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9781942645191 fc
The Bibliofool
March 20, 2017
Matthew Isaac Sobin’s novella is a beautiful, mournful, elegiac meditation on humanity.... Illustrator Jack Katz also contributes gorgeous artwork to accompany the narrative. Just an exceptional read all around.
Pilotxcov 1 e1489451815889
March 14, 2017
Fans of time travel and science fiction who don’t mind a few complex twists are going to really enjoy this book. Casual readers might struggle with it a bit and the less interesting parts may cause them to run out early. But for those who stick it out, Pilot X is an entertaining, at times thought provoking read!
WGN Radio
March 14, 2017
In conjunction with Inkshares, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Network is expanding into publishing and Naperville born Patrick Edwards was one of the winners of their recent Space Opera contest.
9781942645313 fc
The Big Idea
March 13, 2017
Sometimes, as a fan, you hope your a new book or show or album from your favorite creative people will give you the experience you want. But sometimes it doesn’t. What then? If you’re Tom Merritt, you use that as an inspiration to create a novel. Here’s Merritt now to talk about how his book Pilot X came out of a moment that wasn’t.
9781942645191 fc
Sci-Fi And Scary
March 13, 2017
The writing is smooth and rich. Almost decadent at times.
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Word of the Nerd
March 07, 2017
With so much to explore, learn, and contemplate this book is worth reading for its impact on the human consciousness and an exploration of our own humanity.
The Last Machine in the Solar System Examines Humanity’s End
Godintheshed s
Dread Central
March 06, 2017
This summer Inkshares will debut J-F. Dubeau’s gripping horror novel A God in the Shed. A brilliant mélange of suspense and the supernatural, the chilling thriller should appeal to “True Detective” fans as well as readers who enjoy Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Clive Barker.
9781942645191 fc
Ret Read Podcast
March 06, 2017
Reminiscent of the Foundation and Robot series of Asimov.
9781942645313 fc
Publishers Weekly
February 28, 2017
A retro space opera...for readers who enjoy seasoning their planetary romps with a dash of cynicism.
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February 27, 2017
I Got Run Over by a Truck—Literally. Here’s What I Learned From Almost Dying.
9781941758717 fc
Publishers Weekly
February 12, 2017
Ferrara speaks with PW about the exhibition and book, gun violence in America, and owning a weapon to turn into art.
November 29, 2016
In his fast-paced and tense novel, The Catcher’s Trap, Chilean author Ricardo Henriquez introduces us to an entirely original, richly detailed universe filled with strong, well-developed characters trying to survive their nightmarish new world. Sure, there are plenty of horrible monsters lurking on every page, but it’s the glimmers of joy found in the despair, the humor poking through the inhumane, that may just be the book's cruelest beasts.
12924098 mmmain
The Times-Picayune
November 29, 2016
A fresh book on a too-familiar topic.
Horrible Imaginings Podcast
November 29, 2016
“In today’s episode I get to recommend some holiday reading for you. It’s a battle between a real-life horror one side, facing off against one of literature’s most popular monsters! That’s right, the new book Dracula Vs. Hitler has hit the shelves! I read it in just over a day, with its fast pace and sense of fun, and willingness to bring some bloodshed. How could I not invite the author to the show?”
Geek & Sundry
November 21, 2016
“In the end, only one book could walk away from this fantasy free-for-all with the Geek & Sundry emblem emblazoned upon its coat. You agreed that this was the best of an awe-inspiring collection of talent and creativity. Where many stories took you to new lands, this one took you back to highschool with a missing sister and some of the meanest super-powered teens around. Sparked stood out from the rest by bringing fantasy home to many readers.”
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Busted Halo
November 16, 2016
How a Near-Death Experience Tested My Faith
13244267 1793871750831727 8677687120085806370 o
November 06, 2016
What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Been Through a Trauma
Ar 161109360
Holland Sentinel
November 03, 2016
Patrick Sheane Duncan spent Friday evening reminiscing with old classmates and signing copies of his latest literary venture: “Dracula vs. Hitler.” Many in West Michigan might know the Hamilton native as the playwright behind “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” but he also wrote the screenplay for the political thriller “Nick of Time,” the novel “Courage Under Fire” and produced television miniseries “Vietnam War Story” and “Vietnam War Story: The Last Days.”
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A Reading Machine
November 03, 2016
There is something incredibly original and fantastical within these pages. The world building is second to none...An equally fulfilling blend of science fiction, gumshoe mystery and fantasy.
Gnome warlock shop  final
Geek & Sundry
November 02, 2016
His book, Dracula Vs. Hitler, hit the shelves with two European powerhouses meeting on the field of battle. But Duncan is not new to the art of pen and paper. He’s been writing screenplays like Mr. Holland’s Opus and Courage Under Fire for the big screen. Duncan knows what it takes to turn ideas into action and to fill a page with memorable characters.
Ar 161109599
Holland Sentinel
November 02, 2016
Former West Michigan resident Patrick Sheane Duncan will be at Readers World 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4, for a book signing event for his latest release Dracula vs. Hitler.
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November 02, 2016
A coffee table book inspired by a New Orleans art exhibit looks at the gun violence debate through an artistic lens
Time magazine logo red bg
November 01, 2016
Tim Kaine: Gun Violence Is a Public-Health Crisis
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Women AdvaNCe
October 31, 2016
There’s one woman who has written a story that we can all get behind, and it all started with her looking for a book to teach her daughter about how women can lead and even aspire to the country’s highest office.
Mogsy 2
October 31, 2016
“Suspenseful and literally explosive... an imaginative book with a dash of pulp and quirkiness.”
9781941758915 fc
Paul Semel
October 31, 2016
Deep, philosophical, and psychological.
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Public News Service
October 31, 2016
Planning for 2040: Engaging Kids in Political Process
The Big Idea
October 28, 2016
A title like Dracula vs. Hitler kind of explains itself, but even so, author and screenwriter Patrick Sheane Duncan had his reasons for bringing these two villains of the past together for a nefarious confrontation in WWII-era Transylvania. What was it? Read on!
October 27, 2016
Der Schwede Filip Syta ist kein Ingenieur oder Programmierer. Stattdessen arbeitete er als Anzeigen- und Werbestratege bei Google in Dublin. Nach zwei Jahren ging er. Aber nicht, um sein eigenes Unternehmen zu gründen, sondern ein Buch über eines zu schreiben: The Show. Darin heuert die gleichnamige Firma den jungen Werbefachmann Victor an. Was der daraufhin erlebt, entspreche zu „90 Prozent“ der Realität, versichert Syta.
Draculavshitler new s
Dread Central
October 24, 2016
“One glorious badass story that will keep you wanting more.”
Dracvhitler 316x330
New York Journal of Books
October 24, 2016
“It’s a novel worthy of being called the true sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Patrick Sheane Duncan a writer rightfully deserving to be considered that author’s successor.”
Draculavshitler new s
Dread Central
October 24, 2016
If you’re sick and tired of Hillary vs. Donald, Millennials vs. Gen X’rs, NL vs. AL, or any of the other face-offs we’re surrounded by right now, how about going back in time for Dracula vs. Hitler?
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Her Agenda
October 20, 2016
How This Woman Put Her Life Back Together After Getting Run Over By A Truck
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New York Magazine's The Cut
October 17, 2016
“Katie McKenna shares the story of her accident (she was literally run over by a truck) in this ‘imperfect book’ with humor, love, bravery, and strength. Her story speaks to every personal trauma, big or small, that comes through our lives. And in sharing her path through pain and recovery, McKenna gives us tools to make it through our own challenges. Your heart will explode for Katie — and for yourself.”
Its all fun games
The Manhattan Book Review
October 17, 2016
“A fun adventure story with some wish fulfillment for those of us gaming nerds who always wanted to escape into the world of the story.”
Welcome to deadland zachary tyler linville poster
Horror Talk
October 16, 2016
What makes this a standout read are the interactions and interpersonal relationships that unfold. Supporting roles matter and aren't just used as poor plot devices that will just be offed to build a body a count.
Brooklyn paper radio
Brooklyn Paper Radio
October 14, 2016
Despite its name, [McKenna's memoir] is a laugh riot voyage through getting run over by a truck, recovering, living, loving...
Astronaut instruction manual kids space c4197117035523e69058cbff9330e765.nbcnews fp 1200 800
NBC News
October 12, 2016
By letting a kid go to space, we will inspire an entire generation of space explorers, Mongo said late last month at the Dent:Space conference in San Francisco.
Gettyimages 143004582
International Business Times
October 11, 2016
Mike Mongo, the author of the 2015 book The Astronaut Instruction Manual, said recently he thinks a child will go to space in the next 10 years — and possibly sooner, reported exclusively Tuesday. By letting a kid go to space, we will inspire an entire generation of space explorers, Mongo said at a September conference. If we solve space for kids, they will solve the future for us.
Manhasset Press
October 08, 2016
Survivor Of Truck Terror Turns Writer
October 08, 2016
Author events on Long Island, week of Oct. 9
Shelf awareness
Shelf Awareness
October 07, 2016
The Secret Garden gave me hope while I was in the hospital recovering from being run over by a truck. For some reason I thought that if Colin could find the strength to get up and out of his wheelchair, that so could I.
Itsallfunandgames cover
VG Blogger
October 06, 2016
“A fun, engaging, quick-reading fantasy tale that will woo adult readers in with its nerdy nostalgia and also capture the imaginations of a whole new audience of young high fantasy geeks.”
The island
The Island Now
October 06, 2016
Finding relief through writing
Skydance productions banner
The Tracking Board
October 05, 2016
Dubeau, with his distinct voice and style, is already being compared to Stephen King by way of Nic Pizzolatto. The material, which puts a King-like spin on a small town in the vein of Stanger Things, is right in Goldsman’s wheelhouse, who is producing The Dark Tower for Sony and is adapting King’s Doctor Sleep for Warner Bros.
Carolina Parent
October 05, 2016
Sadie McGrady Runs for President, a new picture book about a young girl who imagines her own campaign for U.S. president.
The charlotte observer logo
The Charlotte Observer
October 04, 2016
Sadie McGrady blazes a trail for those who aspire to be leaders someday.
The charlotte observer logo
Charlotte Observer
October 04, 2016
MotherCountry 2016: New children’s book inspires the next generation of politicians MomsCharlotte Written by moms in Charlotte for moms in Charlotte BY BESS KERCHER LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST REDDIT PRINT ORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORY If you are the parent of a 4 to 8 year-old girl, perhaps you have been challenged this election season to find meaningful and appropriate ways to expose your child to the democratic process. After all, elections are an essential cornerstone of our democracy; so what’s a civic-minded mom to do? Enter the children’s book, Sadie McGrady runs for President, by Mary Parry, a story that allows young readers to experience the campaign trail and elected office through the eyes of a girl who runs for President. Parry says, “While not all kids dream of becoming President of the United States, [this book] is about inspiring leadership, building skills and exploring ideas for how readers can take action and make a difference. Leadership practice can happen on the playground, on a playdate with a friend, and in the classroom.” Those larger life skills are applied to civic engagement as Sadie tackles the elements essential to any successful campaign: mustering the courage; building a team; creating messages and campaign materials; addressing the issues; taking on an opponent; and getting out the vote. The fun and exciting aspects of campaigning are highlighted, like making yard signs, marching in parades, and debating an opponent. Written in verse and accompanied by spirited photographs, Sadie McGrady blazes a trail for those who aspire to be leaders someday. Author Mary Parry is an advocate for women and girls who has worked as an experienced leader in the political process in North Carolina, including as a local women’s vote director during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. After her own daughter’s run for class president Ms. Parry was inspired to write a children’s book that encourages and empowers girls to get involved in leadership and in politics, although these lessons are not necessarily gender-specific. Parry notes,” I hope that boys and girls alike will read about Sadie’s journey on the campaign trail . . . taking away encouragement and excitement about their own involvement in the political process.” Cast your vote for reading and civic literacy this weekend: Mary Parry and Sadie McGrady will be making a “campaign stop” at Park Road Books on Saturday, October 8th from 11-12:30 pm. MOMS by Taboola Sponsored Links YOU MAY LIKE Why This Razor Is Causing So Many Guys To Switch Harry's Why Does Trump Avoid Talking About His Hair? Here's Why Wizzed 20 Things The Producers Of Cheers Hid From Fans Trend Chaser Why do Olympic divers shower right after getting out of the water? SportsChatter COMMENTS Read more here:
October 03, 2016
McKenna brings terrific humor and soul to her story.
Chm logo2
Chapel Hill Magazine
September 29, 2016
The tale of Sadie McGrady, a nominee that we can all finally agree on.
6355318323 dc829c9599 o 300x225
Freakonomics Radio
September 28, 2016
Author Manu Saadia and his book Trekonomics were featured in this episode on the future of money.
Awards banner 2016
Fantasy Faction
September 16, 2016
There is something truly exceptional about this book. It is incredibly entertaining and well written but transcends most other reading experiences because just the sight of it in one’s hands can provoke conversation with a complete stranger.
The catchers trap 1000x600
Cultured Vultures
September 12, 2016
“The kind of book you’d be tempted to read in its entirety in a single afternoon...a fun page turner. I'm looking forward to the sequel and seeing where Henriquez takes the series.”
Huff post
The Huffington Post
September 11, 2016
Algorithm Applause: Facebook’s Inadvertent Hat Tip to Women’s Equality
1 3
Publishers Weekly
September 10, 2016
“Raising more questions with every answer, this volume should intrigue readers enough to look for the sequel.”
Kindergarten Kiosk
September 03, 2016
Elections: Interview with Mary Parry
San Francisco Book Review
August 23, 2016
Hilarious and unflinchingly honest, the book is uncompromising, just like JRL.
13166033 10154163385024715 255514877593000687 n
Read It Forward
August 14, 2016
When Fiction Imitates Life: There's a fine line between memory and memoir
The knight proper feature image
Best Fantasy Books HQ
August 10, 2016
While The Knight Proper contains every element fans of Dark Fantasy will love, what really sets this novel apart is the character complexity brought by our hero, Edwin.
August 09, 2016
The Walking Dead meets Lost in new Nerdist book, Welcome to Deadland
Barnes & Noble
August 09, 2016
An arresting mix of heartfelt coming-of-age narrative and eating-of-flesh zombie thriller.
The Huffington Post
August 08, 2016
5 Ways to Help Girls Build Leadership Skills
August 05, 2016
In an exclusive interview, Inkshare and Nerdist contest winner Dave Barrett discusses the very real universe of LARPing found in 'It's All Fun And Games'.
582061 10151891770413124 1396797617 n
August 05, 2016
Adorable Portraits of Rescued Baby Sloths
Trekonomics book cover
August 04, 2016
New Book 'Trekonomics' Investigates Challenges of a No-Money Universe
Gal linville deadland cv ft
Orlando Weekly
August 04, 2016
Zachary Linville's first novel, Welcome to Deadland, hews faithfully to the established zombie-pocalypse tropes, which may have something to do with how it beat out all others to win Nerdist's first publishing contest and got itself a hardcover release on Inkshares.
July 30, 2016
“Zachary Linville's first novel, Welcome to Deadland, hits bookshelves on August 9, having already won Nerdist's first publishing contest on Inkshares, not to mention making our list of best beach reads this summer...It's a fast-paced, well-plotted story with a few LGBT characters at its forefront and perfect reading for a late summer weekend.”
Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore
July 30, 2016
Author Jamison Stone on Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore
Inkshares god
The Tracking Board
July 29, 2016
There’s tons of heat building around this property, as author Dubeau is already being compared to Stephen King by way of Nic Pizzolatto.
It’s old school scifi meets a YA comedy – a lot of fun.
It’s educational, inspirational, and now, it may get a fictional adaptation on television.
Covers 0
July 12, 2016
Listed: Our 8 Summer Beach Reads — The zombiepocalypse has begun, forcing Asher, Wendy and Rico to band together, fight for survival and find the safety of a sanctuary. However, will their internal demons devour them before the real, flesh-hungry ones do?
Catchers trap s
Dread Central
July 12, 2016
Chilean author Ricardo Henriquez’s The Catcher’s Trap is his debut novel and the first book in a dark fantasy/horror series of the same name. If you’re a fan of the genre, mark your calendar for November 8th, the date it arrives from Inkshares.
The astronaut instruction manual cover
Hollywood Reporter
July 12, 2016
Legendary Television is in early development to adapt The Astronaut Instruction Manual, the YA book by space enthusiast and first-time author Mike Mongo, for television.
The Horror Channel
July 09, 2016
What a fantastic freaking story idea. We’ve had Nazi Zombies – we’ve had the Frankenstein tale retold with a World War II twist but to physically have Dracula take on Hitler – brilliant!
Scream Horror Mag
July 05, 2016
Hollywood screenwriter Patrick Sheane Duncan has put his writing talents towards penning his first novel, and it’s got one hell of a concept behind it.
Dread Central
July 05, 2016
It’s Dracula vs. Hitler in New Book Coming in October
1 3
Publishers Weekly
July 03, 2016
Engaging, heartbreaking, and thrilling, with an expert pace that never touches the brakes.
Feathered Quill Book Review
June 28, 2016
A fascinating book that lets the reader’s imagination soar to new heights.
Examinercom logo font
June 27, 2016
The Tulip Factory is a realistic tale about how difficult life and love can be... A different and enjoyable happily ever after.
Boston globe logo
The Boston Globe
June 24, 2016
[Jack Bender's] in-your-face illustrations command attention… offer[ing] a potent mix of life's dark realities and the human drive to overcome.
1002517 316700551800930 1496577978 n
Chick Lit Central
June 23, 2016
Everything's coming up tulips for Kacie Davis Idol...
41007 1
Publishers Weekly
June 17, 2016
The Seventh Age: Dawn listed as one of the most anticipated fantasy books of Fall 2016
41007 1
Publishers Weekly
June 17, 2016
Welcome to Deadland listed as one of the most anticipated science fiction/horror books of Fall 2016
First time novelist Quincy Carroll tells the story of two Americans adjusting to life in China.
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June 12, 2016
Trekonomics is a fanciful romp through the economic theories that underpin Final Frontier life in the mid-22nd through late-24th centuries—as seen through the eyes of an erudite, if occasionally fawning, fan. But the book is also a serious and informative economic discourse, complete with a forward by Berkeley professor Brad DeLong.
13237786 1332835306732253 1866744367850144128 n
The Creator’s Project
June 10, 2016
A story about children who learn to float above abuse, a frank bear, and all sorts of other characters populate the world of The Elephant in the Room, a “children’s book for adults” by Jack Bender.
Star trek
Boing Boing
June 07, 2016
Trekonomics takes readers on a journey through Star Trek’s fictional society, its mores and values, and its sources of inspiration in classic sci-fi. But it also looks hard at the challenges posed by it.
An unattractive vampire jim mcdoniel poster
Horror Talk
June 04, 2016
“An Unattractive Vampire is a humorous homage to all kinds of vampirism in pop culture, littered with references to TV shows, movies, and books...But Unattractive doesn't hold back when it comes to dark humor. In addition to a lot of violence and nihilistic critiques, it finds ways to comment on the hypocrisies of our own culture.”
Screen shot 2016 06 23 at 1.49.48 pm
June 02, 2016
Saadia uses this fictional world to explore a provocative question: What would the world look like if everybody had everything they wanted or needed?
421514 388999474483445 1692589526 n
Asian Review of Books
June 01, 2016
Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside is a poignant, elegant debut that superbly explores cynicism and idealism but doesn't fall into either.
June 01, 2016
Bender, who's also a painter (you can see some of his most recent work in The Elephant in The Room) says his artistic style was an influence as well — as in painting, you might have a initial plan, but spontaneous decisions on set often add some of the most interesting elements to the overall picture.
10 reasons star trek is better than star wars
Tech Insider
June 01, 2016
Trekonomics author, Manu Saadia, gives Star Trek fans 10 reasons to defend themselves against that other franchise.
Wsj wallstreetjournal converted
WSJ Speakeasy blog
May 31, 2016
The Elephant in the Room blends Bender’s paintings with minimal words to tell brief, often-funny stories.
May 31, 2016
A far softer work than anything on Lost or Thrones but none less gorgeous for it, a collection of odd-ball images and simple stories of self-discovery that prove Mr. Bender is just as adept with a paint brush or pen than he is at wrangling ten ton dragons.
Man conteplating his self
The Good Men Project
May 29, 2016
There are now more women in the USA with jobs then there are men with jobs. Buy the book. Look it up. More women then men go to college, graduate from college and obtain advanced degrees them men. More women then men vote.
Star trek tribbles
May 28, 2016
Salon speaks to the author of Trekonomics about how a post-scarcity, post-currency society happens
B9322093589z.1 20160510184104 000 gf5eaosu0.1 0
Poughkeepsie Journal
May 27, 2016
Myers, with his finger on the pulse of a changing world, feels optimistic about everybody’s future. Men may need support to navigate the new waters, he says, and that must be tended to, but eventually, their rights, too, will increase — for instance, when it’s even more accepted than it is now, for the father to be the stay-at-home parent if that seems the best choice, or when it becomes universal practice to give fathers time off when a new baby arrives.
The huffington post logo.svg
The Huffington Post
May 26, 2016
If Americans truly wish to honor veterans and so many others in public service, in and out of uniform... then they should strive to make this a country worth their sacrifice.
TIME Magazine
May 26, 2016
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are tapping into a 'Lean Out' generation of men
12049575 10153211886906156 4626936170390068193 n
Lonely Planet
May 24, 2016
Slothlove... a must-see for anyone who loves cute pictures of baby animals.
They’ve been supportive from day one and have made so many dreams a reality, including the inaugural Papercuts JP anthology: What Happened Here social
May 23, 2016
Oh my sloth! Nothing says adorable quite like photos of sloths living life to the fullest and loving every second of it.
Guests Scott Trettanero, Scott Schober, Richard Saunders and Jennifer Leavitt join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.
Daily Mail
May 22, 2016
[A] heartwarming collection.
13123010 1043389559088915 6108717390123944798 o
May 19, 2016
A Sloth Specialist Breaks Down The Internet's Obsession With The Cute Creatures
12366332 10153725901689299 7486469912764047418 n
My Modern Met
May 19, 2016
'Mother of Sloths' Rescues and Rehabilitates Adorable Baby Sloths in Costa Rica
13043344 10154060317613972 8275482299440882316 n
Lost at E Minor
May 17, 2016
Orphanage for baby sloths has to be the happiest place in the world.
Welcometodeadland s
Dread Central
May 17, 2016
You may not know that in addition to being an online destination for genre and pop culture content, Nerdist also recently held a publishing contest; and the winning novel, Welcome to Deadland, is heading our way later this summer. If you’re looking for a zombie tale that falls outside the box, this one’s for you!
160516 em startrek
TIME Money
May 16, 2016
Star Trek Knew 50 Years Ago That Robots Would Take All of Our Jobs
10451753 1459568234288441 4640541448725614134 n
TAPinto Clark
May 13, 2016
Service, Citizenship and Social Responsibility Focus of ALJ Assembly Featuring Author Christopher Holshek
9781941758496 fc
Feathered Quill
May 11, 2016
Love sloths? SlothLove is the perfect book for both the sloth lover as well as the person who simply wants to know more about these amazing animals.
9781941758496 fc
Weather Channel
May 10, 2016
Trull's book offers a window into the wildlife of the Costa Rican rainforest, and profiles the secret lives of the adorable slow-moving critters.
Bk 480x172
Los Angeles Review of Books
May 09, 2016
Evoke[s] a fictionalized version of Peter Hessler’s River Town.
Slothlove auphoto
Mother Nature Network
May 09, 2016
Slothlove captures the endearing charm of orphaned baby sloths.
9781941758496 fc
May 08, 2016
There is not enough cute in the world for these rescued baby sloths.
9781941758496 fc
Higher Prospective
May 05, 2016
The Sloth Institute in Cost Rica looks after baby sloths that lost their moms!
4 28 2016 8 47 41 am 9709679
Philadelphia Free Press
May 05, 2016
Paul Inman tells an intense tale that ranges from the nightmare of a Nazi lab, to the free world of 2028 with scenes flickering back and forth in time to tell a solid tale of a woman always on the run, and the agents obsessed with finding her. Excellent.
Illo rif hospital 01
Read It Forward
May 05, 2016
Katie McKenna on Writing as a Means of Survival
Robots could be a big problem for the third world
Tech Insider
May 02, 2016
Robots could be a big problem for the third world.
If you grew up like me then youd be a trekkie too
Tech Insider
May 02, 2016
If you grew up like me, then you'd be a Trekkie too.
1 3
Publishers Weekly
May 01, 2016
First-time author Saadia has written an amusing deconstruction of the economics of Star Trek and how they illuminate our current financial and social milieu... Like Star Trek itself, the book is about more than spaceships and aliens; it illuminates the present by showing a future to strive for.
A great novel.
9781941758373 fc
ESPN's Over the Ball
April 28, 2016
Over the Ball's Kevin Flynn chats with author Christopher Holshek.
The Argonaut
April 27, 2016
Lost, Alias and Game of Thrones director Jack Bender’s latest project is what Stephen King called “a children’s book for adults.”
Dread Central
April 27, 2016
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone eventually makes a movie about this book. Yes, it’s that entertaining.
Huffington post logo
The Huffington Post
April 27, 2016
In this multilayered memoir, body, mind, memory, machine, road, and scenery are linked and find balance... TRAVELS WITH HARLEY is well worth the read for the journey it recounts.
School Library Journal
April 26, 2016
This is an entertaining science fiction comedy for fans of Andrew Smith’s Grasshopper Jungle or Scott Westerfeld’s steampunk “Leviathan” series. VERDICT A good general purchase for those looking to beef up their sci-fi shelves.
Reader's Digest
April 25, 2016
Heart-Melting Pictures of Cute Sloths Who Just Want to Be Your Friend
9781941758496 fc
Daddy Mojo
April 24, 2016
Slothlove will give you warm feelings about slow creatures.
Digital Journal
April 22, 2016
Mykl Walsh and Richard Saunders have hidden a Vigenere cipher somewhere within the pages of their book, Journey, A Short Story - Volume I (including the SecretAgentMan sections) Read more:
Examinerdotcom logo
April 22, 2016
[Ageless is] well-thought out, descriptive, and beautifully written... a debut for the ages and Inman is a talented new writer for readers to watch out for.
Mental floss logo in optima font
Mental Floss
April 20, 2016
The Human Who Teaches Orphan Sloths How to Be Wild Animals
The Warbler
April 20, 2016
Asteroid Made of Dragons is a self-aware, funny, and action-packed novel that is basically a Dungeons and Dragons adventure in delicious prose. It is absurd and delightful, with a great cast of characters, fun set pieces, and suffused with a larger-than-fantasy-life essence that punctuates every page of the book.
Astroid cover 2
Kirkus Reviews
April 20, 2016
Asteroid Made of Dragons is notable for upping the stakes of the quest fantasy and featuring a band of heroes that are trying to kill each other. All in the name of good humor, of course.
9781941758496 fc
Mental Floss
April 19, 2016
In case you needed 6 more reasons to love sloths.
What happens when two improvisers collaborate on a novel together? In Nick Scott and Noa Gavin’s case, a fun and random debut novel about multiple universes collapsing in on one another in the most unlikely of places. Readers are in for a treat when they pick up Scott and Gavin’s Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory: it is a clever story and its randomness rivals that of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
156842 462889896804 6963463 n
The Daily Tar Heel
April 19, 2016
Through her moving series of images, Slothlove, Sam Trull reveals her perspective as a friend to the incredibly disarming sloths of Costa Rica. Her images illustrate much about the lives of these awe-inspiring creatures while also conveying the hardship and struggle they face for survival.
9781941758496 fc
Manhattan Book Review
April 19, 2016
Manhattan Book Review’s Faith Lewis interviewed Sam Trull about her book Slothlove.
286 dogster logo
April 19, 2016
Katrina Survivor Rikki Provides Comfort to Kids in the Courtroom
9781941758496 fc
She Scribes
April 19, 2016
Truly adorable... a joy to look through.... a great book for fan[s] of sloths, wildlife...
9781941758496 fc
April 18, 2016
In her stunning photo series, Slothlove, Sam shares intimate portraits of these captivating and endearing animals from her unique perspective as their protector, mother, and friend.
Jack myers
Ad Age
April 18, 2016
Let's make the new family structure the new purpose-driven advertising.
Sloth 1
Good News Network
April 17, 2016
Scientist Brings Us Wondrously Cute Sloth Photos in New Book SLOTHLOVE
Once in a great while, a story comes around that is so random that it defies, well, randomness.
9781941758496 fc
The News and Observer
April 14, 2016
For a midweek distraction, swing by Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill Wednesday night, where wildlife conservationist and photographer (and Durham native) Sam Trull brings her new book Slothlove.
12079217 1034468136583623 3302518094346555923 n
Green Child Magazine
April 12, 2016
Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies
An 2bunattractive 2bvampire
Taliesin Meets the Vampires
April 11, 2016
A genuinely humorous book, with nice crisp prose that at times were laugh out loud funny. The clash between ugly, evil vampirism and apparently good guy attractive vampires was handled with a deft touch.
April 04, 2016
With a title like “Asteroid Made of Dragons,” what more do you need to know? Okay, fine. So there’s an ancient menace that is coming back to Earth after years in space, and a motley group of adventurers has to save a magical world that’s been built in the ruins of a technological society.
This YA book has the best title.
M12 deliveroo use
Sunday Business Post
April 04, 2016
Ex-Google man Syta cleans up with big publishing and TV deal
The Red & Black
April 04, 2016
His writing is a response to grim fantasy. The central conflict of “Asteroid Made of Dragons” which, incidentally, is the fact that an asteroid that is also a cage for dragons is heading for the protagonists’ planet, is a play on the fantasy trope of some conflict that threatens to destroy the protagonists’ world.
9781941758496 fc
April 03, 2016
A Wildlife Conservationist’s Intimate Photos of Sloths
Dissident Voice
April 01, 2016
Trekonomics addresses a future from the mind of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry where intellectual property rights, greed, etc have been replaced by altruism and a creativity not spurred by wealth accumulation.
March 31, 2016
“With subtle hints to science fiction, Asteroid Made of Dragons could be the fantasy version of Guardians of the Galaxy.”
Trekonomics a3585
American Herald Tribune
March 31, 2016
Trekonomics is far ranging in consideration of the Trekverse. A book review cannot touch on all the concepts, but suffice it to say that Saadia delves into economic challenges such as externalities and collective action vs free riders’ justice and security.
Asteroid made of dragons small
Black Gate
March 30, 2016
I love the small press — that’s where a lot of the most creative and innovative work is being done today — but you do have to dig a bit to find the really good stuff. So when do you make of a small press, Kickstarter-funded fantasy novel that gets a write-up like this in Publisher’s Weekly?
An 2bunattractive 2bvampire
Fangs for the Fantasy
March 30, 2016
The whole book made me laugh repeatedly. The interactions, the puritans (including the female cultist following Yulric who was, again, awesome, hilarious and an excellent challenge to misogyny). The characters, the world and the whole war between ancient vampires and young pretty ones in body glitter kept me smiling with every page – and repeatedly laughing out loud.
Night Mode Reading
March 29, 2016
I feel like thanking so many people and so many circumstances that led me to this book. I assume that that and the dumb smile it left on my face basically means one thing: An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel is one damn good book. Never have I laughed so much out loud
Mcdoniel anunattractivevampire cv ft hires 2
The Warbler
March 29, 2016
A delightful, funny, irreverent, and poignant book about the absurdity—and inevitability—of evolving mythologies.
March 29, 2016
With subtle hints to science fiction, Asteroid Made of Dragons could be the fantasy version of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Main logo
Pasadena Now
March 25, 2016
Bender's vibrant first book, The Elephant in the Room, is a collection of stories told through his art, a lyrical interweaving of abstraction, rich color and texture, and surreal dreaminess.
Pasadena weekly logo
Pasadena Weekly
March 25, 2016
Jack Bender in conversation with Rachelle Lefevre at Vroman’s Bookstore.
Sf station logo
SF Station
March 25, 2016
Jack Bender at Books Inc. Opera Plaza in conversation with actor Jason Ritter.
She scribes media
She Scribes
March 22, 2016
[Itchy Pig is] a great way to educate children about allergies as well as to let children who suffer from allergies know that they are not alone... there are ways to deal with them so as not to dampen their fun.
The Rumpus
March 20, 2016
Jack Bender in conversation with Rachelle Lefevre to discuss and sign The Elephant in the Room. at Vroman’s Bookstore.
March 20, 2016
J-F. Dubeau has just published his first novel, The Life Engineered, and has a plethora of other story ideas for future books to come. His next major work is a trilogy of horror and fantasy with the first book, A God in the Shed, in the heat of its campaign on Inkshares.
How to make a cardboard space ship feature
Nerdy Mama
March 18, 2016
Not only does it have some great activity ideas (like what to look up online to learn more about aeronautics and what it takes to be an astronaut, but it’s also got some just great critical-thinking advice for kids that are interested in the STEM careers.
3057609 poster p 1 rebranding the american man
Fast Company
March 14, 2016
Myers, who has a background in advertising, believes that companies have exacerbated the problem with ads that promulgate old stereotypes about male-ness. Much like women have been working for more diverse images of women in the media for decades, Myers argues that companies should consider portraying men in a wide range of roles and career paths.
As NASA plans for a human mission to Mars and while private companies like SpaceX, Sierra Nevada Corp, and Lockheed Martin race to build commercial crew vehicles, the future of space exploration is looking much brighter. For this reason, The author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, Mike Mongo, is on a mission to inspire the next generation of astronauts who will continue to push the boundaries of human spaceflight.
Filipsyta4 432
March 10, 2016
Sex, droger och tech - svenske Filip Syta sa upp sig från Google för att skriva en bok om den fiktiva sökmotorjätten The Show.
March 09, 2016
An Unattractive Vampire is an incredibly unique story and a breath of fresh air for fans of vampire fiction.
Journey cover final
Portsmouth Review
March 08, 2016
“In what I believe to be a brilliant stroke of promotional genius, Saunders has sealed his “evidence” in three carefully prepared plastic containers, each the size of a footlocker.
1 3
Publishers Weekly
March 08, 2016
An excellent, irreverent mix of sword-and-sorcery fantasy and SF. Adams’s flippant tone recalls Terry Pratchett, taking the skewering of tropes down a very dark path as he establishes a fantasy world built from the ashes of a technological one.
480x270 80993
John and Heidi Show
March 07, 2016
John chats with author Richard Saunders about his book Journey... A Short Story. He tells about a time that he pretended to be an attorney and brought a lawsuit against Donald Trump.
1 3
Publishers Weekly
March 05, 2016
“Witty debut...Engagingly complex characters and wry humor will keep readers coming back for more.”
Huffpost 3line
The Huffington Post
March 03, 2016
What can you expect when the citizenry of the most powerful nation in the world knows so little about it?
An unattractive vampire small
Black Gate
March 03, 2016
Are you a reader who yearns for a return to the days where vampires were monsters, instead of hunky leading men? Then have I got a book for you.
Animalwellnesslogo large
Animal Wellness Magazine
March 02, 2016
In Encounters with Rikki, author Julie Strauss Bettinger paints a detailed portrait of an exceptionally-gifted therapy dog named Rikki... you'll come away from it with a renewed appreciation for the power of the human-canine bond.
 the future of men  0 924898 ver1.0 640 360
Good Day NY
March 02, 2016
Author Jack Myers discusses his book, 'The Future of Men' of Fox 5's morning show.
Logo global living magazine
Global Living Magazine
March 01, 2016
Carroll's book is a delightfully poignant read about individuals adapting (or not adapting) to their surroundings, sprinkled with Chinese customs and traditions throughout.
Lifeengineered cover final
The Warbler
March 01, 2016
It takes courage-and perhaps audacity-to come out swinging, and I’d say JF Dubeau‘s debut novel, The Life Engineered, throws a few powerful punches that make his a book worth giving your undivided attention. In many ways, The Life Engineered is archetypical, but in other ways, it represents a novel approach to a classic medium: robot-focused science fiction.
Beyond the Playlist Podcast
March 01, 2016
Talk to author, podcaster, and artist JF Dubeau about his upcoming books. We talk about what it has taken for him to get his first book published. What other projects he is working on and much more.
CBS This Morning
March 01, 2016
You’ve seen men’s traditional roles evolve through the decades. Jack Myers is the author of The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century. He believes guys will be increasingly defined, dominated, and controlled by women. Myers and Jodi Kantor, CBS News contributor and New York Times reporter who has written extensively about gender and workplace issues, join “CBS This Morning” to discuss changing gender roles.
New York Journal of Books
February 29, 2016
This book addresses the issue of societal transformation “from male to female dominance” drawing on a range of statistical sources, publications, and anecdotal experiences, plus eight stories 'from a woman’s heart.'
A.V. Club
February 29, 2016
The jumping-off point for Grundhauser’s article is Manu Saadia’s upcoming book, Trekonomics, which suggests that the futuristic series provides an excellent economic example that humans of the 21st century would do well to follow.
February 28, 2016
Dubeau dropped a couple of hints as to what readers can expect in future books along with the new mythological references.
February 27, 2016
With his first ever published work and the first in his new series, Dubeau has created a fascinating science fiction world and introduces it briefly in The Life Engineered.
Atlas Obscura
February 25, 2016
In author Manu Saadia’s forthcoming book, Trekonomics, he suggests that the values of Gene Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future may be the thing to aspire to if we ever want to achieve a world of peace and abundance. And it’s not just about the technology, either.
9781941758571 fc
Maple Mouse Mama
February 25, 2016
Itchy Pig not only captivated my son, who suffers from food allergies and eczema, but also my older child. The short phrases were easy enough for my seven year old to read and understand and brought forth several exclamations of, “He’s just like me!” The illustrations are beautifully drawn with soft and warm tones that will invite you to enjoy Itchy Pig with your kiddos many times over. We loved it!
Thelifeengineered feature
SF Signal
February 23, 2016
Exclusive! Read “Sacrifice” by J-F Dubeau, the Prequel Story to THE LIFE ENGINEERED
Chicago tribune logo black
Chicago Tribune
February 21, 2016
The human-animal bond has quite a storied past but perhaps fewer stories can match that of Rikki…. It is her work with child abuse victims, however, that is her most important…. offering them a calming presence in a difficult — and heartbreaking — situation.
1 3
Publishers Weekly
February 21, 2016
Myers writes, both men and women will be the better for it. He predicts that 'men won't be the dominant sex in the future, but they won't be subservient either.' His views will stimulate controversy and conversation.
05 filip syta google 1
Sunday Business Post
February 21, 2016
A blistering work of fiction.
Screen shot 2016 02 19 at 7.32.28 pm
The Tracking Board
February 19, 2016
After upstart indie publisher Inkshares found itself in the middle of a bidding war this past week on their debut author Mike Mongo’s title ASTRONAUT INSTRUCTION MANUAL with no less than 3 A-list producers at the center, we have now confirmed there is an offer on a second debut author’s title, THE SHOW by Filip Syta. The book, which was just featured in this Financial Times article and sold out on its initial run, details the Wolf of Wall Street style antics inside what is essentially his previous employer Google’s hallowed halls.
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The Financial Times
February 18, 2016
Conveys the peculiarity of a workplace full of young, bright people fixated on the future.
9781941758496 fc
Reel Life With Jane
February 12, 2016
You would be hard-pressed to find a cuter creature on earth, and Trull’s photos show her love for them in every shot.
Scott energy 1111
The Tracking Board
February 12, 2016
After hitting the market last week, author Mike Mongo’s eBook sensation THE ASTRONAUT INSTRUCTION MANUAL has quickly found its way into the hands of top producers and is already generating stellar offers.
Online Athens
February 10, 2016
“The big touchstone now is George R.R. Martin. Everybody either wants to be him or wants to write books like him. I’m not that person,” Adams said. “The big movement in the genre is the epic fantasy — these big, grand tales. I’m trying to write episodic fantasy with the idea being you can pick up any one of my books and enjoy them on their own.”
6a00e0099631d08833010535951b79970b 800wi
WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show
February 09, 2016
A Veteran's Motorcycle Odyssey
Foreign policy logo
Foreign Policy
February 08, 2016
Of Humans and Hardware
2678 57136861129 243916 n
The Huffington Post
February 06, 2016
“E Pluribus Service”
Filip syta the show buch ueber google
Die Welt
February 05, 2016
Filip Syta kündigte bei Google und schrieb einen Roman über eine Tech-Firma, bei der Koks, Sex und gefälschte Zahlen zum Alltag gehören. Syta sagt, 90 Prozent entsprächen der Realität bei Google.
625693 616898138324268 1659932348 n
Foreign Policy
February 05, 2016
Mosul and America’s bipolar power disorder: We are still unable to work the spaces between war and peace
A former google employee wrote a novel about sex and drugs at a fictional search ad company  so we asked him how much was true
Business Insider
February 04, 2016
A former Google employee wrote a novel about sex and drugs at a fictional search ad company — so we asked him how much was true.
Dread Central
February 02, 2016
Looking for some reading material that’s an alternative to the sparkly, fantasy-type vampire novels we’ve been subjected to lately? Then check out Jim McDoniel’s An Unattractive Vampire,
The Motorcyclist’s Post
February 01, 2016
Travels with Harley is both a stirring memoir and a powerful call to find personal and national identity.
February 01, 2016
Methuen-born Richard Saunders recently penned his first novel SecretAgentMan, a complex fiction hidden inside Journey, A Short Story. The hardcover is on sale at Barnes & Noble, Andover Bookstore and many other locations. MethuenLife Magazine conducted a question-and-answer interview with the mysterious Saunders.
Istock 000017481862 small 300x199
January 29, 2016
There’s a ton of truly valuable advice in this book, which could have been subtitled, “Out of the Mouths of Entrepreneurs.”
Huffington Post Arts & Culture
January 27, 2016
6 Must-Read Book Recommendations From The World’s Brightest Minds
These recipes come from “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis,” and they all sound great … so great, you’d want to eat them when you’re already high.
Asteroidmadeofdragons feature
SF Signal
January 26, 2016
Coming Soon: ASTEROID MADE OF DRAGONS by G. Derek Adams
10612902 10152951977504715 5474201483943555787 n
Read It Forward
January 23, 2016
The Accidental Memoir: On Writing, Grieving and the Virtues of Navel-Gazing
Screen shot 2016 01 25 at 4.48.33 pm
My Bookish Ways
January 20, 2016
An interview with A.R. Baumann
Logo san jose mercury news
San Jose Mercury News
January 18, 2016
[Carroll] paints an intriguing portrait of Americans abroad.
10891958 10152735374582955 3900473358689145788 n
January 17, 2016
Julie Strauss Bettinger has written a winner.
10428581 10152720676395101 1362767451683081687 n
CultureMap Houston
January 12, 2016
River Oaks oil heiress writes sensational crime thriller that hits close to home.
Shutterstock 213638911
Elite Daily
January 12, 2016
Google does everything your mother doesn’t do for you anymore. Why shouldn’t it?
Winter reading recommendations 2016
Geeks of Doom
January 12, 2016
Jim McDoniel’s first novel is quirky, wild, and weird, and definitely for those who hate those “sexy” vampire stereotypes – who like their monsters nice and gross.
Tattered Cover book event mention.
Forbes logo
January 09, 2016
Is your business scalable? You might want to think again after reading this collection of stories about businesses that were able to scale complex, hands-on processes and services.
10424281 10152116707656786 2494248025020530403 n
WCTV Channel 6 Noon Show
January 08, 2016
In the Spotlight: Encounters with Rikki
Screen shot 2016 01 25 at 5.11.33 pm
Omnimystery News
January 05, 2016
An Excerpt from Under a Cloud of Rain by A. R. Baumann
9781941758342 fc
Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
January 05, 2016
Interview with A.R. Baumann.
Justynajaworskaphotography 4 1
Knowledge For Men
January 05, 2016
Ex-Googler Filip Syta left the tech world to write books and his debut literary novel tells you why — in a satirical, true and unsavory tale, revealing the savagery beneath the shiny veneer of Silicon Valley.
10399359 56835205081 5385 n %281%29
Tallahassee Democrat
December 29, 2015
Bettinger book chronicles therapy dog Rikki’s rescues...
Bookish asia logo1
The East Asia Book Review
December 28, 2015
A thought-provoking, beautifully written rumination on the expatriate experience.
Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside chapter excerpt.
If you have people on your holiday list who like to cook with cannabis, your shopping chores are as easy as pie this season.
Full contact
Full Contact Enlightenment
December 13, 2015
Exceptionally powerful... a brave memoir.
Perfect for anyone who digs either food or weed porn
Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis is, as its title promises, a book devoted to the wondrous cooking applications of everyone’s favorite wacky weed
thanks to the Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis cookbook, we can all cook like our favorite stoner chefs
The Marijuana Show
December 10, 2015
23 Awesome Gifts To Help Your Stoner Best Friend Get Totally Baked
A new cookbook aims to do for weed what Julia Child did for French cuisine
33 Gifts For The Pothead In Your Life
Ottawa Family Living Magazine
December 02, 2015
You’ve gotta love Jennifer Schreiber’s new picture book, MONDAY AT JELLY ROLL DOG PARK. Not only are the illustrations by John LaFree, an artist known for his whimsical and humorous pet portraits, but the story itself is fun, engaging and—most importantly—meaningful for little ones.
9781941758342 fc
Land of Books
December 02, 2015
If you love to explore the dark sides of the human nature... ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you A.R. Baumann.
Food herb cover 500x500
Oregon Wine Press
December 01, 2015
New cookbook on cannabis cuisine spices up kitchen
San Francisco Chronicle
November 29, 2015
Treat those who enjoy cannabis with this savory garlic bread recipe, shared by the people behind the popular new cookbook, “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis.”
Ss legalize 1 3806
East Bay Express
November 18, 2015
One of 2015's most classy cookbook titles
288008 231157320255077 5460027 o
Kirkus Reviews
November 11, 2015
Addiction, disordered eating, and manic depression are each, by themselves, tremendous hurdles, and the mere fact that Cole has weathered all three makes his account remarkable... A unique, compelling narrative.
Portlander Laurie Wolf of LaurieAndMaryJane teamed up with, Inkshares, and Melissa Parks to give stoner cooks more options than brownies or cookies, along with real chef tips to help make the process easier.
Gracefully contrasts idealism and cynicism... The novel has a clear mission it fulfills admirably while recalling W.G. Sebald and Ben Lerner... [An] insightful reflection on the expatriate experience.
his new cookbook – penned by cannabis chefs Laurie Wolf and Melissa Parks, whose website gets 25 million visitors each week – goes beyond brownies to introduce the reader to a mind-blowing range of culinary cannabis possibilities.
Journey cover final
Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing
November 07, 2015
It’s an ambitious postmodern mix of science fiction, fantasy, historical thriller and thinly disguised real-life method-written drama.
Library journal e1409191477421
Library Journal
November 04, 2015
Cole tells his story with self-effacing humor and compassion… Cole’s simple honesty could be massively helpful for those struggling with mental illness, body issues, or almost anything.
Herb cover
Stoner Girls' Guide
November 02, 2015
A new totally beautiful, 250-paged cannabis cookbook titled Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis is here just in time for the holidays! - See more at:
VG Blogger
October 30, 2015
Suspenseful, frightening, and gripping to the final line, Abomination is a modern masterpiece of fantasy/horror fusion.
Science and art come together to bestow upon readers the highly coveted secrets of your longtime (now legal) edibles baker.
1297356467 memphis flyer logo
The Memphis Flyer
October 28, 2015
A firecracker of a book filled with raw emotion.
Oregonian logo
The Oregonian
October 22, 2015
Author Jennifer Schreiber has taken a unique tack to teach kids about bullying – by looking at the issue from a dog's eye view.
...Sydney Fulkerson, a self-proclaimed internship expert, gives the internship advice she wishes someone told her. [She] recommends mapping out a plan 10 months ahead of time to give yourself room to brainstorm where you see yourself, fix your résumé, and write company-specific cover letters.
The latest is Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis, whose title I imagine might just send Julia Child rolling over in that grave.
Finding Our Hunger Podcast
October 21, 2015
I read [The Body of Chris] and saw so many parallels to my own life... whether you have a male voice or a female voice or anywhere in between, we're all going through the same thing when we're facing this demon.
Subway ride2
Orb Magazine
October 21, 2015
Alison Carlson, the San Francisco dynamo who just authored an elegant coffee-table book called Churchill: The Man Within.
Logo metafilter
October 19, 2015
We discover the solutions to every challenge we face on earth today–energy, health, sustainability, inclusion, equality, even prosperity–by solving for the challenges of space.
Let’s Face It Radio
October 18, 2015
Life Coach and author of The Body of Chris, stops into Let’s Face It Radio to share his journey from mental illness to mental wellness & triumph.
In collaboration with The Stoner’s Cookbook, the cannabis-infused meals offer everything from Devils on Horseback (aka crispy bacon-wrapped dates) to a giant Tomahawk Rib Eye to Cherry Cookie Hand Pies.
Examiner logo
October 17, 2015
When it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to become an astronaut and then I realized why I had not become an astronaut, I wanted to make sure that other people, as they’re growing up, didn’t suffer that same consequence. And the great thing is that, right now, this moment we are in historically, is a terrific time to encourage students to pursue careers in space and astronautics.”
Forbes 1200x1200
October 15, 2015
The economics of Star Trek is thus True Communism. Fortunately, without the intervening bit of socialism that anyone has to suffer through.
1795483 10152015435813845 564017219 n
Psychology Today
October 15, 2015
Chris Cole and I have something in common. We both have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and psychosis. Then I read his book. Raw, unflinching and insightful; that's how I describe it.
“You aren’t expected to already know everything because you’re there to learn. You get to figure out what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re awesome at.”
October 12, 2015
The Astronaut Instruction Manuals: Practical Skills for Future Space Explorers by Mike Mongo is a wonderful introduction for children who hope to perhaps, one day, study and explore space.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 12.41.25 pm
The Wall Street Journal
October 12, 2015
Talk about the final frontier: In the future world of “Star Trek,” everyone’s material needs are satisfied, and money doesn’t exist. What would the economy of such a world look like?
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 11.51.59 am
Just Space News
October 12, 2015
An exciting new book, to be published this week, encourages students to think creatively when deciding to be astronauts.
9781941758328 fc
Dakota's Den
October 12, 2015
Along with teaching an important life lesson, which would serve as a perfect conversation starter between parents and little ones, and teachers and students, about how hurtful bullying can be, the illustrations alone are reason enough to buy this book! ....What a great holiday gift or anytime gift this would make.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 11.54.40 am
Portal to the Universe
October 12, 2015
'Astronaut Instruction Manual' Introduces Kids to Space.
Alphaville index sz 468x60 728x90 pos banlb tile 1 nojs 1
Financial Times
October 12, 2015
You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century.
Discovery News
October 11, 2015
One of the things we need to do to prioritize as a nation is to right these wrongs, and space has the opportunity to do that, and when I say space is for everyone, kids get that,” Mongo says. “By pursuing space, we solve for every challenge on Earth today. Energy, health, inclusion, sustainability, even prosperity. This is my pitch.”
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 12.32.09 pm
CNN Money
October 11, 2015
Newitz — along with Nobel Prize winner and economist Paul Krugman, Treknomics author Manu Saadia, economics professor Brad DeLong, Fusion's Felix Salmon and Star Trek writer Chris Black — discussed economics through the lens of the Star Trek world at a New York Comic Con panel Sunday.
Cooking is an art form, and this new cookbook has combined two of our greatest pleasures: spending some time in the kitchen and enjoying the wonderful benefits of marijuana.
Jam-packed with mouth-watering pictures that will make you hungrier as you move through the book.
This decidedly high-end cookbook is timed for the holidays with a November 2015 release, and features gourmet recipes that use Cannabis like any other herb — for taste as much as for effect, rather than just trying to mask the marijuana flavor.
Screen shot 2015 10 21 at 3.56.51 pm
Frugal Mom Eh!
September 30, 2015
I found this book to be completely endearing. The illustrations are seriously incredible… a sweet story with a great message.
Sfm banner
Supernaturally Fabulous Magazine
September 29, 2015
As dramatic as his experience with mental illness might appear, [Chris Cole] makes valid points that need to be considered by all in his book, The Body of Chris.
Best self
Best Self Atlanta Magazine
September 23, 2015
[An] honest, reflective memoir.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 11.39.15 am
Young Entertainment Magazine
September 22, 2015
The literary equivalent of a masterful musical masterpiece...The Battle for Oz is practically made for a Tim Burton big screen adaptation.
The man within
The Churchill Project
September 21, 2015
An absorbing book, well worth owning by anyone from casual browser to the expert.
11872039 977027592318817 2662326721722362853 o
Pretty Opinionated
September 15, 2015
Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park teaches kids about bullying through lovable characters and beautiful illustrations.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 5.55.11 pm
September 12, 2015
Jennifer Schreiber’s newly illustrated children’s book deals with anti-bullying concepts by using a dog theme to help children better understand.
Barnes & Noble Review
September 11, 2015
Abomination is an unexpected love-hate/buddy picture fantasy tale with swordplay, knights, and magic—though one with a heaping helping of many-tentacled, acid-blood-filled, gut-chomping creatures. We’ll take that sequel now.
1962720 716731091702746 2044846686 n
Expanded Consciousness
September 10, 2015
“How Pediatricians are Body Shaming Our Kids” — Chris Cole, author The Body of Chris, writes for Expanded Consciousness.
1962720 716731091702746 2044846686 n
Expanded Consciousness
September 09, 2015
Am I Crazy or Enlightened? Chris Cole, author of The Body of Chris, writes for Expanded Consciousness.
If you’re in the mood for a more savory cannabis cookbook you can preorder Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Melissa Parks, yet another chef based out of the promised pot-land of Colorado.
The pot party was in full swing. The host, Laurie Wolf, a boisterous New Yorker in her late 50s, bustled about in the late stages of preparing trays of delicious local meats and cheeses, as well as all kinds of sandwiches and snacks and pickles and a really tasty-looking rib roast.
School For Startups Radio
September 07, 2015
School For Startups Radio interviews Michael Baldwin, author of Just Add Water.
562a3 new4stars
The BiblioSanctum
September 04, 2015
I really want to bring attention to this one. In a word, Abomination was AWESOME. It feels like I’ve been waiting for a book like this my whole life, a historical fantasy mixed with horror that puts the “dark” in Dark Ages.
Wvfamily logo1
WV Family Magazine
September 01, 2015
Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park included in the book review section of WV Family Magazine's September/October issue.
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The Metropolitan d'Etroit
September 01, 2015
Just Add Water reads the way Baldwin’s presentations are, well, presented; in an enjoyable and streamlined fashion. Instead of being text heavy, Baldwin opts for the use of icons, metaphors, concepts, and a bit of humor. According to Baldwin, there is nothing hypothetical about Just Add Water. All of the information is a distillation of Baldwin’s years operating as a global presenter.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 6.12.31 pm
Book Reader Magazine
September 01, 2015
Book Reader Magazine interviews Quincy Carroll, author of Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside.
I received a copy of The Coffee Run last week and finished it within a couple of days. It was super easy to read and very relatable...Reading it got me thinking about my past internships, how I behaved, what I would have done differently, and even some insight into my current job search.
Logo print
Tech Insider
August 29, 2015
Economist Brad DeLong recently spoke with Trekonomics author Manu Saadia about how we're living in post-scarcity world.
1014245 10150353967754984 1252246559 n
International Bipolar Foundation
August 28, 2015
Is Mania a Spiritual Experience? The Body of Chris author, Chris Cole, writes for International Bipolar Foundation.
...For those who are still in the process of searching for their dream career or internship in any industry. This helpful guide covers all aspects of intern life...It is short and sweet and provides honest advice that can help move your career in the direction you want it to go in.
Clr button2
Celtic Lady’s Review
August 23, 2015
A fast-paced enjoyable read with a story that could very well be in the headlines…. The first book in what looks to be a great political series.
Wired logo
August 22, 2015
Instead he decided to write the story as a novel, Abomination, which he published through the crowdfunding platform Inkshares.
Abomination by gary whitta small
August 20, 2015
Because Whitta is a gifted screenwriter, the prose is well-written, concise and quick-paced throughout; just descriptive enough for the reader to picture all the events unfolding as if in a film.
Watch author Sydney Fulkerson's live interview on Solopreneur, a Grant Cardone TV network series!
Shelf Awareness
August 18, 2015
I was in no way prepared for the thrill I would eventually feel seeing that book in one of my local indie bookstores for the first time.
Slate logo
August 15, 2015
On this episode of Slate Money, Trekonomics author Manu Saadia joins host Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann to discuss: (1) How the universe of Star Trek functions without money? (2) If we could we ever reach a post-scarcity society? (3) Just what Google is up to with their new umbrella company Alphabet?
252117 10150341456089623 7153687 n %281%29
Book Reporter
August 14, 2015
Kris Calvin has spent time in politics, so she’s writing with inside knowledge, and it shows. It is clear that she knows her way around the halls of the capitol.... With Calvin’s imagination, she will certainly go far in her writing career.
Gary photo bw
Geek to Me
August 14, 2015
Gary Whitta is no stranger to the realms of fantasy.
Starting your last year of school can be frightening because for 18 straight years you had a roadmap laid out for you, and now you're expected to set out on your own path. If you plan ahead, ask for help, and follow those who have conquered the terrain before you - you'll be on your way to success.
Fsu seal
Florida State University
August 13, 2015
Florida State University features Blasted by Adversity authors Luke Murphy and Julie Strauss Bettinger.
One of my favorite books with invaluable advice for high school or college students about to launch their careers...It’s a quick read detailing out a what-to-do and how-to-do-it guide for acquiring internships. It should be a mandatory read for all upper class-men.
Whitta abominations e1439182912172
August 10, 2015
Whitta’s debut novel, ABOMINATION, takes the writer deep into the world of dark fantasy
Gary whitta abomination cover 530x794 200x300
August 10, 2015
His newest project is the novel Abomination, a work of fantasy set in Dark Age England that has been likened to both “Game of Thrones” and the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.
12 fapa logo fapa letters
Florida Authors & Publishers Association
August 08, 2015
Blasted by Adversity received a Gold award at the the Florida Authors & Publishers Association’s “President’s Award” in the Autobiography & Memoir category.
Darling Dork
August 05, 2015
If you enjoy reading a book that will eek itself into your dreams and linger with you even after you’ve turned the last page, then Abomination is the one.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 11.35.57 am
Warbler Books
August 04, 2015
Imag­ine, if you will, a lin­ear accel­er­a­tor for fic­tion. Say some­one took The Wiz­ard of Oz and Alice in Won­der­land, put them in the machine, and slammed ‘em together. Sift­ing through the results, you’d find The Bat­tle For Oz, Jeyna Grace’s excit­ing adven­ture pub­lished by Ink­shares.
Bloomberg View
August 02, 2015
Back in 2013, Rick Webb and Matt Yglesias theorized that as society gets richer and richer, capitalism and free markets will still exist, but will simply recede into the background. Others have described Star Trek not as a socialist paradise, but as a libertarian one. A writer named Manu Saadia is even writing a book about the topic.
000000000001404204 1
Sci Fi Book Club
August 01, 2015
If you’re looking for a true escape - from real life and from the standard fantasy tropes – then look no further.
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A Reading Machine
August 01, 2015
I was completely hooked within minutes of picking this up and despite intending to just initially read a sample I could not keep away and finished it in just a few sittings.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 12.08.22 pm
Wow! Signal Podcast via Stitcher Radio
August 01, 2015
In this short Wow! Signal Burst, Mike Mongo, Astronaut Teacher, tells us about his forthcoming book, which has just completed successful crowdfunding. The Astronaut Instruction Manual for Preteens.
July 30, 2015
'Go Big Or Go Home' — it’s an idea, all right, but it is a good idea? Or could a big idea be something on a smaller scale? Gary Whitta asked himself this question with his novel Abomination.
July 30, 2015
Here's a video interview of Gary Whitta working with artist Karl Lindberg from Industrial Light & Magic to create some concept art to accompany his debut novel, Abomination.
72496 497215807025919 1459394584 n
July 30, 2015
Moe Abdou and Michael Baldwin discuss how to put the focus — and the power — of every presentation back where it belongs: with the presenter.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 11.32.13 am
Queen of Bibliophile
July 30, 2015
An interesting crossover of two of the most popular children classics stories...The description of the fantasy land of Oz and Wonderland made me wanted to be carried away by the magical tornado to Oz or jump into the rabbit hole to Wonderland!
Abomination banner artl
A Dribble of Ink
July 29, 2015
[Gary Whitta's] first book, Abomination, officially hit store shelves today. “[It’s a] bloody, unapologetic fantasy,” says Chuck Wendig, popular SFF blogger and author of Aftermath: Star Wars, this is history twisted by the hands of a master storyteller.”
Abomination gary whitta header
Geeks of Doom
July 29, 2015
With Abomination, Whitta offers up a well-written, concise, quick-moving Dark Ages historical-fantasy tale of honor, redemption, and fortitude laced with horror elements that’s perfect for today’s audiences.
Gbbshow2 e1427219119844
Geek Dad
July 29, 2015
This week, we are absolutely thrilled to have Star Wars: Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta on the show. Yes, we talk about the film. Yes, he answers with something other than “no comment.” Are spoilers dropped or hinted at? You’ll have to listen and find out!
Whitta abominations
Dread Central
July 29, 2015
Out today is Gary Whitta’s debut novel, Abomination, and we had a chance to chat with the author about the publishing model he selected for it, the book’s historical and biblical elements, what horror fans should appreciate, his influences, and lots more so dig in!
Rogueone 0
July 28, 2015
The original idea was to do a good old-fashioned monster story, almost like Frankenstein or Wolfman, but with a different setting:
Gwhittageekscape 800x375
July 28, 2015
Whitta has entered literary fiction with his debut novel Abomination, a dark medieval fantasy about a knight hiding a terrible secret and a headstrong woman on a quest of revenge.
The thing 620 01
Daily Dead
July 28, 2015
Though I wrote Abomination as a novel, my background is primarily a screenwriter, and the movies I watched growing up played even more of a part in inspiring me to become a writer as the books I read. So it’s perhaps not surprising that many of the influences that led to the creation of this book have cinematic roots.
Fantasy Hotlist
July 27, 2015
2fb76876f1515b27d4ed56b19720df33 xs
Fanboy Comics
July 27, 2015
Abomination 620
Daily Dead
July 23, 2015
With writing credits that include the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One and The Walking Dead: Season One video game, Gary Whitta may already be on your radar, and his fantasy horror novel Abomination looks to place him even more prominently on the must-read map
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 5.49.24 pm
July 22, 2015
Unfortunately bullying is an epidemic crisis our children are dealing with these days and Monday At Jelly Roll Dog Park aims to teach kids how to face a bully the Muttley way.
The Qwillery
July 22, 2015
I grew up in England but was very much a product of the American sci-fi and fantasy scene, growing on Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, all the greats.
Whitta abominations
Dread Central
July 21, 2015
One of the biggest debut novels of the summer
Murphy has not let the adversity hold him back. He has completed marathons with a hand cycle, climbed mountains and skied black diamonds slopes. He even co-authored Blasted by Adversity, The Making of a Wounded Warrior about his experiences.
Wounded Warrior Luke Murphy speaks to Quincy, Illinois' Rotary Club.
Murphy’s message is one of inspiration; he’s continued to live a full life since recovering from his injuries.
9781941758328 fc
Kelly's Thoughts on Things
July 16, 2015
This book is amazing.
Hollywood Reporter
July 15, 2015
Gary Whitta's 'Abomination,' set in an alternate medieval England where magic is real, is ripe for optioning
12079517 10153276734958983 5805677987015345285 n
July 14, 2015
Kris Calvin has been a strong advocate for children during her political career, now she is turning to writing mysteries.
10347097 10151948873106116 6556350059275641061 n
Investor’s Business Daily
July 12, 2015
Just Add Water author, Michael Baldwin, talks to Investor’s Business Daily about negotiating/closing business deals.
The new york times logo vert
The New York Times
July 10, 2015
The book, which grew in part out of conversations between Mr. Saadia and his friend Chris Black, a former writer for “Star Trek: Enterprise”...examines “Star Trek’”s “post-economic” system, in which money no longer exists and anything you want can be made in a replicator, essentially for free.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 3.54.15 pm
I'd So Rather Be Reading
July 10, 2015
Spotlight on Kris Calvin's One Murder More.
Gary whitta 600x340 1436486182640 1280w
July 09, 2015
An interview with Gary Whitta at Comic-Con
Washington Post
July 07, 2015
For all its staying power in the rest of academia, Star Trek is almost nowhere to be found in economics, according to Manu Saadia, author of the forthcoming book Trekonomics. We sat down with Saadia this week to talk about the book and his analysis of the Star Trek economy.
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 4.25.29 pm
Satellite Sisters
July 07, 2015
Author Lian Dolan talks to first time mystery writer Kris Calvin.
Intrepidnow main logo
July 06, 2015
Michael Baldwin, author of Just Add Water, talks to IntrepidNow about creating powerful presentations.
Trek Today
July 03, 2015
“Trekonomics takes readers on a journey through Star Trek‘s fictional society, its mores and values, and its sources of inspiration in classic sci-fi. But it also looks hard at the challenges posed by it. How does Star Trek solve what Keynes called “the economic question,” the old and stubborn quandary of the allocation of scarce resources? How can it benefit all without depriving anyone? And what could that mean for us, the passengers of Starship Earth?”
Emmys dragon
July 02, 2015
Besides his work on “Game of Thrones,” he’s got plenty else to keep him busy. At the moment, for example, he’s also promoting and in the process of crowdfunding his illustrated book “The Elephant in the Room,” which he describes as a “children’s book for adults.”
July 02, 2015
Whitta is best known as the writer or co-writer of Book of Eli, After Earth and the upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie Rogue One. But this ... novel about a medieval knight battling an unspeakable horror is getting tons of buzz.
Chartwell Bulletin
July 01, 2015
At a time when the study of greatness is too often undervalued, Carlson’s book makes an important contribution to the works available on one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century.
Chartwell Bulletin
July 01, 2015
At a time when the study of greatness is too often undervalued, Carlson’s book makes an important contribution to the works available on one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century.
Science Fiction Poetry Association
July 01, 2015
Cynically humorous… Dawn of the Algorithm will keep readers of speculative poetry entertained.
Revolution SF
June 30, 2015
Abomination is tons of fun.
International Business Times
June 23, 2015
Bender is currently promoting a crowd-funding campaign for his book, “The Elephant in the Room.”
The Hollywood Reporter
June 22, 2015
Before heading to Thrones, Bender is unveiling a gentler project: an illustrated book he describes as a children's book for adults.
One murder more   cover
My Bookish Ways
June 15, 2015
My Bookish Ways interviews Kris Calvin, author of One Murder More.
Blasted by Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior is by far the best account of one warrior’s trip to hell and back… This book should be a part of every veteran’s transition back to life.
12107917 494440817380965 4981615400672691668 n
Art, Books, and Coffee
June 12, 2015
Top 5 Settings for a Summer Mystery & Suspence from Kris Calvin
One murder more   cover
Bibliophiles Review
June 12, 2015
Extremely exciting, well-written, [this] dramatic, realistic political drama will have any fans of political thrillers staying up far past their bed-times to unravel the mystery of the heart of Kris Calvin’s One Murder More.
One murder more   cover
Deborah Kaleb Books
June 11, 2015
Deborah Kalb interviews Kris Calvin, author of One Murder More.
One murder more   cover
Femme Fatales
June 09, 2015
Kris [Calvin] spends her days steeped in politics (and her nights writing mysteries). So when she thinks of summertime, it's not umbrella drinks, strappy sandals, or sunblock that spring to mind...
One murder more   cover
I Love My Kindle
June 04, 2015
Kris Calvin, author of One Murder More, guest posts on I Love My Kindle.
Coffee with a Canine
June 04, 2015
Coffee with a Canine chats with Kris Calvin about coffee, One Murder More, and her adopted dog, Lily.
The Davis Enterprise
June 02, 2015
Davis resident and bestselling thriller author John Lescroart says of the book, 'Crisp and entertaining, One Murder More marks a solid debut for Kris Calvin, who sets herself apart as a writer to watch.'
The book, titled HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, has already been featured in a New York Times article and boasts almost 3,000 pre-orders in anticipation of its November 2015 release date.
10704104 705745152808616 4069478401233225965 n
Long and Short Reviews
June 02, 2015
Kris Calvin guest posts on Long and Short Reviews about the process of writing One Murder More,
Jack myers
Knowledge for Men
June 01, 2015
Many of us men are desperately clinging to the old days and ways of masculinity. However, the fact is, for better or for worse, the role of men in society is changing.
One murder more   cover
Bill's Book Reviews
June 01, 2015
If you think that you might like a fast-paced mystery novel steeped in political atmosphere with a bunch of quirky characters, then One Murder More is perfect.
Logo alien
Perihelion Science Fiction
June 01, 2015
Dawn of the Algorithm is sharp and witty, contemporary and timeless.
One murder more   cover
Thoughts from an Evil Overlord
May 31, 2015
The opening lines of Kris Calvin’s One Murder More provides the reader with a variety of possibilities when anticipating this debut mystery.
Kris calvin credit tom%c3%a1s torices
Hometown Pasadena
May 31, 2015
Hometown Pasadena interviews One Murder More author, Kris Calvin.
Screen shot 2013 09 25 at 11.42.11 am
Military Experience & The Arts
May 26, 2015
An excerpt from Blasted by Adversity on Military Experience & The Arts.
Feedburner logo
Skin Deep Exposures Magazine
May 26, 2015
Kris Calvin's debut novel will captivate fans of murder mysteries and thrillers alike. With her natural ability to weave an intricate and intriguing storyline, she has established herself as an accomplished and talented addition to the world of murder and suspense.
Criminal element
Criminal Element
May 24, 2015
One Murder More investigates the lengths to which some people will go in the pursuit of money and power, while never forgetting the human element of its large-hearted protagonist as she navigates the treacherous, even life-threatening terrain of state politics... a standout amongst political mysteries.
O stairway facebook
HuffPost Business
May 24, 2015
Achieving a new standard and definition of masculinity in business, politics, sports, education, relationships and parenting requires that we first address how men are portrayed in these roles in media.
Retired Army Staff Sgt. Luke Murphy says he sometimes thinks nonveterans and nonfamily members 'don't give a damn' about military sacrifice on Memorial Day.
One murder more   cover
Land of Books
May 21, 2015
Land of Books interviews One Murder More author, Kris Calvin.
Caustic Cover Critic
May 13, 2015
In some parallel universe where hip-hop took a decidedly more science-fiction/physics/neurobiology-oriented turn than in our sad, grey history, Yann Rousselot's poetry collection Dawn of the Algorithm would be the lyrics booklet to the most exciting new album of the 21st Century.
Admin 1 asset 554caed2cddd3
Writers and Artists
May 12, 2015
In July of 2014 I decided to crowdfund a book I had created, called The Man Within
The future of men 1105648 twobyone
May 12, 2015
It’s a simple enough question, but according to businessman and writer Jack Myers, who’s preparing to release his latest book, The Future of Men, through digital publisher Inkshares, it’s a question that guys have trouble answering without resorting to a little dark humor.
10397177 10153057999821919 8744334621805939858 o
Woman Around Town
May 12, 2015
“One Murder More is a political thriller with an edge… Author Kris Calvin has the background and know-how about politics, and will keep readers guessing with every page.”
Print online publishers weekly
Publishers Weekly
May 04, 2015
A reluctant knight battles an unspeakable horror in Whitta’s epic tale, a well-written debut that skillfully blends science fiction, historical fantasy, and spiritual themes - Starred Review
1964875 574297826011753 956099791 n
Geeky Library
April 29, 2015
Geeky poetry— it exists and in beautiful flowing form as written by Yann Rousselot and collected in Dawn of the Algorithm.... These are poems perfectly fit to capture the emotions, conflict and often comical nature of the 21st century.
Shelf Awareness
April 24, 2015
Shelf Awareness Book Brahmin: Samuél L. Barrantes
1040836 499616566774757 82661808 o
Sabotage Reviews
April 23, 2015
Dawn of the Algorithm takes us into a strange, often frightening prophetic world.... words and images ricochet like bullets through the collection, poems exploding onto the page like dynamos.
It will include recipes ranging from butternut squash soup to Mexican hot chocolate.
An excerpt from “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?” by Justin Ross Lee, a New York-based internet celebrity socialite known for his travel industry hacks.
Pot main
International Business Times
March 12, 2015
the first gourmet cannabis cookbook
River city reading
River City Reading
February 27, 2015
Slim and The Beast is an interesting intersection of controlled character study and wild ride unlike anything I've ever read.
Big version
February 25, 2015
Gary Whitta is an award-winning screenwriter who wrote The Book of Eli and worked on the first Star Wars standalone film. So when he had an idea for a dark historical fantasy story he wrote a book. Why? We ask him that, about successfully crowdfunding his novel, and much more on this episode!
February 25, 2015
Writing it as a novel gave me a lot more free rein to not worry quite so much about certain restrictions that the screenplay version of the story might have.
Sword & Laser
February 24, 2015
Nejlcqkatuo4mr 1 a
February 23, 2015
Gary whitta
Crowdfund Insider
February 19, 2015
The book has already attracted a lot of readers and reviews have already begun to roll in.
11127764 990452304301042 3858088382675646213 n
The News & Observer
February 14, 2015
The dark, heavily philosophical and occasionally violent tale revolves around the friendship of a haunted Iraq War veteran (Slim) and a towering, equally tortured UNC basketball player (The Beast), and the action takes place along familiar Chapel Hill streets and landmarks.
SF Signal
February 11, 2015
It’s kind of a gnarly mash-up historical fiction and fantasy in that it’s set in a real time and place
Abomination feat
February 09, 2015
Ancient curses, eldritch monstrosities, and a little bit of the ol’ ultraviolence — what more could you ask for from a dark fantasy?
Abom cover 232x300
The Warbler
February 09, 2015
With Abom­i­na­tion, Whitta has woven a com­pelling tale of inner dark­ness and per­se­ver­ance, and of betrayal and secrets, into a highly cin­e­matic, vis­ceral expe­ri­ence. It is won­der­fully paced, with fan­tas­tic and vivid action.
Film School Rejects
February 09, 2015
Now he’s coming off writing for one of the stand-alone Star Wars movies, he’s working with Mark Millar on Starlight, and his debut novel “Abomination” is available for pre-order through an innovative publishing platform.
The Wall Street Journal
February 07, 2015
‘Star Wars’ Writer Gary Whitta Journeys to the Future of Publishing
Screen shot 2015 10 22 at 6.36.28 pm
SLAM Magazine
February 03, 2015
SLAM contributor Samuel Lopez Barrantes shares an excerpt from his book, Slim And The Beast. Read more at
Marijuana edibles cooking with cannabis
Cannabis News Center
January 24, 2015
It's a delicate balancing act, and an important one, if cooking with cannabis is ever to become mainstream — something Ruhlman predicts will only happen “when you can give it to someone and not make them a complete idiot.”
New york times logo1
The New York Times
December 29, 2014
Pot Pie, Redefined? Chefs Start to Experiment With Cannabis
285507 10150705561735247 3476977 n
The Anniston Star
December 21, 2014
A big fish and a little fish review Daniel Wallace's first children's book, The Cat's Pajamas.
San Francisco Chronicle
December 19, 2014
Alison Carlson searched all of London and could not find what she was looking for — a coffee-table gift book that matched images of the bulldog-faced Winston Churchill with his brilliant quotations.
Print online publishers weekly
Publishers Weekly
December 12, 2014
The bestselling author of Big Fish, Daniel Wallace, examines the role of myth through his new book, The Cat’s Pajamas.
The Emory Wheel
December 05, 2014
A Cat’s Tail: Emory Alum Releases New Book
Matt gray
Crowdfund Insider
November 19, 2014
“The time is right for a cookbook that emphasizes craft and dignifies cannabis as an ingredient.”
66073 122617114463870 4832949 n
November 17, 2014
Guest post by Daniel Wallace, author of The Cat's Pajamas.
They are now working to incorporate these recipes as well as a wealth of culinary information about cannabis into their new book.
11127764 990452304301042 3858088382675646213 n
The News & Observer
November 11, 2014
The News & Observer interviews Daniel Wallace, author of The Cat's Pajamas.
Mom Start
November 01, 2014
Daniel Wallace does not disappoint with yet another (adorable) tall-tale.
Enter Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cannabis, which aims to be the first cookbook that presents edibles as “dignified, accessible, and enjoyable.”
Gray is hoping that his forthcoming hardcover cookbook, Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, will better educate America's aspiring marijuana chefs
To satisfy the curiosity and appetite surrounding cannabis cuisine comes a new, high-end cookbook for cannabis consumers. The Stoner's Cookbook is launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, and it will be the first cookbook devoted to restoring cannabis to its rightful position as a dignified, accessible, and enjoyable ingredient.
Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis will allow people to create everything from cannabis cocktails to three-course tasting menus.
With the country heading in a direction where this herb can finally have a place in the culinary spotlight, we are delighted to give people the opportunity to be a part of history by helping us reach our fundraising goals.”
Spaceref logo 470x206
September 02, 2014
Professional space educator and self-described ‘astronaut teacher’ Mike Mongo is on a mission: to get your kids to space.