Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on Inkshares! BUT... I have news!

For all of you who supported me during this first Nerdist Contest, I’ve had a busy writing run! I did a massive 5E Campaign called The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock, tons of Geek & Sundry and Nerdist articles, and working on the next books...


Today I bring different news:

My Sequel to THIS book: The Seventh Age: Dystopia is officially live and published!

For those who loved the first book, you can grab a copy RIGHT HERE!

And... if you would be so kind as to leave a review when you are done!

Don’t forget you can find me on the interwebs @crankybolt on Twitter and everywhere else. 


It’s been a full 1 year anniversary! So, time for a bloody damn hand-biting update. 

I’ve finished the first draft of the sequel! Pix Pl0x is 100% done and is going up on Amazon later this week (announcement on that soon) and I need more reviews on the original. 

If you’ve read the first book - Please go here and leave a review. 

Click Here!

In other news, now that I’m done with the 1st draft of book 2. I’m in the market for more awesome art. If you know anyone who wants to do some doodling so I can start building more awesome art like this Death Lords from the 7th Age!

But please please please - It’s review time guys. 

You’ll hear more in the coming weeks now that projects are finished and work on production begins in earnest. 

Thank you for everything in the past year!

It’s been a minute since you’ve had an update! I’ve got three things for you here!


Reviews - If you’ve read the book please click here and go leave a review. Amazon reviews are a thing that we need. 

Second! I’ve been writing for Geek & Sundry, and was able to be on a show to share my GM Tips. You can find the video here! (Trying the embed feature below, it may not work, so just click on the link)



Teaser Image.

It has been a minute hasn’t it!

I’ve been keeping the updates that hit your inbox sparse for a reason: I want everyone reading the book instead of updates. Don’t worry, I’ll hit you up for REVIEWS more in the future. I’m up to 30 now, and I’ll need to claw up to 100. So every person who feels like clicking on that and leaving one helps!

In other news. I’ll be at ACEN this weekend! If you are attending one of the largest Anime Cons in the nation, FIND ME! I’ll be buried in the bowels of Artist Alley selling souls and books. (souls are in limited quantity). 

And in my final Seventh Age news... I’ve been at work writing. Both writing for the Sequel, other projects, and 7th Age short stories that will come out at the end of the year. 

For now... here is a tease..

Picture Brian Fitzpatrick · Reader · added about 6 years ago
Done, sir!!  Nominated and locked in!  Good luck!

Hey everyone! I have news! Important News!

Every year, debut books and new books that JUST came out are eligible for awards! One of them, is easy to vote for, and has a huge impact!

If you think that the Seventh Age: Dawn is your favorite Apocalyptic Novel of the year, let the Dragon people know! There are a ton of categories so you can nominate your favorite stuff all over the spectrum. 

Click Here - to nominate things. You can fill out the entire thing, or only one, and even come back later and add stuff. It’s free. There are a ton of great writers and books to nominate, and it’s one of the bigger Sci-Fi Fantasy awards so even a nomination really matters!

Thank you so much for your time!

Hey everyone! It’s been a moment hasn’t it!? Well... I’ve got my Emerald City Comic Con brief notes ready to go!

We hit Seattle and got to the Comic Con!

Then Zac and I set up shop!

There was a significant amount of food and drinks in between with Andy Ainsworth (These Old Bones) and then our Seattle family went and explored neat stuff. 

The con was a success! Not only did we have a fantastic time, we also sold out

So, now I get ready for the next set of conventions: COD Con (In April) and ACEN (In May). If you are reading this and in Chicagoland area for these cons, let me know. 

As always, we are still questing for reviews on Amazon (Click Here) and Goodreads (Click Here) and Audible (Click Here). Please please please leave a review after you finish. It’s how little books get wings and go off to be bigger books. 

Finally. I took an online personality quiz and found out I’m a metal bender.


Hell fucking yes. 

Greetings everyone! It’s time for some quick... seriously bad-ass news. 

Okay; maybe not that bad-ass. It’s actually just an actual booth number for Emerald City Comic Con next week. 


So if you live in Seattle and want to meet up or happen to attend the con. Let me know. Metal and Drinks will commence. 

In other things. Reviews. The book has only come out a month ago from now, but in order for Amazon (or the internet) to functionally count it as an ACTUAL book... I’ve got to hit a certain threshold of reviews. (That’s 100 for those who count. I’ve got 10...) Even if you hated the book, that’s okay. Just... if you support the IDEA of authors writing books... take 5 minutes and leave a review on one of these platforms:

Audbile (For you Audio blokes out there): Click HERE

Amazon (For those who wish to feed into the belly of the beast): Click HERE

Goodreads (For those who are cunning enough to copy and paste a review from Amazon): Click HERE

As always, you can follow me or find me on Twitter @CrankyBolt and I’ll have additional written content for everyone in a few months. I’ve already got a short story about Akira done, but I’m waiting till more people finish the book before I get there. 

Do you guys think I should try a video update? Let me know. 


Welcome to February everyone! By now, hopefully everyone has gotten their books. Some of you, may have started reading by now. So I’ve come to bring you artwork;

This is an image of a hairless squirrel cat rodent rat demon thingy that steals tacos and eats pizza. His name is Sparkles. 

Say Hello. Brandwyn did this wonderful little critter, and is working on another demon that will be revealed later. You can find more of her artwork here. 

Now this brings us to reviews! If you’ve read the book (liked or disliked) I would very much appreciate it if you left me a review. Rankings, Algorithms, Search Engines, are all based on reaching bench-marks of reviews--so the more reviews I get, the better chances the book has out in the wild. 

Audible: (For those Audio Folks:): Click Here

Amazon: Click Here

GoodReads: Click Here

Barnes and Noble: Click Here

Pick your flavor of website. Hell, pick all of them if you really are feeling ambitious. 

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the support. The book is finally out! From here on out, I’ll be posting updates through here maybe once a month. Based on new artwork, con news, or other progress updates on the sequel. I’ve also got a short story about Akira I’ll be bringing out this year as well. 

Gah! ~Rick. 

What is this madness!! An update on Tuesday!!?

Why. Yes. It’s officially publication day!

Even the Audio Book is live today. It’s AWESOME! (might be biased). If Audiobooks are your jam, you can totally find it here: Seventh Age Audio Book

Also, if you can, please share that with other people who might like the Audio Book. 

In other news, on Launch Day I’ve got two great links! 

An amazing review of the book: Click Here

A feature article on Dread Central! Avalon over at Inkshares nailed the perfect place to feature the book. 

Just in case you DON’T have your book yet, and I know many of you still haven’t gotten them yet; (particularly super readers); You can always email Hello@Inkshares.com and double check that it was shipped. It should be any day now. 

So now... enjoy the read! Let me know what you think! I’ll be asking for reviews in a month or so. I’ll even do an entire update about the importance of them and why it’s critical that readers leave them. 

Otherwise.... maybe you can spot me, or the booth imp, at a con!

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