JF Dubeau

Unashamed optimist and a devourer of stories. Fueled by conjectures and caffeine.
JF is the author of
So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know.
Can our robot descendants avoid repeating the mistakes of humanity?
A century after the events of The Life Engineered, Capek civilization is once more brought to the brink...
Post human caste of psychics balancing their power and obligations towards normal humans. The balance is tipping.
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Hey guys, my friend Jayna Grace is trying to get her second book on Inkshares published. You should take a look at it.
Born a slave, bred a prince. The Slave Prince follows the tale of Thom, a mischievous teenage prince who discovers his lineage in the slave race. When the calling to be the chosen one arises, he relies on the power of a magical dagger to save his people.
This is a Staff Pick and selected in two syndicates and looks very interesting and promising. Hoping it gets funded.
Lucky was going home when she’s suddenly in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. Who can she trust when she doesn’t know anyone?
If you like what I do and you want to see more of it, consider ordering this little gem. 15 stories from the best Inkshares has to offer. Only a couple of days left!
Fifteen short stories across genres, time and realities connected by one theme: video games.
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