the stairs of the stage watching the humans dancing and mingling together. Taking a gulp of my whiskey, looking around for a girl. I’m a Sitri we are a long line of demonic entities that can take the form of men. In our true form, we are dark-skinned with wings but our body resembles a human’s. I can transform myself when needed around humans. Most of the time I am in my realm but fun to come here, play with humans and cause chaos.

I got up and moved into the crowded dance floor. It’s around midnight and packed with humans. There were plenty to choose from but I was feeling picky tonight. I was moving my body to the industrial music that was playing. A girl was eyeing me from across the dance floor. She is dancing with a man.
Moving around him to change their position so I had full visual of her body. Had dark hair and green captivating eyes, wearing a black sheer top with a matching bra. Skinny jeans and black heels. She was moving her hips along to the music while staring hard at me with heated eyes. Willing her over with my mind telling myself she will do for tonight. Our bodies moved together, I saw her man getting angry, let the games begin I thought with a grin. He came up to us and pulled her off of me.
“What the fuck are you doing with this guy?” She looked back at him with a blank stare. 

“You do not own her, she can dance with me if she wants.” 

I yelled over the music to him. 

“Back off, she is with me.” 

“Well, she wants me instead,” I said with a smirk.
She smiled up at me and I willed her to wrap her arms up around my neck. At that, the man lost it and yanked her off of me and pulled her away, through the crowd of onlookers. I went after them and pulled her back away and into me, leading her back to the dance floor. He tried to punch me in the face but I dodged it. I shoved the girl behind me and willed her to stay put.

I gulped the rest of my whiskey and threw my cup on the floor as he came at me again. Most of the humans circled around us waiting for a fight. Once his fist came at me I reached up and grabbed it. Holding it in place and then head-butted him, sending the human flying back into the crowd. He cursed holding his head and pulled himself back. The Security guard ran up to us and I willed him to leave us alone. The security guard turned and walked back to his table.

“Fine, have the bitch.”

He walked away leaving her. The girl staring up at me in awe. Not caring what happens around her. To everyone else, she looked ruthless. I took her by the hand and lead her to the bar, I asked if she wanted a drink? She nodded up at me.

“What drink do you want?”

“Vodka, cranberry, Please.”

A polite little thing. I towered over her but preferred it that way and she was cute. Loved her green eyes. I stirred up enough mayhem for tonight, so I showed her a good time. Took her back to the dance floor once we had our drinks, KMFDM “Anarchy.” pumping through the speakers.

Brought her up against my chest and moved her with me to the music. Can see why her man tried to fight me for her, she was stunning. I entrance women somewhat just being around them but I could tell this girl liked me. Leaned in and put my lips to hers and she kissed me back.

“What’s your name?”

“Rachel, what’s yours?”


I don’t give humans my name, I am going soft. Should get back to my realm. I took out my phone and looked at the screen.

“I am sorry but I need to leave,” I told her and she pouted.

“You can’t stay longer?” She asked smiling up at me with those bright green eyes.

“No babe, I need to get going.”

She took my phone and pulled up my contacts added her name and number. Handed my phone back and said,

“call me.”

I gave her a hug and a kiss then left the club. A girlfriend might be nice but I have to hide my true self from her. I could date Sitri women but there was few of us left. It narrowed the choices, I tried dating most of them. None of those kinds of relationships worked out. I’m not into men so human women looking good.

I turned the corner after leaving the club to the dark alley, I wanted out of my human suit. Right, when I was ready to transform a woman shoved me up against the wall and crashed her lips to mine. For a second I thought the girl from the club followed me. She pulled away, and it was not the girl from the club. This girl had blonde hair and hazel eyes.

I couldn’t say I minded the kiss, good but then she opened her mouth revealing long pearly white fangs. I stood still not sure what I should do, then I noticed her pupils getting bigger, and she said, “do not scream.” My pupils do the same thing when in controlling humans I figured she was trying to control me. She must think I am human, boy is she in for a surprise. I was quiet and did not scream when those little daggers pierced my skin. Letting her drink the blood from my human form. The sucking sensation and pain aroused me.

Her body was up against mine, it took willpower to stand stiff and not touch her. When she pulled away from my neck, she had my blood dropping off her chin into her cleavage. She looked satisfied and went back to lick my wounds and move my jacket collar up to hide them. She looked into my eyes and said,

“Forget this and go home.” I then smirked at her.

“Well, that was fun.”

"Wait I recognize you?"

"Motorcycle accident... I was there."

I took my true form right in front of her. She screamed and jumped back.

“WTF, are you?”

"Not a human." I smiled at her.

Closing the distance and wrapping her in my wings, she stiffened in horror.

“I am a Sitri, we come from a long line of demons.”

Looked into her horror-filled eyes and with my mind calmed her and she relaxed into me. I can control her, that’s good. I do not know what I should do, should I take her with me or leave her. Never thought of being with a vampire. She was in my trance and I can control her. She is a vampire, this could work. I am not sure but she may even go into my realm, worth a shot.

Searched those hazel eyes trying to figure her out. Looking up into my eyes she asked,

“Are you going to kill me?” I shook my head.

“Not if you do as you’re told.”

I changed back into my human form, I could sense it scared her. She stepped back away from me again when I put my wings away.

“So that is your true form?”


I have to ask,

“Does my blood taste any different from human’s?”

She looked as though she was trying to decide.


“Any weird sensations?”

She thought for a minute.

“My senses are stronger."

She ran away from me at an abnormal speed. That must be my blood since she only should be able to move that fast while dematerializing. She instead became a blur, I did not want her to get away, so I took my true form and flew up into the sky. When I was high enough, I did not need to chase her anymore. Where was she going? This vampire will keep things fun, I love playing cat and mouse.

With, her having my blood running through her veins it made her strong enough to be a challenge. She stopped running and looked around for me? She looked up and found me. I flew lower towards her but still staying up in the night sky. She yelled,

“Can you see how your blood has strengthened me?”

“Yeah, you were a blur.”

It was getting colder the later it got. I hope she will be okay in only a tight little dress. She brought her hands together and up to her mouth and blew warm air into them and rubbed her arms. Why is she not wearing a coat? I landed back on the ground and took human form again. Taking off my jacket, I held it out in front of me for her to get in it. She turned around so I could help her into it. I turned her around facing me and took my hands and rubbed them up against her arms to warm her. We stared into each other’s eyes.

“It is weird not having to hide what I am with someone. I creep you out in my true form but you could get used to it.” I brought her in up against my chest.

“Body heat.”

She was nuzzling up to my neck, I leaned my head exposing my neck to her. She ran her tongue over my vein. I had to swallow the lump forming in my throat from the erotic contact.

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