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Matthew Isaac Sobin

Reader, Writer, fiction and poetry
Matthew is the author of
He witnessed the end. Now he has a new mission. Hear his testimony.
The poetry of Matthew Isaac Sobin. With illustrations by graphic novelist Jack Katz. A collaboration.
When Morris Jenkins dies he is surprised to learn that he must watch his life on VHS with a sponsor.
Forever a human commonality, a new technology allows humans to forego sleep. Those who refuse it are ostracized.
Giles is beset by an “itch” that the world is unsafe. When San Francisco is destroyed validating his fears, Giles, his wife, and his grandmother begin a journey of survival. To secure their future they’ll need to level with their pasts.
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Books Matthew Recommends
Donna Fung has created something very special. The SciFi syndicate is compelled to support this important book. Where the Sun Set shares a common trait with great SciFi: As readers, we begin to wonder what may become possible.
In his quest for redemption, a heartbroken man embarks on a harrowing journey across a time-stopped world to fulfill his dying wife’s only wish.
Cape’s Side Bay is the August pick by the GREAT SCIFI syndicate! James Rasile has created a wonderful blend of SciFi, horror, and suspense. 100 pre-orders to go! This book is awesome - We highly recommend you grab your copy today and support James!
For years something has been lurking in Cape’s Side Bay. When the truth is revealed questions of mankind’s existence begin to be raised, and their worst fears are about to be realized.
This time Brien's going the distance! This book is just so cool and fun. Everyone should get in the game with this book! Have a read!
A journal that records what life is like for five individuals that discover they have the ability to travel through time.
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