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Reader, gamer, enthusiastic applicant for whatever cybernetic limb-replacement program you have in mind. Author of "The Animal in Man."   See more at http://joseph-asphahani.squarespace.com
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Embark on an adventure that leads Maxan, a cunning fox, to uncover technological marvels and truths about his world that will forever change the fate of all species, be they animals, or mankind itself.
The animals once seen as allies are revealed as adversaries. Fragmented minds from beyond the horizon yearn for the control they lost. The story that began with swords and sorcery ends with a snake charging a plasma cannon.
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I've been on a Western kick lately. If you're even slightly intrigued by the genre, "Eldon Quint" is worth your time. And the writing is superb, no matter your interest.
In 1883, a man is hunted for the mistakes of his brother, while a servant girl attempts to flee her lecherous master. Through pain and hardship, their paths cross unexpectedly, hurtling them toward an uncertain future.
J. Danielle Dorn has something special going on in Devil's Call. Reminds me of a Hellboy-esque witchcraft western. Very badass.
Pregnant witch exacts revenge on the cowards who shot her man: a Western.
Follow this seriously engaging Draft that has a seriously good shot at the Launchpad contest! See for yourself why Robert Batten's work is worth your time.
The Blight changed everything, sweeping the globe, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction. The melior, with their immunity and fortified walls, stepped in to provide sanctuary. Now, the last of the human race are enslaved, but alive.
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