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Chapter Thirteen

I am glad I pre-gamed before I left because I am feeling relaxed and confident right now. I love this club I used to go every weekend before I got too busy with my training. After paying for our cover we stopped to drop off our jackets at the coat check counter. I took my jacket off and then reached out to take Annabelle’s. I handed both our jackets off to the lady behind the counter. One of my favorite Combichrist songs,

"Get your body beat." Started to play.

I took her hand and lead her to the dance floor. She let go of my hand on the dance floor and looked at her guards. She looked surprised but intrigued and moved along with me to the music. I took a step towards her, put my arm around her waist and pulled her closing the distance between us. Our bodies rubbing up against each other while dancing.

Her breath sent tingles through my neck. She tall, but I’m taller. Her guards dancing close by in the crowd and looking to be enjoying themselves. They kept looking over at me surprised though. I must do a good job. I bet they expected my first day I’d be standing off but little did they know my pregame secret.

When the song ended, and another began she put her mouth up to my ear so I could hear her and said let’s go to the bar to get drinks. I nodded and put my arm around her and pushed her towards the bar. She was dance walking which was sexy, watching her hips sway back and forth. I motioned to the other guards we were heading to the bar. They nodded and continued dancing to the music but keeping their eyes on us.

I handed her my debit card as she ordered shots, I stood behind her with my hands planted on each side of her on the bar since it’s crowding and I wanted no one to even touch her by accident. I am supposed to protect her but why am I feeling this protective? She turned around in my arms holding a shot up to my face with an eager smile. I laughed.

"Babe, I can’t I am working."

She liked the endearment.

" I will not tell." She promised.

"They are not looking, they are busy with those girls."

I looked over my shoulder and she was right they are not looking at us. I took the shot out of her hand and drank it in one big gulp. Shaking my head at her, I said,

"You will get me in trouble little girl."

Since the guards too busy with girls I went in for a quick kiss. She jumped, pulled away and looked over at her guards and then she kissed me back. When we pulled away from the kiss, I turned and the guards still oblivious. I laughed,

" I can’t believe they still haven’t looked over here."

" They trust I’m in good hands." She smiled up at me.

I smiled back, and we locked eyes for a minute, I felt I wanted to stay with her forever. They said to be ready to die for the Princess.I had hoped that never happen but now I know she could be the death of me. One guard spoke behind me snapping me out of my trance and back to reality. I turned to face him,

"What?" I asked since It’s hard to hear him over the loud music.

"Nothing, I was checking in on you guys."

"We’re good, we will be back over soon."

She’s tucked in my side, the guard looked at her,

"Okay, we will be over there if you need us."

"Thanks, man," I said.

When he walked off we both laughed.

" I think we should try to hide this better," I said.

She looked annoyed but nodded.

" If it was my choice I’d have you in that dark corner making out with you but then I could not be your Royal Guard."

"You are right, I get it." She said while looking into the crowd.

"I am going to the restroom." I’ll be right back said, Annabelle.

"Okay, I will wait here for you." I followed her up to the girl’s room and waited right outside keeping guard.

I see the guards looking around for us, I got his attention and motioned to the bathroom door. He nodded and went back to flirting with a girl. I hope Annabelle isn’t upset, we need to be more careful with what’s between us. When she came out, more distant. She walked past me to the dance floor, so I followed in behind her.

She turned and danced to the song, Hallucination Generation by The Gruesome Twosome. I could tell she liked this song, she was moving her hips to it. Keeping a good distance between us, she had this smirk on her face. Raised her arms up above her head, moving her upper body along with her hips taunting me. She bit her bottom lip showing me she was thinking of my lips on hers.

She was mad but still wanted more. Every time I tried to get closer she inched back away from me. This tall guy with a blue mohawk got in between us dancing with her. She looked at me and danced up against him. I laughed it off and grabbed a slutty looking human and let her grind her body up against mine. Two can play at this game. She turned around and rubbed up against his crotch, took his hands and placed them on her hips.

I turned the slut around and put her up against me; I placed my hands right under her breasts and ascended upwards. Annabelle bent to the floor and came up grinding against the guy, spun around and scored his neck with her fangs. My fangs were descending from jealousy of her with him. Done with the game I dematerialized right to her grabbing her around the waist, holding her so she could not get away. I wasn’t worried the humans saw that over the flashing lights, most of them are on drugs.

"This is a dangerous game you are playing with me, little girl."

“Why do you care?”

"We have to hide our feelings."

I motioned between us. I took her hand and pulled her to the stage to show her my feelings and get out this frustration of seeing her with another guy. The song, This S*it will fuck You Up by Combichrist played. I went to the back of the stage were a platform bench wrapped around it. It hid in the shadows, I picked her up, bringing her legs around my hips and sat with her on the bench. I grabbed the back of her neck and brought her lips to mine. I kissed her hungrily wrapping my arms around her. After a while, we stepped off the stage and out of the shadows making our way through the crowd to the restrooms. While I waited outside for her, one of her guards approached me.

"Where the hell have you two been?"

"She wanted to sit, so we were just sitting on the stage and listening to the music."

"Well, I don’t like the way you are behaving with her, you’re her Royal guard, not her boyfriend."

"Focused on what’s around her."

"What do you mean, I am doing what Jareth requested?"

He wants me to get on her good side. To make myself appealing to her."

He glared at me,

"I am watching you."

He looked past me.

"Annabelle, it’s almost closing time."

She was coming out of the bathroom.

" Did I miss the last call?"

"They are still serving, you should hurry though."

She nodded and hurried off to the bar to get one last drink.

I stayed back and let him go with her. She came back with a red girly mixed drink, vodka, and cranberry. We went over to Black round tables with barstools by the dance floor. I followed her over to one pulling her chair out for her. She sat with her drink and I could tell she was trying to drink fast.

I leaned over to her and said you still have plenty of time to finish your drink. I didn’t want her making herself sick. She looked to her guards and pushed her drink across the table towards me. Saying help me drink this. I took it and drank it for her. That’s horrible, Vodka with a hint of cranberry. I made a disgusted face and said,

" That is strong."

" I know, why I wanted your help to drink it."

She slid the drink back to her and took another sip, mimicking the face I had made.

The last song of the night played, " Nightcall," by Kavinsky. She finished her drink and hopped off the bar stool,

" Let’s dance."

I got off my bar stool and followed her to a spot on the dance floor. She put her arms up around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She singed into my ear while we were both moving together to the music. We both listen to the same music and weird I have never run into her here. Guess things happen the way they do for a reason. I needed to focus on my training or never of been a Royal Guard.

Rested my chin on her head bringing her closer. Closed my eyes, swaying to the music, her body swaying with mine. Once the song was over, we got off the dance floor and headed to the coat check. I gave the lady my name, and she handed me our jackets. I helped her into her’s before grabbing mine. We waited by the front for her guards to get their jackets. Then we exited the club together.

I asked Annabelle what they did after the club because I wanted to take her to this restaurant I go after the club closes. They had the best food. The best thing to order is the cheesecake milkshake, they put a whole piece of cheesecake in it. She said, they stop for fast food on the way home but she wanted to try the restaurant. Since it was right around the corner we decided to just walk there. Hung back behind Annabelle and the guards were in front. Reached out and grabbed her hand, slowing her pace to match mine. Kissed her on the cheek and she smiled up at me.

"How are you?"

Knowing the last drink she had was strong.

"I’m fine."


All I wanted was to pull her into my arms but the King can not find out about us, we have to be more careful.

A waiter came to our table, She ordered a cheeseburger with fries and the milkshake as I suggested; I ended up ordering the same thing. She reached under the table and put her hand on my thigh. I pushed it away and stood up to go to the mens room and when I got back our drinks and milkshakes were there. Annabelle looked at me then away. She didn’t understand why I walked off, and I could not explain right now. I saw her take a sip of her milkshake and made a surprised expression.

“You can taste the cheesecake.”

"Thank you, I am glad you told me to try this."

"No problem, glad you tried it."

I smiled over at her and grabbed my cheeseburger and took a bite.

Been a while, I missed this place. I brought my hand to her thigh and squeezed to get her attention. She brought her hand to mine. We held hands for a while under the table and the uncomfortable tension between us melted away.

Once we ate ,and the waiter brought over the check instead of it getting confusing I took my card and placed it on the check and said, “I got it.” As we got up to leave, everyone used the bathroom before we headed to the mansion.

I thought Annabelle go to the ladies room but instead, she stayed behind at the table with me.

" I want a chance to be alone with you, without the guards." She said.

" I do to babe, we will have to figure something out later."

Wrapping my arms around her bringing her close. We kissed one last time before the guards came back. The walk back to the club parking lot we held hands and kept taking glances at each other. Jax kept looking back at us with an unapproving look. Why was he so focused on us, the other guards trusted me with her? I guess they did not care unless she’s safe. Maybe he has a thing for her, jealousy explains everything. I wonder If they have ever been together? He is the youngest guard and not hideous. Girls were flirting with him at the club and he stayed focused on me and Annabelle. I should look into that.

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