Kelsey Rae Barthel

A creative mind fuelled by coffee
Kelsey is the author of
Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it
Luna and Ranger are back in this exciting sequel full of new adventures, allies, enemies, and expansion of their world, both in and out of The Order.
Books Kelsey Recommends
Starts off with a wacky, unique style that is very enjoyable. I love tales that bring the mystical into modern life
American Faust follows three individuals’ lives spanning the tumultuous decades of the 20th century in a thrilling tale as each make a proverbial deal with the Devil with eternal consequences
A gritty, realistic look into the future. A down in the dirt portrayal of cyberpunk that takes no prisoners. Love it so far
A gamer, hated by everyone in a society hyper-focused on tech and pretentions to sociability, tries to figure out how to keep gaming when everyone wants him dead.
A wild start to an interesting story dripping with personality and charm.
A West Virginia woman must use her grandmother’s Appalachian folk magic to save her ex from an opioid overdose.
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