Landon Trine

Writer of Science Fiction. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Landon is the author of
The first crewed mission to Mars starts off in 2031 with sabotage, but no one really knows why. The team of seven needs to work together to survive the unforgiving surface of Mars, but a lack of honesty threatens to tear them apart.
Eya is looking for the hidden worlds of humanity’s offspring. Most have turned their back to the stars, but not all.
First person retrospective from the first super AI, CARL. His desire to protect humanity instead puts it in jeopardy. The team that created him needs to stop him, or die trying.
Sequel to "First on Mars." Follows the expansion of settlements on Mars.
Books Landon Recommends
Looks like an interesting tale with starships and dragons. Also supports a great charity. Count me in!
When Damaus put his name in for the Traveler’s Cup he wasn’t expecting to be chosen.
I haven't recommended this yet? Oops. Staff pick and two syndicate picks can't be wrong. Check this one out.
Lucky was going home when she’s suddenly in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. Who can she trust when she doesn’t know anyone?
This is a unique story from a unique voice and speaks to the gamer in us all (oh, and there are dragons).
What started as a boss encounter for Maggie in the RPG Scales of Time: The Land of the Scorched ends up becoming an unusual adventure full of twists, turns, and dragons...lots of dragons.
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by Andy Weir
by Kim Stanley Robinson
by Kim Stanley Robinson
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