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Mike Donald

Screenwriter and published  novelist.
Mike is the author of
When the remains of Jack the Rippers first five victims turn up in a Louisiana swamp, an English detective and a local sheriff join forces to unravel the Rippers true identity...only to find themselves caught up in a modern day conspiracy.
Books Mike Recommends
A brilliant and intriguing opening to this follow on...from the initial appearance of our hero and the striking imagery of her work out we soon know she can handle herself as she sets off on her mission...what that is will only be known as we read more.
Luna and Ranger are back in this exciting sequel full of new adventures, allies, enemies, and expansion of their world, both in and out of The Order.
A great idea that looks at the blurred lines between gaming and the dark world behind it.
When the lines between virtual reality and real life blur, who’s the player and who’s the played? Beware the singularity.
Having destroyed the Blackburn dynasty, Chandler and Duke are looking forward to having time off with their respective partners; but when torsos start to surface in the canals of the medieval city of Bruges that soon ends!
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