Beyond The Code

A 341-page fantasy book by Kelsey Rae Barthel
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Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it
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Beyond the Code immediately draws the reader in with an expertly written duel between two unknown 'knights'. By giving the reader a specific example of two people in this world we are given insight into a larger one, which is setting up to be an engaging book. The reader is treated to magic, honor between enemies, and the hint something much larger is at play. 
– Stephen Carignan
Rae is a master storyteller. Her detailed descriptions give the reader a real sense of place and the swift action and intelligent plot will keep readers glued to the pages of Beyond The Code.
– John Dennehy
About Beyond The Code

Hello There,

I’m Kelsey Barthel. I’m here basically to get my hard work out there and get as much feedback from as wide variety of readers as possible. If I’ve learned anything from a life long hobby of creative writing is that constructive criticism is a irreplaceable tool to make your work the best it can be.

Beyond the Code is about a group of warriors with extraordinary abilities breaking away from being mere tools of battle and becoming heroes. They must find the courage and drive to face off against the full force of The Order they once followed to right the wrongs against them and change their world for the better. They will face cruel masters, heart breaking betrayal, and the truth behind an ancient shroud of secrecy that will shatter the very perception of their purpose.

This story combines a covert shadow war, high paced action, deep seeded conspiracies, and remarkable super powers. So if you want to immerse yourself in the death defying mission of Aurora and her comrades give Beyond the Code a look over and tell me what you think.

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

The silver light of the full moon bathed the capital city of Lorne with its glow. At the late hour all was silent from the corporate warehouses to the massive corporate towers. All had long since retired to their homes to rest.

The sound of colliding metal suddenly echoed in the darkness, cutting through the silent night like a sharp knife. Again and again, the repeated clash of steel sang with a steady rhythm. A tall woman appeared from an alleyway. Her long raven black hair flowed gracefully down the center of her back from a high top knot. Her narrow, pale jade eyes showed the keen focus of a trained warrior. Her formfitting, black clothes conceal her ivory skin from sight, camouflaging her in the darkness. It’s obvious they were tailor made for stealth and flexibility. She holds a masterly crafted curved blade with a practiced ease, the folded steel glinting beautifully in the moon light. A pistol with the word “falcon” etched onto the barrel sat nestled in the holster strapped to her left leg. She jumped against the wall of the alleyway and propelled herself up towards the opposite wall repeatedly with the strength and agility unseen in a normal human. With a final leap, she landed on the roof top in a readied battle stance. She stood still as a statue, her body prepared and her senses alert. She searched the stillness for signs of her opponents approach.

Her attention was instantly caught by the whisper of muffled footsteps. She took a slight step to avoid her opponent’s blade as it plummeted down on her backside. She twirled in place, the weapon and her arm moved as one to strike in a wide arc at her attacker. He arched backward as her razor sharp blade cut clean through a stray lock of his long, golden hair. He snapped upright like a spring and swiped her sword away to clear his short retreat, his intense blue eyes still tracking her moves. The lock of hair floated smoothly to the ground, its color shimmered from its golden hue to jet black. The attacker gathered himself into a proud stance; the silver buckles of his black coat gleamed softly under the moonlight.

The woman sprung forward, her sword on a dead aim for her enemy. He steppedback and deflected her steel with a flick of his wrist. The woman recovered in a heartbeat and unleashed a flurry of swift attacks. The swords’ clash rippled through the still night air. Their battle flowed from strike to block like an elaborate dance, each movement connected to the next in a show of each warrior’s skill. The male opponent raised his sword high and forced it down on her. The woman threw herself backward, narrowly avoiding the hefty great sword and landed flat on her back with a rough thud. The male opponent seized the opportunity of her venerability and struck down at his fallen enemy. The woman rolled across the coarse concrete as the sword dug into the ground beside her. Tossing her legs up, she bounded into a backwards summersault and landed in a low battle stance.


Discuss Beyond The Code with the Author.

Greetings wonderful followers, 

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve have my nose to the grind stone, working hard to make Beyond the Code the best it can be. But even with how hectic this time of year can be and how hard I’ve been working I just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Merry Christmas or happy which ever winter holiday you celebrate. 

I know it’s been one hell of a year for everyone but it’s almost to a close so try and take some time to reflect of the good things that have happened and the great things we still have. 

I, for one am grateful that I got the chance to connect with all of you. Thank you all for the fantastic support you all have given me and I wish you all the best in the coming year. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel  


Hello there wonderful people, 

Things are going good and with the help of my amazing beta readers I am hard at work on some rewrites to make this book better. 

But that’s not what this update it about. My good friend Andre Brun in in the Inkshares horror contest and has fallen out of third place but not by much. He only needs 4 more readers to take back the hill. So please check out his super creepy book Acacia and help make his dream a reality.

Kelsey Rae Barthel 


*Crawls out of editing cave, hissing at the light*


Yes, I’m still technically alive. Haven’t fallen in a deep, dark hole or anything like that. I’ve just been a slave to the editing process and, of course, my day job. 

But I’ve decided to peek my head up from the abyss to send you all an update. 

First and foremost, Beyond the Code news. Editing has been going slower then I’d like but very well. Results from my wonderful beta readers have given me some ideas for rewrites of the story. These changes will give some of the characters actions more of a dramatic punch that I really think you’ll all enjoy. 

In other news, I will be taking my first try at pushing my book at a convention. I will be at the Edmonton Expo on Saturday. I will be handing out bookmarks to anyone who will take them to try and get the word of Beyond the Code out. I hope to see any of you there. 

I also want to take this opportunity to talk about Evan Graham’s book Tantalus Depths. It’s a really well thought out world that deserves full funding and it is very close. Please, if you have not already, take the time to check it out and consider backing this great project.

Thank you all for continuing to support this my dream and I hope I can give you a fully realised product sooner, rather then later. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel


Hello there wonderful followers, 

Sorry for the long time of radio silence. All my time have been devoted to going through the edits of my very, very, helpful beta readers and working hard at my new job. 

But things are trucking along well. I will be making an appearance at the Edmonton Expo so if any of you are visiting for the event (Princess Leia’s going to be there) come by and see me. I’ll have some more details later when we get everything organised. 

Thank you all so much for your continuing support and feedback. We’re shaping Beyond the Code into something special. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 


Greetings wonderful people! Long time no update.

Yes I’m still technically alive.No I haven’t fallen into some kind of crazy worm hole. I’ve just been editing up a storm. Busy busy busy! And now I think I’ve done all I can. Now I need your help. I want to get some beta readers to help really make this book shine. If you want to put your input into Beyond the Codes final product drop me a line with any of the following


Twitter: BTCInkshares

Or direct message on Inkshares or Facebook. 

In other news I was recently interviewed by Elan Samuel with the Warbler. Check it out.

Thanks so much for following my story and my dream this far. I hope I can soon give you all a date for the final product. Exciting!! 

Have a great weekend and I hope to hear from you. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel


Hello there wonderful people

The video where i answer some of your questions is ready and looking pretty spiffy. Check it out.

Special thanks to my good friend Sam Chen who brought out his super cool equipment and toiled over the footage to put this together. I hope you all like it and you’re not turned away by how awkward I am on film. 

Thank you all for continuing to follow me and don’t forget to pre-order Beyond the Code if you like my hard work. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel


Hello All, 

Just a quick update to tell you all that I will be making my follower question video this Saturday. So if anyone has any questions get them to me by email at or direct message me on Inkshares. Thank you all for following and supporting my dream. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Hello wonderful people, 

So in between editing like a mad woman and tossing around ideas for a new book cover I did something a little different. I set out a question to my followers whether or not they wanted me to make a video answering questions from them. I put up a poll and posted the question on Twitter and the votes are in. You guys want this video! Just as a fair warning, I have next to no stage presence.

With that well in place I need something from you guys, QUESTIONS! Your questions. You can send them to me through email at Or you can direct message me on Inkshares, or contact me on Twitter @BTCInkshares. 

Anything about me or Beyond the Code you’re curious about don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll try and answer all of them without revealing spoils.

I hope to hear from you. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel  


Good evening to all...unless you’re in another time zone then good whatever time for you. 

Things are going good ever since the campaign ended with Beyond the Code on the happy side of Quill. Set aside some quality rest time after the soul strengthening climb and now I’m back to work. I thought it would be prudent to give you guys a run down of what work I’m doing towards the book you all paid good money for. 

I don’t have any real set dates yet but I can give you a summery of my plan of attack. First of all the name of the game is EDIT EDIT EDIT!! I’m going to completely dedicate every free minute I have towards going through the book and using the advise I have received from the campaign to make this book the best I can. 

Second, and this brings me to a question of opinion for all of you, the subject of beta readers. I was thinking about selecting some volunteers to  be Beta readers for Beyond the Code. You may caught a plot hole I didn’t see or have an idea on something that would be totally awesome in the book. What is your opinion on this system. Email me at I’d love to hear from you. 

And third, once those things are taken care of I’m going to be giving the cover art a complete make over. I have some ideas for that but nothings concrete yet so I’ll keep them to myself until I figure out which ones are actually doable. 

That’s it for now. I’ll keep all you lovely people up to date on the happenings of Beyond the Code. A reminder to all you followers who haven’t pre-ordered yet, now that Beyond the Code is officially a thing you can get a physical copy for only $14.99. Cool beans. 

Thank you all soo much for following all this time and I will see you later. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel


Hello wonderful people, 

Just a quick update to say that a new shiney and revised chapter 5 is up for you to read. Hope you like it. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel