Thomas J. Arnold

A bumbling madman in an unholy relationship with the written language.   Author of Exile, Magus; Exile, Hunted; and the rest of the Exile series.  Dabbler in the dark arts of fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, and superpowered fiction.
Thomas is the author of
A dwarven magus must enter a world he grew up only hearing of.    As he strives to find his place and faces numerous dangers (and at least one too many gnomes) his naivete in life and love may bring more danger than any enemy ever could.
Pentaz leaves Zaltruscas with his brother Palkaz and their new companion Talari, but they find Zaltrusc’s grasp is greater than expected.  This draft does contation spoilers for those of you reading the 1st book in the series, Exile, Magus.
Palkaz returns home to face punishment for failure, but finds he must confront unrest, a coup, and the heart of troll-kind.
Adventurers pursue Llargas’ dream in his dying days, but they’re not all friends and dangerous secrets lurk in the Island’s heart.
Having made a mark at his new calling in life, Pentaz finds himself the target of a conspiracy of former allies.
Brought together by an invasion, these superheroes (and their slimy agent) must try to overcome their differences.
Two men lead a mercenary army to claim a powerless king’s treasure, unaware of the true dangers ahead.
With their own dark pasts, 5 heroes must unite and use their powers and skills to fight a growing sociopolitical darkness.
Only 6 races remain after centuries of war for resources, trapped together in a galactic arm by a vast energy field.
Books Thomas Recommends
With a style that immediately hooks you, this is a book well worth your time.
What started as a boss encounter for Maggie in the RPG Scales of Time: The Land of the Scorched ends up becoming an unusual adventure full of twists, turns, and dragons...lots of dragons.
This is fantasy-horror at its best, full of a sense of both the otherworldly and dread.
So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know.
With imagery and characterization absolutely dripping with the sleek and sexy 60's style blended so well with action and aliens that would easily fit into a Buck Roger's serial, this book is a must read!
A galactic secret agent on her final mission and a scientist who was cryogenically frozen in 1969 uncover a conspiracy that threatens humanity’s new home among the stars in this retro-futurist pulp fiction spy adventure.
Books Thomas recently read
by Charles Dickens
by Charles Robert Maturin
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