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Chapter Three

Once we got home I went to my room to start on my homework, I took everything out of my backpack and put it on my desk. I hate math so I am saving that for last. I did my English homework first since it was the easiest for me. When I was finished with all my homework I got started on my laundry with my sister and brother. I really hated doing my own laundry, it’s not fair everyone else has parents that do it for them until they go off to college and even then still do it sometimes for them when they come home on breaks. My dad just wants to make sure we turn out to be good roommates when we are older.

After the laundry was done we made spaghetti and sat around the dining room table. Dad asked my brother and sister about their first day at school. They both took turns talking about their first day at the new school and how they had a great day and made lots of new friends. I told my brother and sister about my day and making a new friend and going to her house after school and meeting her family.

We all sat on the couch in front of the TV after dinner and watched the Simpsons. That was my dad’s favorite show to watch with us. When the show was over we all said goodnight and went to our rooms. I set my alarm, changed into my pj’s and climbed carefully into my new, black, leather waterbed.

The next morning I woke up to my blaring alarm and put on the clothes I got from my new friend, Nichole. My dad was already up making Omelets for our breakfast. My brother and sister came to the dining room table and we all sat down together for breakfast. My dad brought over our omelets and then glasses and orange juice. After we were done eating we went to brush our teeth and finish getting ready. I put all my homework back in my backpack.

On the way out the door for the bus dad gave us lunch money and told us to have a good day and that he loves us. We said our goodbyes and love you’s back and then left the apartment. We are all a year apart but since I am the oldest I’m in charge and they followed me to the front of the apartments to the bus stop. My sister Kaylee asked me why I was dressed like that.

“Shut up, I look cool.”

“Okay, I kind of like it.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” I smiled back at her.

“Come on Troy!” I yelled back to my brother to get him to stop dragging his feet and catch up with us. He snapped out of it and started walking faster. The bus pulled up in front of us and we all got on with the other kids waiting. I sat in a middle seat by the window, I liked looking out the window on the way to school.

As I was getting off the bus I saw Nichole waiting on a bench in front of the school so I went up to her in case it was for me. She greeted me and said good morning, it’s never a good morning to me though since I am not a morning person. She is wide awake like she drank coffee before leaving her house. I wish my dad would let me have coffee, sometimes I sneak sips from his cup. My dad makes good coffee and he puts lots of sugar and hazelnut creamer.

She brought me in for a hug and whispered, “Don’t tell anyone about me being a witch.”

“Okay,” I whispered back.

“Thanks.” She smiled.

I nodded and then we both walked inside for school. We were walking down the hall towards the lunch room for breakfast when we passed a hot gothic guy I hadn’t met yet.

“He is looking at you.” She teased.

I smiled at him nervously, “He is not.” I laughed.

“ How do you explain him smiling at you now?”

“He is hot.”

“You should go talk to him, Anna.”

“No!” I laughed.

She laughed it off and decided to let it go for now. I wonder if she knows who he is? They dress the same and probably run in the same circles. He was a tall guy with blonde hair and blue eyes and I have always been a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes. She didn’t say what his name was so she probably doesn’t know him.

She said how she needs to get breakfast to go save a spot for her before it gets too crowded.

“Okay, I’ll be right back though, I am going to the vending machines.”


At the vending machine, I was trying to figure out what snack and soda I wanted. I couldn’t decide on a cinnamon bun or a pack of Ritz bits. I finally decided on the Ritz bits and a Gatorade. I heard someone walk up behind me so I grabbed my stuff and tried to hurry and get out of the way for the next person in line for the vending machine.

I turned around and there he was that same guy that smiled at me earlier.

“Hey, are you new here?” He asked.

“ Yeah, my name is Annabelle.”

“It’s nice to meet you, my name is Trent.”

“Where did you move from?”

“Wichita Falls, but I was born here.”

The warning bell rang for the first period.

“I have to get to class, I’ll see you around.” He smiled.

“ Okay, see you later.” I smiled back and watched as he walked off towards his first-period class.

He seems really nice and I love his name it was cool. I hurried back to the lunch tables to find Nichole and luckily she wasn’t mad that I took so long and didn’t save her a seat. She was beaming up at me with this devious smile on her face.

“So, what did you two talk about?”

“It was nothing, he just asked if I was new and introduced himself.”

“He likes you.”

“No, he was just being nice.”

“Whatever, he is so into you.”

I laughed it off and sat next to her and opened my crackers.

“We need to get going to not be late for class.”

“We have plenty of time.”

I looked around nervously, watching all the other students piling out of the lunch room, we were almost the only people still eating. Finally, she was done eating and throwing away her trash. We both walked out of the lunchroom and down the hall, our classes were not together but across from each other.

“Bye, see you after class.”

“Okay, bye.”

The second after I walked into my class the bell rang, that was a close one. If you are late they shut the door and tell you to go to the principles office. I sat at my desk and put my backpack down under my chair. I liked History but hated having it for the first class of the day. I’m always too tired to enjoy it.

I was fighting to keep my head up and eyes open or the teacher will call me out and embarrass me in front of the whole class. That has happened to me before and I make it a point to not go through that again. That’s why I try and steal a few sips of my dads coffee before school but I didn’t get the chance to do it this morning, I think he is catching on. The one thing I like about being forced to go to church every Sunday is that I can sneak a coffee while in the “bathroom.” I always ask my dad if I can use the restroom in the middle of service for an excuse to leave.

We were working out of our history books, we had this worksheet with questions we had to read to find the answers to. I didn’t mind doing this work, it was mainly busy work. The answers were easy to find and I think reading about our history is interesting. I was hungry so I took a handle of my Ritz mini crackers and munched on them while I was reading, I was already starting to think about lunch and what I would get.

I started thinking about Nichole and her being a witch, I want to believe magic exists but I need more proof. Those candles could have been some sort of trick candles she got out of a Halloween store. If magic does exist though I wonder if anyone can perform spells and use magic without being born a witch. If she is a real witch like on Charmed she will probably have a spell book.

It makes me wonder about all the myths now and what may actually be real? I have always been fascinated with vampires, that would be cool if those are real. That boy Trent kind of reminds me of a vampire, pale and has those sharp canine teeth but I also have those and I am not one. He definitely has the vampire goth look down to a science. He didn’t seem to notice me before this morning, it was probably because I am in the Gothic clothes I borrowed last night from Nichole.

My teacher Mrs. Miller walked to the front of the class to get our attention.

“Your homework assignment is written on the board don’t forget to write it down in your agenda, everyone have a good day.”

Everybody started gathering their things together and putting everything away in their backpacks since any minute now the bell was going to ring.

I wait until the bell to pack my things up to not be rude to the teacher, it makes you seem like you don’t care about what she is talking about. I guess I am the only one who things of things like that or cares enough about it. After the bell rang I started packing up my backpack and waved by to the teacher on the way out.

“Bye, have a good day Mrs. Miller.”

“Thanks hun, you too.”

“Thanks.” I smiled.

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