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An avid reader, writer & Cherokee energy healer. I’ve self-published In a World of Darkness: The Yonuh Trilogy on Amazon! I love writing and having fun and it reflects in my work. Come enjoy my twisted world!        
Joshua is the author of
What would life be like being dead and the unending pain from being alive once again be like to experience? Trapped in his undead body, Rob can only watch the horrors he creates as "the hunger" controls him, while wishing for his second death.
An end of days fantasy where the Bible is misleading Christians and the Messiah is a fallen angel in disguise! Humanity is caught in the cross hairs of their twisted plot. Can a sorceress, a vampire, and a fighter with an unknown power stop them?
A little girl befriends a dragon as it fights the greed of the kingdom’s ruler for it’s treasure.
An end of days fantasy where the bible is misleading christians and the messiah is a fallen angel in disguise!
The Decaying Destiny of Rob the Zombie.The zombie apocalypse from a mouthy zombie’s point of view and being dead.
Books Joshua Recommends
Grey's anthology brings a subtle sense of foreboding that creeps up on you before you realize it as you become engrossed in his masterful tale-weaving talents. Perfect for those that love suspenseful stories such as "Who Goes There". I highly recommend it
My YA fantasy story is finally gone live. Come follow the tale of a little girl named Gwynn as she comes face to face with a brutish dragon as her home is being threatened to be taken from her and her mother by the greedy king of the realm. Check it out.
A little girl befriends a dragon as it fights the greed of the kingdom’s ruler for it’s treasure.
a great start to what is sure to be a great novel. a walled off America, government controlled citizens and in the mist of it all, Patricia Evans works under big bro'e eye as her curiosity of whats beyond the wall. I recommend this one
Sixty years after The Seclusion, in which America sealed itself off from the outside world, Patch Collins navigates the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state.
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