Michael Sebby
A great fantasy novel filled with great action sequences that blend guns with swords. What more do I need to say to convince you? Check this out and give it a pre-order!
Rebecca Getzinger
Think Batman, but with swords, codes of honor, a cinematic touch, and a surprise twist or two in every chapter that keeps you hooked.
Byron Gillan
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The prose here is excellent. So far I have only read the first chapter and looking forward to read some more.
Mike Donald
From the first glint of moonlight on a sword, to the flash of emerald eyes as a blade arcs through the air we know what we're in for...a battle to make our eyes water and a heroine to root for...outstanding storytelling!
Brian Fitzpatrick
You love urban sci-fi action, then grab BEYOND THE CODE from Kelsey Rae Barthel. She has delivered a fast-paced kick ass book! Check it out: https://www.inkshares.com/books/beyond-the-code?referral_code=c85c7a52
Joshua Griffith
I love this story so far. I love a good fantasy to lose myself in and this doesn't disappoint. I highly recommend this one!
Beautifully rich writing and a badass leading lady? Yes please! This first chapter is certainly worth a read!
Reader Writer
good read
Stephen Carignan
Beyond the Code immediately draws the reader in with an expertly written duel between two unknown 'knights'. By giving the reader a specific example of two people in this world we are given insight into a larger one, which is setting up to be an engaging book. The reader is treated to magic, honor between enemies, and the hint something much larger is at play.