Greetings my wonderful followers, 

With the current state of things lately, alot of you have been forced to self isolate in order to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Filling the long hours can be difficult but, you know what helps, entertainment. So I’m doing my part to help you all fill those hours. I am now offering the ebook of Beyond the Code for free on Amazon! Follow the links before for Amazon.ca and Amazon.com and pick up Beyond the Code for absolutely nothing. And remember in the trying times to stay calm, stay informed, and stay kind. We are all in this together. 



Greetings wonderful followers!

Today is a very special day. Two years ago today, my first novel, Beyond the Code, was released out into the world. Alot has happened in that time. I’ve met tons of like-minded writers from all around the world, Beyond the Code has been praised by several professional book reviewers, got it made into an audiobook, got Beyond the Code on bookshelves of major bookstores along with doing signings at said stores, and spoke as an author at a couple panels at a writers convention.  It’s been a crazy couple of years and, even though I’m not at where i wished I would be, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but those small victories are earned and I am grateful for them.

I’ll admit, these last two years have had there share of bumps. I’ve had to take a hard look at what I truly wanted, both professionally and personally, and it made me re-evaluate my stances of things. I’m still figuring out the kinks in my future plans but I think I’m getting to a good place, slowly but surely.

Sorry for digging deep on you but I was feeling nostalgic, due to the date, and I wanted to mark the occasion with something. Not with links or pleas to check out my work, but with a heart felt thank you. Most of you are the ones who decided to follow and support my work in the campaign stage and I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for all of you. So again, THANK YOU!!

The sequel is coming along and I am super excited about where it’s going. Once I get my footing on it, expect some teasers in the future and I may be reaching out to some of you in the beta readers stage. Wish me luck.

Kelsey Rae Barthel

Greetings wonderful followers!!

We have gone through another holiday season and rampaged into a new year. I hope you have all had a fun and eventful time. Speaking of eventful, things have been happening with Beyond the Code and I want to share the news.

First off, for my Edmontonian followers, Beyond the Code has been included in the Capital City Press Collection. This is a program within the city of Edmonton to include works from local authors into the city’s many Libraries. This year, the books chosen will be featured in the brand new Stanley A Milner Library in the downtown core. See the link below


Secondly, the Beyond the Code audio book has received several reviews through Audible.com and now is standing at a 4.7 rating. Check out what they have to say and if you sign up with Audible, you can get an audio book for FREE! See the link below and give it a shot.


Next thing, Beyond the Code has been reviewed on Onlinebookclub.org. 3 out of 4 stars!! Follow the link and see what they have to say.


And last but not least. This is something I am very excited about. Sometime ago, I entered Beyond the Code into the 2019 Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition and, I am happy to tell you, that Beyond the Code has made it through the first hurdle and is in the Quarter Finals!! Follow the link below if you want to know about the contest and the other Quarter Finalist and wish me luck. They will be announcing the Semi Finalist on Feb 12th.


Thank you all for your continuing support and feedback. If you haven’t already, make sure to give Beyond the Code a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews are the lifeblood of every Indie author plus, I love to hear what you all thought of my work. 

Thanks again for all your continuing support and I hope to bring you good news in the future.

Seasons Greetings Followers!!! 

I hope the holidays have been a fun time for you so far and you are looking forward to a great end of 2019. If you are still filling in the blanks of that lengthy Christmas shopping list, consider a copy of Beyond the Code. They’ll be looking forward to a fast paced, action adventure tale jam packed with heart stopping battles, deep seeded intrigue, and supernatural abilities and light up the imagination. Beyond the Code is available in paperback, digital, AND audible!!! Narrated by the amazing Lisa Beacom. Check it out!!


And if one book of my work just isn’t enough, I have good news for you. My chilling short story "New Suit" has been published in Writing Bloc’s latest anthology "Deception". It’s a fantastic collection of stories written by some amazing authors all in one convenient package. Follow the link to get your hands on that bad boy. 


Thank you all for following my progress and helping me achieve this life long goal. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and wish you all the best in the new year. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Greetings fantastic followers, 

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. You know what else happened on Halloween? Deception, the Writing Bloc anthology that features my short story "New Suit" was released on Amazon in digital format!! 

That’s right! It’s a collection of deception themed stories ranging from Sci-Fi thrillers to supernatural spookiness from a collection of amazing authors! 

New Suit is about Ward, a formal police detective trying to put his life back together after his fall from the force when his brother is accused of stealing an antique coin from the museum he works security at. The evidence is solid but his brother insists he doesn’t remember anything from the day of the crime. Ward sets out to find the coin to lessen his brothers sentence and stumbles upon something sinister.  

Sounds exciting right. The whole collection in digital format is only $2.99! What a deal. Click the link and check it out


Also, just a reminder for those of you whole love audiobooks, Beyond the Code has been made into a wonderful one, narrated by the amazingly talented Lisa Beacom. Check out the link below.


Thank you all for continuing to follow my journey as an author. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 


Long time, no hear from. Alot has happened since I started with Inkshares to publish my first novel, Beyond the Code. I got to have book signings at big bookstores like Chapters and Indigo, I have had several good reviews from professionals, I put myself out there in the writing world and now, I’m proud to say that Beyond the Code is now available on AUDIOBOOK!! Check it out through the link 


It was a great experience and the narrator, Lisa Beacom, did an amazing job. She delivered an awesome performance that brought the characters to life and I couldn’t be happier. 

Check it out and spread the word!!! 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Greetings wonderful followers, 

Guess what! As of Jan 30/19, it has been a full year since my first novel, Beyond the Code, was published and sent out into the world. And what a year it has been. Just for fun, let take a look at my author journey so far. 

I got Beyond the Code on the shelves of Indigo Books and did several book signing events at Indigo and Chapters all over the city of Edmonton. Actually had a kid want to take a picture with me because I was an author. Really cool. 

I was a guest panellist at panels on character development and Urban Fantasy writing at the When Words Collide writers convention in Calgary. 

Beyond the Code has been given great reviews from Roll Out Reviews, Literary Titan, The San Francisco Book Review, Readers Favourite, Opal Publishing, and Delusion of Literacy. These are people who know what they’re talking about. Also, from the reviews of my readers, Beyond the Code is running at a 4.23/5 rating on Goodreads and a 4.8/5 rating on Amazon.com. 

I was a guest on several podcasts talking about my writing and other geeky stuff. I’ve been on Spilling Ink, Just Joshing, Functional Nerds (this was my favourite one), Stories by Nerds, Alive after Reading, and Go Indie Now. You can check out these episodes through the kelseybarthel,ca website or the Beyond the Code Facebook page. 

And, last but not least, Beyond the Code was a featured book with the Scifi and Fantasy Network. 

Like i said, it’s been one hell of a year. So far it’s been a pretty good showing for my first novel and I am very happy with it. As for the future of Beyond the Code and me as an author, that’s still very much in the planning stage. Right now, I’m working on Beyond the Code’s sequel Beyond the Masquerade (working title) and like always, i will always endeavour to keep my readers informed. 

Thank you all for staying with me on this journey and I hope I can continue to deliver, 

Kelsey Rae Barthel 

Seasons Greetings Everyone!! 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent an update through this medium but a very important date is coming up and I wanted to touch base with all my Inkshares followers. In a little more than a month, Beyond the Code will be one year old. It’s been a crazy, eventful year and I’ve learnt so much about the industry and about myself. I look forward to the next year and the next step on my journey. 


In celebration of Beyond the Code’s upcoming anniversary, I’m going to kick off a little contest. Between now and Jan 31/18, anyone who gives Beyond the Code a review on Amazon or Goodreads will be entered to help design and name a character in Beyond the Code’s sequel, Beyond the Masquerade. 

So let me know what you think of Beyond the Code and get a chance to help me being a new character to life. 

So to all my fantastic followers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Kelsey Rae Barthel   

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Looking forward to reading this!

Hello there wonderful followers!

Beyond the Code has been climbing in both orders and reviews. Things are going great and i have some news I want to share. My author website is up and running. Check it out to find links on where to buy Beyond the Code, reviews, podcast appearances and more. It will be a one stop shop for any news regarding my life as an author. Take a look and let me know what you think. 


Kelsey Barthel

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