Collections Terms

Collections can help you sell your book.

As an author, they help you increase awareness of your book by connecting you with large followings. Some authors have great manuscripts and ideas, but are less adept at marketing and have a small social graph. In this manner, the collection is a vehicle for gaining readership and traction.

In exchange for promotion, collection curators can choose to take a share of author royalties. More on this below.

The ins and outs of collections (literally).

A collection curator asks an author to include a specific title, whether funding or funded, in that curator’s collection. (Right now, an author may not request inclusion in a collection.)

The author then grants (or does not grant) permission to include the title. If the author grants permission, then the title is placed in the collection.

At any time thereafter, the author may remove the title from a collection, or the collection curator may choose to no longer feature a given title.

The ins and outs of collections (figuratively).

Sharing royalties. Collection curators may require that authors share a portion of the author’s royalties in return for promotion. Inkshares will facilitate this payment of royalties. During the period in which a title is in a collection, royalties shall be paid to the collection curator from both sales made via and its wholesale partners.

Promotion. The scope of promotional activities is crafted and performed by the collection curator, in addition to what Inkshares would normally do. Where an author is dissatisfied by the promotional activities of a collection curator, the author may simply remove the title from a collection.

Thirty-day tail. If an author rescinds permission to include a title in a collection, royalty payments to the collection curator shall continue for sales made within thirty days from the date at which the book is removed from the collection.

Right to promote. In joining a collection, an author grants the collection curator the right to promote the book in their good-faith judgment. The collection curator does not have the right to make decisions or representations as to the price of the book unless as expressly agreed to in writing by the author and Inkshares. This right of promotion terminates when an author removes the book from the collection. This does not create a principal-agent relationship or any responsibility except as expressly set forth on this page.

Attribution to collection. Any collection to which a book belongs prior to successfully crowdfunding will be given attribution by Inkshares. Attribution will be given on both the interior and exterior of the book. The design and placement of this attribution shall be made at Inkshares' good-faith discretion.

Additional rules.

A title may be in only one collection at a time.

Any disagreements arising out of the terms on these page shall be arbitrated as consistent with the terms presented here.

If chosen to be in the Sword & Laser Collection, here are unique terms in addition to the Collections Terms described above.

Sword & Laser shall receive 10% of your royalties in return for its consultation and efforts in editorial, design, and promotion.

If chosen to be in the Nerdist Collection, here are unique terms in addition to the Collections Terms described above.

If you start a project on Inkshares, Nerdist may invite you to be in their Collection. By accepting their invitation to join their collection, you accept and benefit from the attention and readership of the amazing Nerdist community. You can think of being in the Nerdist Collection as being a “Nerdist book.” As part of the Nerdist Collection they will have the opportunity to develop your work into other media such as movies, TV series, and digital productions. In conjunction with The United Talent Agency, Inkshares will represent you in the negotiation of any such deal.

Publishing contracts are often impenetrable legalese. We’ve tried to keep our contract with you clear and understandable, and we will do our best to be equally clear and understandable with the additional terms of the Nerdist Collection for royalties and derivative rights, which apply upon acceptance by Nerdist of your book into their collection. Here they are:


Royalties from those books published through the Nerdist collection on Inkshares will be shared as follows.

Print. You, the author, shall receive 30% of Gross Receipts. Nerdist shall receive 20% of Gross Receipts. Inkshares shall receive 50%. All costs to produce and distribute the book come out of our, Inkshares, share. For example, if your book sells on for $20, you will receive $6, Nerdist will receive $4, and Inkshares will receive $10. The cost to print, ship, and distribute the book come out of Inkshares’ $10. When a book sells wholesale (to a bookstore), the same revenue split applies, but as based on the wholesale price at which the bookstores (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, McNally Jackson).

Digital. You, the author, shall receive 50% of Gross Receipts. Nerdist shall receive 20% of Gross Receipts. Inkshares shall receive 30%. All costs to distribute the book come out of our, Inkshares, share.

Derivative Rights.

We are your representative. As consistent with the Inkshares publishing terms here, we reserve the right to serve as your exclusive representative for the negotiation of any derivative-rights deal. This representation will be made, where appropriate, by way of Inkshares’ partnership with the United Talent Agency.

This applies to all derivative rights. These provisions apply in seeking to sell the rights to your book for any type of movie, television show, internet production, comic book, graphic novel, or other audiovisual or literary derivative work.

First-look deal. While you own the copyright and all derivative rights to your work, the following provisions apply as part of the Nerdist “first look” deal. For the first twenty days in which we try and sell these derivative rights, we shall negotiate exclusively and in good faith with Nerdist. If a deal is not reached in those twenty days, Nerdist shall have a right of first refusal on an offer made to any third party that is less favorable to you, the author, than the final offer made to Nerdist at the end of the initial 20-day negotiation period.

Digital, internet-only productions. Nerdist has the exclusive negotiation right with you, the author, for internet-only productions. You may only negotiate with third parties upon failure to first reach a deal with Nerdist and after receiving written consent from Nerdist. The right of first refusal above shall apply to any any such deals made with a third party.

All other terms from Inkshares’ general Publishing Terms apply, except as where the specific terms of the Nerdist Collection (i.e. royalties, derivative rights) apply. Again, you can review those terms here.

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