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We handle the entire editorial process from developmental to copy-editing; from fact-checking to proofing.
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Internal layout design, cover design, printing.
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Distribution through our partnership with Ingram to book sellers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and hundreds of independent bookstores (view all booksellers).


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Do people like your idea? Your writing? Ask readers to help you improve your draft and build a following along the way. Many authors will stop at this step, which is perfectly fine.

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When and if you're ready to turn your draft into a book, we'll start to sell pre-orders. You'll run your pre-order campaign from Inkshares. We'll publish your book if you reach at least 250 copies pre-ordered.

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When you reach your pre-order goal, we'll start the publishing process with you. We'll edit, design, print, distribute, and market your book where the intensity of each is based on your goal level. We are your publisher. You'll make 50% of gross revenue for each printed book we sell, and 70% for each ebook.

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ideas: 1,176 drafts: 4,421 in production: 69 published: 39 copies sold: 133,342 book stores: 371 author royalties: $424,359

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Pre-order Goal Author Royalties Gross Revenue Author's Take
Trade Paperback
275 pages, black and white
750 50% $18.00 $9.00
275 pages, ~70k words
750 70% $9.99 $6.99
Graphic Hardcover
32 pages, full color
750 50% $30.00 $15.00