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Byron Gillan

Avid lover of all things geeky, animal enthusiast, hopeful writer.
Byron is the author of
The ancient gods are dead, and in their wake come the children of the forest. Set against the backdrop of a a fantastical land facing ecological collapse, a young warrior-princess and others must band together to save their world from imminent doom.
Equal parts Boardwalk Empire, Indiana Jones, and H.P. Lovecraft - Three unlikely heroes must band together to save their world from the evil lurking within the darkest places of another.
Books Byron Recommends
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Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it
Love the cover art and concept, will be ordering and following along!
Amateur thief learns she is heir to ancient and mysterious guild of thieves in modern, whimsical, action-packed adventure in modern Brazil.
I'm loving this!
The first book of The Second Earth Trilogy
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by Frank Herbert
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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