Chapter 1

My name is Cory Potts and I’m a serial killer. I’m currently on a greyhound bus that’s bound for Trenton, New Jersey and I’m fleeing from the small town of Lynn, New York the only home that I have ever knew. That’s me, the blonde girl with the ends of my hair dyed black sitting by the window. I know what you’re thinking but I’m not a gothic chick or an emo that’s pretending to be a tortured soul. My hair is dyed like this to remind myself that my tortured soul is real and I’m hiding a monster inside of me. When I look out this bus window beside me I see a cold world, I lost my mother several weeks ago and my older sister the year before. Cory then turns her glances to the sleeping teenage boy on the other side of her by the aisle and she finds herself feeling envoy toward him. I wish that I could find rest like that, I’ve been up for a little over 24 hours now and I still can’t find sleep, but Last night I almost did permanently when I put a loaded gun to my head and almost pull the trigger. The only thing that stopped me was that my boyfriend the sleeping boy beside me, his name is Timmy. He told me the only words that would stop me from taking my own life. My boyfriend Timmy Winters told me that he loved me. To be honest with you and myself, I really didn’t want to die and now I’m going to kind of repeat myself but there is a darkness inside of me that needs to be stopped at all cost, last night I saw the true monster that the darkness inside pushes me to be. Your right I have been jumping the gun on my story a little and getting ahead of myself so let’s start from the beginning as long as we both can make a promise to each other. I promise you that I will give you the short and simple version and you promise me in return that you will try to keep up. It all started several weeks ago when I lost my mother, she had been terribly ill for a little over a year and some folk from my hometown believed it was because she blamed herself for my sister’s death a year earlier. For a long time, people thought my sister’s death was an accident but it turned out that our uncle Bucky was Secretly having an affair with my older sister and he pushed her down a flight of stairs after an argument causing her to break her neck. I recently found out that the same uncle was also responsible for killing my mother. The day after my mother’s murder I was tortured and raped by a serial killer the media called the gas station killer. His real name was Jason Grey and he already claimed the lives of 12 women in the state of New York. Even though a part of me desperately wanted to die that night I was attacked by Jason Grey I somehow managed to turn the tables on him and I killed mine would be killer. I stabbed him in the neck with a big piece of glass while he raped me. Even though he was already slowly bleeding out from the fatal neck wound I have gave him. He looked over at me with this sick bloody smile on his face that was a fucked-up reminder that he took my virginity from me and I have been saving myself for someone else. something inside of me snapped so I took a fireman ax off the wall and buried It deep into the back of his head. The bastard may of took my innocence from me but in death he somehow replaced that innocence with a numbing darkness that flooded in my soul. Now here where things get complicated because after the attack I convince the town Sheriff Randy Winters who is Timmy’s father to keep my identity a secret because I was ashamed about what happened to me. Being raped and all, I even managed to muster up some tears. The truth was I question if my actions when beyond self-defense or was just pure simple murder. It was shortly after that when I had my mental break down and I locked myself in my room away from the world for six weeks to lick my wounds, but as it turns out that death itself couldn’t stop the destiny between the gas station killer Jason Grey and myself. Jason Grey become this ghost that seems to haunt me and appear at the most inconvenient times like an unwanted passenger or a damming alter ego. Jason Grey has this God complex when he was in the world of the living that only seem to get worst after his death. When I finally came out of my isolation 6 weeks later I was no longer the sweet innocent girl I once was. I become this promiscuous vessel full of violence and even though I tried very hard to get my life back on the right track. I soon learned that fate can be a real bitch sometimes because Jason Grey had siblings that was just as fucked up as him and they wanted revenge on there brother’s killer. The Grey siblings were a crazy family of murderous Psychopaths and the evening they came for there revenge it was the bloodiest night in my small home town’s history. I told myself I was forced to killed them all and it was just a simple matter of self-defense but the Grey family’s blood wasn’t the only blood on my hands from that night. I also killed everyone that night that ever seriously wronged me in my life. Including my uncle Bucky who killed my mother and sister. I knew the others that I have killed may have not been decent people but I ask myself if they all deserved to die. To be fully honest with you I got so caught up in the moment of killing them that I may of enjoy it to must to even care. That was last night and my body feels like hell right now because I battled for my life to survival the Grey family and to be the sole survivor. My ribs are hurting badly because there probably fractured and I can tell you that I don’t need a doctor to tell me that I have a concussion or some other type of head injury. One thing you need to keep in mind Before you pass on any kind of judgment about me, I didn’t ask for any of this. I’m just a small-town girl looking for a fresh start. Cory puts on her headphones and hits play on the CD player as she rests her hurt head against the wet cool glass window of the greyhound bus and it felt so soothing to her. Seether’s Fine again begins blasting a crossed the speakers of her headphones. The only thing that would make this moment more relaxing would be a lit Marlboro cigarette between her lips.

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