Rick Heinz's latest update for The Seventh Age: Dawn

Jan 17, 2017

What is this madness!! An update on Tuesday!!?

Why. Yes. It’s officially publication day!

Even the Audio Book is live today. It’s AWESOME! (might be biased). If Audiobooks are your jam, you can totally find it here: Seventh Age Audio Book

Also, if you can, please share that with other people who might like the Audio Book. 

In other news, on Launch Day I’ve got two great links! 

An amazing review of the book: Click Here

A feature article on Dread Central! Avalon over at Inkshares nailed the perfect place to feature the book. 

Just in case you DON’T have your book yet, and I know many of you still haven’t gotten them yet; (particularly super readers); You can always email Hello@Inkshares.com and double check that it was shipped. It should be any day now. 

So now... enjoy the read! Let me know what you think! I’ll be asking for reviews in a month or so. I’ll even do an entire update about the importance of them and why it’s critical that readers leave them. 

Otherwise.... maybe you can spot me, or the booth imp, at a con!