Chapter One

He is coming at me fast. I have little time to react. He hits me hard sending searing pain through my cheek. I hit the ground, lights out. I come to and he is standing over me with a knife. My eyes search around for my brother Eli. He is laying in a puddle of blood not moving. This must be a dream. This is not happening. We are both going to die right here in this dark alley; they outnumber us. One demon was standing over me getting ready to strike and three others surrounding my brother.

As soon as our new reality was sinking in a knife flew hitting the demon standing over me, he looked in shock at the knife protruding from his chest. He pulled it out and collapsed to the ground and dematerialized away. I saw a figure step out of the cloak of shadows. He took another throwing knife out of his black leather jacket. Threw it and struck one standing around my brother in between the eyes.

As the other two rush towards him, he positioned himself for a fight. He moved so fast it was a blur. Fists flying, kicks and lots of blood. I heard screams of agony and bones breaking. He is head to toe in black demon blood and didn’t have a mark on him. He turned away from me and walked over to my brother and knelt. Checked on Elie and straightened.

"I am sorry I let this happen."

What is going on, who is he? This is not real. I will wake up cozy in my bed and this will be a nightmare. My brother is not dead.

"You are in shock Annabelle." He said.

I need to get you both out of here, he scooped me up into his muscular arms. They were comforting with the chaos. One second we were in the dark alley then we dematerialized in front of the gates to the mansion my family and I lived in. I did not realize I had been standing there staring at the gates until he put his hand on my shoulder.

He told me I should go inside for safety he will tell my father what happened. He showed his face to the camera, and the gates slid to the side. I looked over at him in bewilderment, how have I never seen him before? Very Few have access. I walked through the front door and straight to my room.

When I shut my bedroom door behind me it all sank in. I fell to the floor shaking, sobs escaping my body. It happened so fast, on our way out to Club nocturnal when we ran into the demons in the alley behind the club. It was late so not many club goers standing around outside. At first, two demons. I thought, not ideal but Eli and I can take them.

As we both positioned for a fight two more demons stepped out of the shadows behind them. One had a menacing smile on his face. That is when I got nervous that smile sent shivers through my spine. I reached for my dagger and fumbled with the clasp as I was trying to pull it out of my ankle holster. Dread washed over me as the demon got closer and closer. I stumbled back a few steps. The clasp gave way. I brought the knife out in front of me pointing right at him.

"Do you know how to use that?" The demon said.

"Think it’s straightforward."

He lunged at me and I sideswiped him. Sliced him right open, I saw the demon wince in pain and grab his side. To my surprise, he laughed.

"I underestimated you, little vampire."
"My name is Annabelle."
A tall dark and handsome vampire stepped out of the shadows stabbing the demon in the chest. Who knew demons dematerialize as vampires? That demon must be strong if he dematerialized while injured.
He was handsome with that long brown hair, honey brown eyes and that cocky smile of his. What the hell am I thinking? He is my sworn enemy, I don’t need to be having these thoughts. I should have told, father, we were going to Nocturnal. Sometimes we want to be normal with no bodyguards on our heels. Being of Royal blood makes us a target for demons, they hunt us for sport. They get higher rankings for killing royals.

If we had arrived earlier, we could have blended into the crowd. Father will be so mad when he finds out we snuck off without guards. Rising from the floor I started for my bathroom, I am sure I am sporting raccoon eyes right now.

At the sink, looking in the mirror I was right I had eyeliner everywhere. I took a washcloth and a dab of soap and cleaned up the black smear marks off my face. Grabbed a hair tie out of the drawer and put my hair up into a messy bun. Prodding the red mark that Demon left on my cheek. It was sore but and swollen. I took concealer out of my makeup bag and covered the mark.

Father knows what happened but I still need to hide it. Walked out of my bathroom over to my closet. Figured I should change out of my clubbing clothes.

As Abel closed the door to the King’s office guilt washed over him. How could I let this happen? It’s Friday, I should assume they go out to club nocturnal. I get a message from one of their guards if they are going out.
I always dematerialize to the club and watch them enter. Even though they got guards, the king still hired me to keep an eye on them. He thought as they got older that they might try to ditch the guards. I never got the text, so I figured they were staying at the mansion. I should have gone to the club just in case. I felt too restless to sleep, I could not keep replaying what happened in my head.

Months Later....

As I got into bed and turned on the tv to catch up on walking dead, I got the phone call that Annabelle and her royal guard was under attack and needed back up. I shot up out of bed, put my pants and shoes on and dematerialized to the alley behind the club. I wanted no humans seeing me appear.

I stepped out of the shadows and reached for my blade throwing it at the demon lunging at Annabelle. I got him in the arm but he grabbed her and flipped her around to stand in front of his body for protection. He had her in a chokehold and a blade to her face; she looked up at me with terror in her eyes, pleading for help. I recognized him, It’s the same demon that got away last time.

"Let her go or I will rip you to pieces."

He gave me a menacing smile and dematerialized taking Annabelle with him.

"Shit! "

He is taking her to his demonic realm. I went over to Eli to check on him and he was unconscious but breathing. I picked him up and slung him over my shoulder.

When I picture him, I still think of him as a young vampire but he has grown. He will kick demon’s asses once he is out of training. The SOB is as big as me. That is the Royal blood in him running through his veins. His dad, the King is a big SOB too. I made sure there were no humans and dematerialized back to the mansion.

While in front of the gates that protected the mansion I walked up and put my face in the camera the gates creaked open. I could see the Annabelle and Eli’s Royal guards rushing toward us. They grabbed Eli one had his arms, and the other had his feet. They asked me where Annabelle was and I told them how the Demon that was fighting her when I arrived at the scene abducted her. I told them how I suspect he took her to the demonic realm.

"We have to go alert the King at once!" One guard said.

I told them to take Eli to medical and I will go tell the king what happened. They rushed into the house with Eli and I headed towards the king’s office. Once there, I told him how the twins sneaked out without their guards and when alerted I dematerialized to the club and found Eli unconscious in a puddle of blood, Annabelle in a standoff with a demon. He stood up to full height and walked towards me.

" He took her."

“How could you let this happen?”

“You should have known, they go to that club every weekend.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and headed back to his desk. Fell back into his chair and leaned forward to his bottom desk drawer where he keeps his boos. Skipped the glass and just went straight to drinking out of the bottle of Rum.

"Find my daughter."

"I Will, Sir, I will rip that demon to shreds."

The fireplace in his office was lit, and I stood by it to get warm. As I was staring at the mesmerizing flames, I couldn’t help but wonder what she was going through right now. That demon better not touch her or harm her in any way. She is sitting on a frigid concrete floor, chained, freezing and crying in his basement right now. I turned to the king,

"I will not stop until I find her."

He nodded and went back to his bottle of Rum.

" Find her and bring me the demon alive."

I nodded and left his office. I text Annabelle’s and Eli’s Royal guards and told them to meet me in the library. Soon after I arrived at the library, their guards showed. I took a seat behind the desk switching the lamp on and the other guards plopped into the chairs facing me.

“This is a search and rescue mission.”

“We will hunt and interrogate every last one of those bastards until we find Annabelle.”

“Do whatever it takes to get them talking.”

“The king wants the demon who took her brought back to him alive.”

“Yes, he wants revenge and we will give it to him.”

“The plan is to go back to where it happened, the alley by club Nocturnal.”

“First, we will scavenge the alley for clues to find her.”

“One of those SOB’s dropped something we can trace back to them.”

“Then we will interrogate every demon we hunt.”

“I think we should split up to cover more ground after the alley.”

“Call me if you get any information on Annabelle, do not track her by yourself after that point, we should meet back up and rescue her together so we will have a better chance of survival.”

“This can get dangerous.”

“So be careful, keep in contact and update your location with us as you move.”

"Okay," I said,

pushing myself away from the desk.

"Let’s gear up and go."

“We all will meet downstairs when ready.”

We piled out of the library and headed to our own rooms. Back in my room, I went straight to my shower and turned it on to the power-spray setting. I stripped and got in under the hot stream letting the hot water run over my tense shoulders for a minute. Soaped up, rinsed and got out. I only had 20 minutes until I had to meet the other guards downstairs. I hope they are ready. Grabbed a towel, dried my hair and wrapped it around my waist stepping out of the shower.

I watched as he took out my Royal guards; he was fast and deadly. I should run for my life right now but I could not pull my eyes away from him, he was handsome and those muscles. He walked towards me and I froze.

“Are you going to kill me now?”

“No, but you are coming with me.”

I took a step back, and he took a step closer with his eyes trained on mine.

“I am not going anywhere with you,” Crossing my arms over my chest.

He ran his fingers through his hair and gave me this sinister smile. He crossed the distance between us and scooped me up into his arms, taking off into the sky. At first, I struggled but the higher we got the less I tried to get away. He must be a dark angel, vampires mortal enemies now I can see his large black wings. The first time I encountered a dark angel, I thought I had seen a demon but later found out they are angels that got sent from Heaven by their creator for not following orders.

They are to live among the humans and protect them from us immortal creatures. The more of us they kill the better chance at being welcomed back through the golden gates. This one, in particular, was not awful to look at, built as a linebacker and with blue hair, bright blue eyes, and tons of tattoos. He did not have a shirt on and I am guessing hard to wear shirts with those wings out. He must have been out hunting when he ran into me and my Royal guard.

“If you’re not killing me, then what are you doing with me?”

He looked at me with that sinister smile again that sent shivers through my spine. I was silent the rest of the way, wondering where he was taking me? We are heading up the mountains, I can see an old house at the top. He landed in front of it and set me on my feet while he retracted his wings, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me inside with him.

“Do not run from me.”

“Why, what are you going to do?”

He took me by the hair, yanking my head back and an inch from my face he said,

“Do not test me, vampire.” Through gritted teeth.

My eyes watered from the pain, I bared my fangs.

He won’t get away with treating me this way. Released his grip on my hair and stepped away as I righted myself. Shoved me through the front door into the foyer. I caught my balance and shot him a glare; he smirked. A deep voice came from behind me.

“Why did you bring a vampire here?”

“I thought I could get information out of her.” The dark angel that took me replied.

“Now a vampire knows where we live?”

“It is fine I will not let her out of my sight.”

“I am a vampire princess, my royal guard will find me and kill you,” looking between the both of them.

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