Hello Everyone, 

For anyone who has tried to use the Nominate function with Inkshares for Beyond the Masquerade and couldn’t find the button, I am in communication with them now to try and found out what’s the status of that. Will let you know if I find anything. 

Thank you to all of you who tried. I deeply appreciate your support. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Hello Everyone, 

So, there is a new feature on Inkshares.com that could give you a cost free method of letting the people at Inkshares know that you want this book in your hands. 

On every books page, beside the Share button is a new and fancy Nominate button. This function helps you give Inkshares more information on why you think this book is special and how much you want it to become a reality. 

It will bring up a small form asking questions like, how interesting is the story, how well written is the story, what other novels does it remind you of, and why you think it should be published.

So if you want to experience more adventures with Luna and the other Knights in the dangerous world of The Order, submit your nomination today! Thank you all soo much for your support. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Happy New Years Everyone!!

New year, new campaign. That’s right. I’m going into this campaign full tilt. We have a new, super cool book cover up on the page right now, made by my good friend, Shawna Ray. It’s beautiful and you should check it out.

And over the holiday, we reached 25 orders. As promised, I’ve posted Chapter Three to note the milestone. Give it a read if you’re eager for more adventures with the Knights.

Now time for the BIG announcement. I’m starting a CAMPAIGN RAFFLE CONTEST!! The prizes will be broken up into three tiers.

Tier One: Followers Prize : Beyond the Masquerade Tote Bag  - Draw will be made for every 50 followers.

Tier Two: Share and Recommendation Prize : Beyond the Masquerade Coffee Mug - Draw will be made for every 50 shares or recommendation. 

Tier Three: Pre-Order Prize : Beyond the Masquerade Blanket  - Draw will be made for every 50 pre-orders.

Pictures of the prizes and new cover will be posted on the Beyond the Code Facebook page and the winner of the first Followers prize will be posted later today. Cross your fingers.

Thank you all for following and good luck in the hopefully many contest draws to come.

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Hello everyone!

I have some fantastic news! Beyond the Masquerade has been named Decembers pick with the Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate. It’s such an honor to be recognized by this syndicate and the awesome women who run it.

But even though this was a big step up, we still have a long way to go, and in the new year, I’ll be making some changes to the campaign. Make sure to follow, share, and pre-order if you like what you see. Thank you all for your support. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel

The audio version of my appearance on Just Joshing. Check it out. We talk about Batman Beyond, my dreams as a writing, and the ups and downs of my experience from my first go at publishing. Give it a listen.


Greetings Wonderful Followers,

I was invited back onto the Alive After Reading Podcast. We talk about writing sequels, story structure. and my own sequel, Beyond the Masquerade. Click the link below and give it a listen.


If you haven’t yet followed Beyond the Masquerade, make sure to follow, comment, share, and pre-order if you like what you see. The campaign is going good but could use some love. If you want to read more adventures with Luna and Ranger, give the campaign some attention and love and we can make this sequel a reality! It would mean the world to me.

Thanks for all your ongoing support,

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Hey Everyone!!

Beyond the Masquerade has been up and competing in the 2020 All-Genre Manuscript contest for a couple days now and it’s doing great. Because of you, we have climbed up to 2nd place but this is only the beginning. We have to keep climbing to try and take the top. I know that might seem like a hearty endeavor but I think, with your support, we can make it. And if we don’t take first, at least we’ll put a sizable dent in the campaign goal. So if you’re as passionate about the continuation of this epic adventure, follow the link below and show your support. 


And if you haven’t experienced the story that started it all, you can get a digital copy of Beyond the Code for FREE through Amazon.com and .ca. Follow the links below. 


Let’s make this sequel a reality!!!

Greetings wonderful followers, 

The Pre-Order campaign for Beyond the Masquerade is LIVE!! RIGHT NOW!! So if you loved the action packed adventures of Luna and Ranger as they struggled to change their world as they know it, get yourself a pre-order today and help me make this sequel a reality!! Follow the link below or look up my author page here on Inkshares. Thanks a bunch and wish me luck! 


Hello there my wonderful followers,

I’m back and I’m doing something crazy...well not that crazy. Those of you who frequent this site know that Inkshares is holding another contest. The 2020 All Genre Manuscript Contest and I have decided to throw the Beyond the Code sequel into the mix. It’s called Beyond the Masquerade and I just built a page for it here on Inkshares. I’m still working with the tiny details but it has a synopsis and the two first chapters for all of you to see. Follow the link below or just follow the links on my Inkshares author profile.


This contest is a little different than the previous contests on Inkshares. Victory isn’t just a pro-order factor, they will also be judging the story itself, as well as reader engagement. So give it a follow, share it around and give your feedback on the sample chapters (this is for me as well. I love hearing what you all think of my work)

Thank you all for your continuing support. I couldn’t of gotten this far without all of you. Wish me luck!

Greetings my wonderful followers, 

With the current state of things lately, alot of you have been forced to self isolate in order to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Filling the long hours can be difficult but, you know what helps, entertainment. So I’m doing my part to help you all fill those hours. I am now offering the ebook of Beyond the Code for free on Amazon! Follow the links before for Amazon.ca and Amazon.com and pick up Beyond the Code for absolutely nothing. And remember in the trying times to stay calm, stay informed, and stay kind. We are all in this together. 



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