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Chapter Twenty-two

The sound of the bedroom door being unlocked startled me out of my own thoughts of escape. As the door opened Dominic appeared in the doorway. He was carrying a bunch of shopping bags.

“I had the butler get you new clothes, he has a daughter your size, so she helped pick everything out.”

He put the bags in my walk-in closet.

“They said you have pajamas, casual clothes and formal for dinners downstairs. For right now until I can trust you will not try to escape I am keeping you locked in here but soon you will get access to the whole house.”

He walked over to my dresser and opened the bottom drawer and to my surprise pulled out a glass tray with crystal containers of liquor and glasses. He placed the tray on the dresser and poured two glasses.

“I am sure you wondering why I brought you here.”

"Yes, I am."

"Well, I have heard the effects of Royal vampire blood on Sitri’s and I saw you with my brother and I can’t let him be happy."

"Oh, so you are Damian’s brother, I can see the resemblance."


"When will we start your little experiment then?"

“Tonight, since I will be here.”

"Why, to babysit me?"

“No, my plans for tonight aren’t appealing right now.”

“What were your plans?”

“Meeting someone at a bar.”

He shuffled back. I was making him uncomfortable, and I enjoyed it.

"You should go meet up with her at that bar and we can try your crazy experiment on my blood another night."

He smiled back at me and took a step forward,

"No, I want to experiment on you tonight. "

He placed his hand on the small of my back and pulled me to him. While holding my eyes in his he lowered his head to place a soft kiss on my neck. He straightened back up and stepped away from me letting go of my back. Gave me another seductive smile and left locking the door behind him. I let go of the breath I had not realized I was holding.

I caught myself on the bench was at the foot of my bed. Took a large gulp of whatever was in the glass he poured me. I wonder how he is planning on drinking my blood since he does not have fangs. He will let me score myself that be way less painful than what he has planned.

I could get myself out of this. I can come up with something. He is handsome but no brains. At least I have boos in here. I climbed in bed under the covers and fished around for the TV remote.

I wonder what TV channels they got here? Well, I guess I will find out. Turning on the TV, what should I watch? A movie or catch up on my TV shows? Getting kinda hungry; I do not know how Damian plans on sustaining my thirst for blood, since he will drink my blood for his stupid experiment.

I can eat regular foods for a while but, I will need to feed but not feed off a Demon. Maybe he will bring a human here for me, a male since they taste better. I got curious and rummaged through my nightstand, hoping to find a snack. There was none.

How am I going to feed locked in my room? Hate going to bed hungry. Ended up deciding on a movie and it was on paper view, ha suck it, Damian. I will rack up his TV bill while I am locked in here. I bet he’d not even notice. Wonder if this his house or a family house? After a while of enjoying my favorite movie, Bridget Jones, I heard my bedroom door being unlocked. Damian came in with a plate of food and placed it in front of me on the bed. I looked up at him and said,

"I can’t only have food." He looked at the plate and said,

"I know."

He sat, and I took a roll off the plate and took a bite out of it.

"So what is your plan, are you going to abduct a human to keep here for me to feed?"

"That is the plan."

I rolled my eyes at him.

“How long do you expect to keep me here against my will?”

“You will stay but not as a prisoner unless you try to run from me.”

I shifted under his heated gaze. My cheeks heated, I looked away. What is wrong with me?! Someone telling you they will hunt you and lock you up should not be a turn on but it was. He leaned in closer and whispered,

" I think you will be a good girl and follow my rules though, Right?”

I got a glimpse of a tongue ring and my mind went to kissing him. I bit my bottom lip. He caught on leaned in and claiming my lips. First, it was soft and slow but then got faster and greedy. I forgot my plate of food and my hunger.

His lip ring grazing my mouth, this was the first time I have made out with a guy with piercings. I wonder what other piercings he has? Then reality hit me and I realized I was making out with a demon. I pushed him off of me and got up off the bed. I told him this cannot happen I motioned between us. He ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh and got up and walked towards the bedroom door.

"I don’t know how that happened, I can’t be with a Vampire." He said disgustedly.

“What?! You kissed me first, asshole.” I stormed into my bathroom slamming the door and locking it. How dare he look at me like I am disgusting?! He is the one that abducted me and wants to drink my blood.

Back in my room, I gazed at the lit up pool in the dark back gardens, it was calling out. Not had permission from Damian to adventure around the house but wanted to try the pool. At least he didn’t notice my near escape. My family was more important than me. Looking in the dresser and closet for a bikini but I had no luck finding one. Screw it, I am going to just go in my panties and bra, they match anyways. I took a towel from the closet in the bathroom and then dematerialized off my balcony.

Took form in front of the pool, staring off into its glowing lights. Inhaled to take in the fragrance of the bloomed flowers. Now I was out here I was having second thoughts about what I was wearing, it was not a bikini. Oh well, own it, no going back now. I thought to myself. I put my towel on a lounge chair sitting close by and walked into the cool water. It was that time of summer when the pool felt perfect and not like stepping into ice water.

l swam under the water to the other side. I floated to the middle of the deep end and was looking up at the stars and watching the wind blow at the leaves in the trees.

“What a peaceful night.”

I thought aloud.

“Yes, it is.”

I jumped at the startling voice that cut through the silence.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Not that long.” Smirked Damian.

“I hope it’s okay I am in here, I could not resist.”

“It’s okay.”

“I will order you a swimsuit for next time.” He said.

“That would be great.” I blushed.

“Good thing you decided to stay, it would have been a shame to go after your family.”

“That’s why I stayed.”

Is it weird I am more at home here, with the Sitri’s? I am still a vampire princess back in my world but I am treated better and more respected, as a Queen in this realm. Its stock home syndrome and I am adjusting. My ladies were helping me out of my corset and dress to get me into the warm bathing waters. They followed me in, wading through the surrounding water.

Damian had requested that I had three ladies to help me around the castle. It was custom to them even though it’s old-fashioned. I am not gonna lie it has been nice having them around doting on my every need. I know I do not know them well yet but they are nice to talk to and I can see us becoming friends. The lady named Abigail lathered up a sponge and Cora leaned my head back to wet my hair. Then massaged in lavender shampoo.

When I got back to my room I noticed a dark shadow standing in the back corner. He stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to me.

"You look familiar, who are you?" I asked.

" Abel, I am one of your Royal guards; you lost your memory of me after your head injury. I know they told you were in a motorcycle accident but they did not tell you it was on the back of my motorcycle. Somebody had pulled out in front of us, speeding at the time I did not have enough time to stop. I had forgotten my helmet and so you were not wearing it. I only got road burn, and you got the worst of it."

"Your father was so mad that when we found out you lost your memory of me he ordered I to stay away and never tell you about us, and if I ever did, never be a Royal guard or see you again. The thought of never seeing you again tore me apart. At least this way I can be around and keep you safe from a distance. I vowed to myself nothing will happen to you ever again."


"We are not allowed to be together, but we were."


"I think I had a dream of us."

"That makes sense, maybe your memories are trying to come back."

"Yeah, Maybe."

I look into her eyes, I have missed her. Seeing her from a distance is not the same as standing this close looking into her eyes, they looked more gray right now. I loved how her hazel eyes changed colors. We can talk later babe, we need to get out of here. I took her by the hand and lead her through the woods. Her other Royal guards were surrounding us for protection while in the demonic realm.

We can not dematerialize because of a spell placed a long time ago. We have to make it to the other side of the woods where the portal is that we can get out of here. With every little sound, we jumped and pointed our guns in that direction, so far no demons. We are loaded with weapons but if we got ambushed by a bunch of demons, they will outnumber us.

We were trying to be quiet and as fast as possible. We were jogging up a hill when I heard a voice from a distance. I stopped and held up my hand in a fist to show the other guards to stop too. I’m glad we learned silent body language in our training for times such as these. Motioning for everyone to get to the ground. Whispered to Annabelle to stay, and I crawled up to the top of the hill to get a good look.

There we two demons with guns looking around, I held up two fingers to the other guards. I stayed low and went back and whispered Annabelle, Felix stays here and Jax you come with me to take fight these guys. Annabelle reached over and placed her hand on top of mine and said,

"Be careful Abel." With worry in her eyes. I took her hand and brought it up to my lips for a soft kiss. Whispering,

"Don’t worry my love."

I released her hand and stood up and so did Felix I reached into my shoulder holster for my Glock and pulled it out, Jax had his out and ready. I motioned for him to follow me and we headed toward those demons. Walking over the other side of the hill they spotted us and fired. I rolled and took cover behind a tree and fired back, hitting one in the leg. He screamed in agony and then dragged himself behind a tree. The other demon ran over to help him.

“I’m sorry but I have to go back.” She said.


“He will come after my family.”

“Don’t, I will protect them.”

“I’m sorry, bye my love.”

She took off with lightning speed back to Damian’s Castle and I couldn’t go after her now that demons were coming for us.

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