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Chapter Twelve

Blake walked over to the bar and grabbed glasses for them then they both got in the hot tub with me and made their drinkings. Abel was sitting next to me, closer than he needed to. I am trying so hard not to look over at him because that would be very obvious.

“This is nice,” Blake said smiling over at me.

“Yes, it is.” I smiled back.

We held each other’s gaze for what seemed like an eternity until Blake cleared his throat and asked if we want to go in the pool to cool off.

“No, I’m fine.” Abel laughed.

“Well, I am getting overheated so I am going to jump in the pool for a minute.”

“Okay, but it will be ice cold.”

“Only for a second, you wuss.” Blake teased

"Well I have to get my workout in, I’ll catch up with you later, Blake," Abel said while climbing out of the hot tub.

"It was fun hanging out with you Annabelle."

"You too." I smiled.

Abel was in the gym hitting the punching bag, something was on his mind that he was trying to get rid of. I cannot be into Annabelle if I want to be a the Royal Guard. Suddenly my friend Jax who was also in the training program walked in interrupting my train of thought. He was a tall SOB with blonde, shaggy hair and green eyes.

“The king wants to see you in his study, I bet it’s for a promotion.”

“I’m not even done with the training program.”

“You are head of our class, you’re a beast.”

Annabelle knew she was to meet her father in his study before she left the mansion to go to the club with her brother Eli. She suspected what he needed to talk to her about since he caught us sneaking out the other night unaccompanied by guards. I wonder if he is going to let us go out at all tonight. That was a stupid Idea but I want to be like other young people and not have to explain why my brother and I have 2 huge older men with us at all times, hanging out in the background. We are royal vampires, not celebs.

I asked my father if we could be trained to protect ourselves and carry weapons so we can have freedom. Father said that isn’t a bad idea to be trained to protect ourselves and would make him feel better if we could carry weapons and knew how to use them. The knock on the door pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Hey, you ready to go?” Asked Eli.

“Yes, but father wants to see us in his study before we leave.”

“Damn, well let’s get this over with.”


Once in the king’s office, he told me of his plans to make me the princess’s royal guard. It’s a huge honor coming straight out of combat training. it is the seasoned vampires get those jobs. Prove you can handle any problem that arises. The training for Royal level guard is rigorous. The king said I was the top of my class and he needed a younger Royal guard to keep up with his daughter. To blend while she is with friends.

"She gets away from guards, to blend with other young people. You will work alongside her Royal Guards for extra protection. Befriend her so she will won’t think of ditching you. This is a very important job and I expect you to be diligent. My daughter, the princess will be in your hands. It is your job to protect her. Have I made myself crystal, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay good, she always goes out to club nocturnal on Fridays so you need to go get ready. Meet the Princess and her guards in the foyer at 9 pm." He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out an iPhone 7. Handing it over he says, "your work phone, our phone numbers are in it."

"Okay thank you," I said, taking and putting the phone in my pocket before It drops from being so nervous. I will need a carry case so I do not break it.

"Go home now to change. You are not wearing that hoodie you always wear right? I hope you own a proper coat."

"Yes, I have another coat I can wear that is nicer." I laughed. As I walked towards the office door to leave, I turned and said: "Thank you again, I will not disappoint ." The King nodded in confirmation.

Out in the hall, I was walking on cloud 9, I could not believe I will be a Royal guard for the princess. She is so gorgeous but I can not go there if I wanted to keep my job. I hightailed it downstairs to the basement where the car garage was. I had to get home, change and meet the Princess and her Royal guard back here at the Royal Mansion. My apartment was not far but still hauled ass.

I came up with my bullet bike, grabbed my helmet, put it on and buckled my strap that secured under my chin. Grabbed my handlebars, swung my leg over the side. The purr of my bike sounded as I turned the ignition. Shoved it in gear and forward picking up speed as I left the garage. Racing along the street now trying to hurry and get to my apartment.

Don’t know why I didn’t wear my leather jacket out earlier, I am regretting it now. I wear my hoodie and leather jacket on bitter days such as this but I was running behind to my training class and did not want to be late so when I realized I forgot my leather jacket I had to leave it. Stopped in front of the gate of my apartments and entered the code, I liked them they were nice enough. Pulled up in front of my garage and then took my garage door opener out of my pocket and pressed it. Parked inside and then ascended the stairs that lead to the kitchen.

While I was in the kitchen, I noticed I forgot to take the trash out. I grabbed it and ran it to my garage. Once back inside I went to my room to get ready for my first night as a Royal Guard. I turned on my shower and for a minute relaxing under the hot spray before I soaped up, rinse and get out. A few minutes to throw on clothes. I hurried to my closet, grabbed a black long sleeve shirt and jeans. I pulled my shirt over my head and brushed the hair back out of my face.

Straightened my shirt and stepped into my pants, buttoning and zipping my fly. Sat on my bed to put on my socks, stepped into my combat boots and laced them. Got up and walked back into my bathroom to do my hair. Do little with my hair except run a brush through it and wet it so that my waves are not out of control. Brushed my teeth this morning but I want to be nice and fresh for the princess not saying we will make out but you never know.

Wonder if I will drink while we are at the club... A couple drinks will make me less awkward but I need to stay alerted and ready. Maybe I should pregame, take a couple shots here before I leave? Not wasted but more comfortable since I am not a social individual. Okay, settled; I am having two shots of gray goose and will pop gum in my mouth and head out. In the kitchen, I opened the freezer, took out a bottle of Grey Goose and got a shot glass out of the cabinet.

Setting the shot glass on the counter I poured a shot and threw it back, Oh the burn. Have not drank in a while; I’ve had this bottle freezing a while. I poured my second shot and threw that back. Should eat something before I go. Inside my pantry, I took out a protein bar unwrapping it and shoved it in my face and walked out my back door to the garage where I parked my bike.

Racing the windy roads trying to make better time. "Heathens," by the Twenty-One Pilots came on I heart radio through my earbuds. I love to haul ass to this song every time it comes on while I am riding my bike. As I pulled up to the mansion, the Princess and her royal guards were walking out to the garage. One guard laughed as I pulled up and said,

" I did not see you, you are a loud shadow with that black on black." I laughed while pulling my head out of the helmet.

" Yeah, I should have bought a red bike instead."

"People are always pulling out in front of me..." I said while rolling my eyes.

"Sorry I am late, I tried my best to hurry and get back here after training."

"Don’t worry, you made it in time."

"I don’t know if the King told you but my name is Jax and this is Felix.”

"We are princess Annabelle’s Royal guards and we will show you the ropes. You may not drink, even at a club. Have to stay alerted and ready for any problem that may arise. Protect Princess Annabelle with our lives. If someone tries to hurt her in any way we step in, even in the path of a bullet.”

" The princess laughed at that, shrugged it off and said,"Nobody will shoot at me, don’t worry."

I smiled at her.

"Well, if that ever happened, I will step in front of a bullet for you." The Princess blushed.

Got to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She had long strawberry blonde hair, hazels eyes, and legs for days. Was in a black leather jacket, tight, little black dress with red and black heels. Damn, I had not noticed she was staring right at me as I am checking her out. Clearing my throat I looked away and asked," are you guys ready to go? "

"Can I ride with you on your motorcycle?"

I looked at her, then her guards.

" I guess if she can wear your helmet."

"Okay," I said, motioning to her to come to the bike.

I placed my helmet on her head and tilted her chin up to fasten the buckle and while she is staring me straight in the eyes... I swallowed the lump in my throat, what is this girl doing to me? Her eyes squinted as if she smiled at me under the helmet so I smiled back at her. I told her to climb on and be careful with the exhaust pipe by her foot because it gets blistering hot. She looked at the bike and nodded,

"Okay." Grabbing onto my shoulder she swung her leg over and got on behind me.

The guards got into their SUV and drove off with us trailing right behind them. She wrapped her arms around me tight and was looking over my shoulder. I could see her looking at me through the corner of my eye. It was a bitter night, and she had no gloves. She shivered, so I took one of my hands and placed it over hers to warm them.

She tensed up from the contact of our hands she was nervous but then she released the tension and did not mind. I was nervous and driving the speed limit, with her. (Have been in close calls because of dumb people.) Once we pulled up to the club, I parked in one of the motorcycle parking spots in the front of the building. I told her to get off first. Once she hopped off, I kicked the kickstand with the tip of my boot and leaned the bike onto it.

I turned to her to help her with taking off the helmet. I unbuckled the strap and slid the helmet off her head. She ran her fingers through her hair to fix it. I laughed and said your fine you do not have helmet hair. She laughed batting her eyes and said thanks. I took her by the hand and lead her inside the club, stopping at the bouncer to show Id. I paid to cover for the both of us. Looking behind to make sure her guards were next in line behind us, They were looking at us weird.

"Don’t have to hold her hand."

"I know but the closer I am to her the safer she is." I looked at her and said, "Besides she is not protesting against it."

"Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No, you’re right." She said.

"It is safer to keep me close." She blushed and looked away trying to hide it from me.

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