Kelsey Rae Barthel's latest update for Beyond The Code

Feb 20, 2021

Hey Everyone!

The 2020 All Genre Manuscript Contest is coming into it’s last week and Beyond the Masquerade has made a good showing. Right now, it is holding at 8th place but I think we can do better. Let’s come together and help Beyond the Masquerade end the contest with a splash.

There are many ways to help Beyond the Masquerade gain momentum, and the majority of them are completely free. 

Follow: Following the Beyond the Masquerade campaign will give it more stock and will keep you informed of the campaigns progression.

Share: Tell you friends and family to get on board with the campaign to help it gain momentum. You can share it among the community on the Inkshares website or through social media.

Read, Comment, or Recommend: The first three chapters of Beyond the Masquerade for free to read on the campaign page. Give them a look through and tell me what you think through comments or recommendations. This will let others know that follows are giving the campaign some attention.

Nominate: Inkshares has recently added a Nominate function onto the book campaign pages. This enables you to send a clear message to the people with Inkshares on why you want to see this work published.

Pre-Order: The campaign for Beyond the Masquerade has to get at least 750 pre-orders in order for it to be published through this platform. So, if you love the epic adventure of Beyond the Code and want more action packed adventures with Luna and the other Knights, pre-order a copy today.

And remember, with every one of these you do, you will be entered into the Beyond the Masquerade 3 Tiered Raffle contest to win a tote bag, a coffee mug, or a cozy blanket.

Also, if you want a completely non-committal peek into the world of the Knights and The Order, the digital version or Beyond the Code is available on Amazon for FREE!

So let’s make one more push in the last days of the contest to bring more eyes on the campaign.

Thank you.