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We flinch and tremble when it is suggested that Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke are not among the all-time great titans of literature. We want to bring to light the hidden gems of the science fiction genre - the types of stories that would make these great writers, our heroes, sit for hours in contemplation, reading, thinking, and smiling.

Genres: science fiction
Contribute $10 or more per month to the syndicate. Your contribution will be pooled with other members' and allocated by the syndicate lead to one Inkshares book each month. You'll get a copy of the book and be a recurring supporter of our authors! All funds are allocated to our authors - the syndicate will make no money off your contribution.

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New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 6 years ago
Hey Everybody!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful hardcover volumes that were our September and October selections  -  Welcome to Deadland by @Zachary Tyler Linville and Dracula v Hitler by @Patrick Sheane Duncan !

I also want to welcome @Andy M. to our ranks! Great to have you join us Andy. It’s wonderful to grow our group. With more members we increase our ability to impact Inkshares by helping authors meet their funding goals.

The past two months we did something different in backing already published books. I know I’ve enjoyed receiving the books in the mail immediately (as an aside, if you haven’t received Deadland or Dracula v Hitler as expected, please let me know). However, this month I think we’ll return to our roots and support a funding SciFi project - more to come!
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 6 years ago
Hey Everybody!

In case you missed the late night email, our syndicate had another personal first for our September pick - we chose an already funded and published book! Depending on your membership level, you may have seen the email from Inkshares notifying you that your hardcover copy of Welcome to Deadland by @Zachary Tyler Linville has shipped! Impressive turn time by the crew over at Inkshares! 

My thinking was that it was past time that the members of our syndicate receive something tangible for their monetary commitments. Here’s the note about our pick of Deadland:

For the month of September the Great SciFi syndicate has decided to do something different in picking an already published book. The thinking was that it would be exciting and well-deserved for our members to receive a book in the mail immediately. The members of our syndicate are very dedicated, and we love to support authors striving for publication. But it will be a real treat to receive a great book in the mail. And what better book than Welcome to Deadland, the number one selling SciFi book on Inkshares. We’re thrilled to push Linville closer to the 5,000 order milestone!

So please join my in congratulating Zac! You can also check out his update today here.

Also, it’s important to note that the benefit of syndicates shouldn’t only be in helping books reach publication but strengthening the books that do. There is much that can be done to boost books that have already gone to market. And we can help there as well! 

One of the most important thing we can do is review books - not just on Inkshares - but on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble websites. Supporting the efforts of books like Deadland, among others, strengthens and grows the Inkshares community. Maybe Deadland becomes Inkshares first bestseller!

For those of you with projects on Inkshares at any stage of the game, leaving reviews for others on Amazon is a way to "play the long game" in helping yourselves. You help support your fellow Inkshares authors, and in the long run, support yourselves because Inkshares is stronger for that contribution.

So with that said, enjoy your book this month, since one will be showing up on your iPad or on your doorstep shortly - and when you’re done reading, go leave a review!!
Picture James Rasile · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Hey guys! The us long overdue but I just wanted to say THANK YOU! It means the world to me to be supported by this syndicate! It was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait until you get to read it! Still a lot of work to do to reach full publishing, but I like our odd! Thanks again!
098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Fernando Crôtte · Author · added almost 7 years ago
What a great pick!

A huge congratulations, @James Rasile ! We are all rooting for you in your home stretch to full funding!  :-)
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Hey Everybody! The August pick is in, and in case you missed the email, it’s Cape’s Side Bay!! Congrats to @James Rasile ! 

Here’s the background on the pick:

Supporting Cape’s Side Bay with our August syndicate pick was one of the easiest decisions I’ve had to make as head of the SciFi syndicate. James Rasile has created a wonderful blend of SciFi, horror, and suspense. This is the first SciFi thriller / mystery that we’ve supported, so it is a perfect addition that adds variety to our selections. Best of all, James is one of us. One of the original members of this syndicate, he has run a stellar campaign. With nearly 650 orders, he is just 100 shy of full funding with less than a month to go! Let’s help boost James across the finish line!

Please join me in congratulating James! And feel free to recommend is book on Inkshares - he is working hard in the final weeks of his campaign to reach full funding!
098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Fernando Crôtte · Author · added almost 7 years ago
It was a tough decision, to either request a funding extension (which I suspect I would have gotten) or to allow the funding campaign of Mission 51 to expire at 183 copies. I decided on the latter because of the Launch Pad competition. It requires that I retain ownership and full rights of the material. Disappointing @Matthew Isaac Sobin and this awesome syndicate actually played in my decision-making. In the end, I believe I did the right thing. I will finish and polish Mission 51 in these coming months, while the Launch Pad thing plays out. If Mission 51 is chosen, great! If not, I will come back to Inkshares for another go at some point, when a suitable contest emerges. Mission 51 will be complete and ready to go at that time. Either way, I intend to live up to the honor you have bestowed upon me by choosing me as your July selection.

I am super-grateful for the support of this syndicate! I really am! I will keep you all informed as to the ongoing progress of Mission 51.


Ferd   :-)
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Hey Everybody, 

As you probably noticed, you have been refunded your dues for July. We are disappointed that Ferd’s campaign for Mission 51 came up short, but are also excited that he’s entering the book in the Launchpad MS competition! Good luck Ferd!

There are countless places your July funds can be put to work on Inkshares. Even though this month’s new Geek & Sundry contest is fantasy, there are many intriguing projects off to roaring starts. I may be taking a look there with my money.

The August pick will be coming soon (very soon)!

Fullsizerender 3 Matthew D. Dho · Author · added almost 7 years ago
@Matthew Isaac Sobin thanks for making this Syndicate, Sci-Fi Rules!

New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Welcome aboard @Matthew D. Dho ! Looking forward to reading your book.
Fullsizerender 3 Matthew D. Dho · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Hi everyone. Super excited to be a part of this Syndicate. While I can not wait to read all the great work selected in here, I feel I gotta throw my work into the ringer. 

I think the I Am Waltz would be an excellent choice for this particular syndicate for a few reasons. It is a Sci-Fi novel that contemplates the consequences of a society where technological reliance becomes paramount. Exploring the technological singularity, hybrid thinking, the reduction in individualism, and then power the corporations who create technology will gain. The book is told through the eyes of two characters, Kyle and a robot who has been unplugged so to speak. Kyle is a 16-year-old boy who lives with his father at a facility that extracts AI consciousness and uploads them to the manufacturing plant to be downloaded into upgraded bodies. While the hardware of the AI in this world are always being modified and improved, the consciousnesses are totally unique and as such must be retained. 

Kyle’s life is very blue collar and in many ways disconnected from the hyper technical world at large. This makes Kyle a great protagonist for people to connect to the world through. I don’t want to give too much away, but needless to say, something unexpected happens and it launches Kyle and his robot friend on a quest that will change mankind forever. 

The book aside, I was shocked by the events in Orlando. I have decided to donate any and all proceeds I make from this book to the Equality Florida Institute, the states LGBTQIA charity, to support the families of the victims. 

Anyhow, I am excited to see what great books this syndicate supports. Can not wait to read them all!

098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Fernando Crôtte · Author · added almost 7 years ago

Matt, I am truly humbled and crazy overjoyed at this tremendous honor! As a writer, I’m sometimes afraid that my thoughts and words don’t carry much weight. But to become the July selection of this particular syndicate blows my fears out of the water. It makes me feel that maybe there is indeed an audience for my story! Your support is deeply gratifying and has already re-energized me to work harder to continue improving Mission 51, to be sure it is worthy of your kind consideration.

Thank you very, very much for this, which is the highest honor I have ever received for my writing. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart!

Ferd. :-)

New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Please join me in congratulating @Ferd Crôtte on his fantastic book, Mission 51, being our July selection! Also Ferd joined the syndicate today which is more wonderful news. Welcome aboard!

Here’s what we had to say about Mission 51:

The SciFi syndicate is thrilled to support Mission 51 with our July selection! Ferd Crôtte has created something truly intoxicating. The perfect premise, which takes one of the great mysteries / intrigues of the 20th century and puts us directly in the alien’s shoes; it’s SciFi and historical fiction wrapped into one. In addition, there is special artwork which illuminates the story with a deft touch. We can’t wait to read more, and for this story to become a book on our shelves. We encourage our fellow Inkshares authors and readers to support this praiseworthy project!
Tal bio Tal M. Klein · Author · added about 7 years ago
Congrats @Evan Graham well deserved!!
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added about 7 years ago
We have made our June selection! Congrats to @Evan Graham , author of Tantalus Depths !

I’m very excited that this great entry from the Geek & Sundry contest is being backed by our syndicate. Here are our thoughts on why this book is special:

Evan Graham has created an intoxicating read with all of the best elements of great SciFi. We have the final frontier in outer space, an AI with ambiguous motives, and some solid horror to boot. TantalusDepths has huge potential! We are thrilled that the SciFi syndicate can make a difference pushing this entry from the Geek & Sundry Hard Science Fiction contest closer to Quill publication.

Once again, congrats to Evan and full speed ahead to reaching your funding goal!

New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added about 7 years ago
And here is our image, promoting the five SciFi draft projects endorsed by our syndicate! Please feel free to share this to publicize Draftshares this week on Inkshares and via social media.


New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added about 7 years ago
Hey Everybody!

As you may know, this week is Draftshares! This is another fantastic community event conceived and coordinated by the author community on Inkshares. During this event we will shine a light on high quality projects that are still in the draft phase (not yet funding). 

As the SciFi focused syndicate we have handpicked five drafts that we recommend readers take a closer look at. I will follow-up with our recommendations and our custom "icon" which can be shared in reader updates. By sharing our recommendations we are dually promote these great projects and their up-and-coming authors, and our syndicate. For now, here are the general specifics on the Draftshares event:

This event is for both Authors and Readers, so I encourage everyone to check it out:

Get ready, because Draftshares is about to begin!

When: May 30th - June 4th

Readers: Check out as many drafts (projects currently in the Draft stage) as you can during the week of May 30th - June 3rd, and participate by opening and commenting on your favorite drafts’ excerpts.

Why: To encourage community engagement...and, PRIZES!

Prizes you say?: Yes! For every Draft (or synopsis*) you critique, you will be entered into a drawing for the following: 

Prizes for Anyone

  • Three sets of a copy of Asteroid Made of Dragons, button, and shirt 
  • Church of Technology/Deus Hex Machina swag (pins and shirts)
  • Copy of Shadow of the Owl
  • Signed copy of Ageless
  • Order of Dax Harrison
  • Order of Bones of the Past
  • Order of Proxy
  • Original drawing by Jack Katz
  • Ladies of Sci Fi poster from A.C. Weston
  • Mix CD set with custom cover art by C. Brennecke
  • $25 in Inkshares Credits

Prizes for Authors

  • Video editing by Yicheng Liu
  • Interview on The Warbler 
  • Guest spot on Drinkshares: Last Call
  • $25 in Inkshares Credits

Drafters: Let us know if you’d like to receive a soft critique or a hard critique by messaging a member of the DLC cast or tweeting your project link @drinkshareslc with either the #critiquemekindly or #critiqueme hashtags. If you want your synopsis critiqued, include the hashtag #critiquemypage too.

Soft Critiques (#critiquemekindly): This is the default critique if the author has not specifically requested a hard critique. The tone should be supportive and curious. Point out things you like, comment on the broader story ideas, and ask questions.

Hard Critique (#critiqueme): Only give a hard critique if the author has specifically asked for one. This is where grammatical errors, typos, and oversights can be pointed out. It’s best to include elements of a soft critique too, but you can unleash your inner editor a bit more here.

*Synopsis Critique (#critiquemypage): Interested Drafters should create a thread in the Inkshares forum (, linked to their book draft, titled “Synopsis Edits: [Book Title Goes Here].” 

Throughout the week, fellow authors will browse these threads and offer help with editing and improving your project page synopsis so you’re better prepared to switch over to funding with a fantastic, compelling, error-free introduction to your book!

Not sure where to start? Check out these Drafts first!:

Watch: Tune in at on Saturday, June 4th @ 4/3 Central to watch us discuss the drafts and announce the winners!

Thank you!!

Tal bio Tal M. Klein · Author · added about 7 years ago
Hi :) Other than The Punch Escrow (toot toot), my favorite entry in the G&S contest is, @Ailea Merriam-Pigg ’s The Science of Magic. Would love to see it get funded.
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · edited about 7 years ago
Happy Friday everyone! 

I want to quickly welcome our newest member @Tabi Card. Tabi is the author of Scribbles: A Collection of Words, and is coming up on a funding deadline, and could use support. So if you have credits hanging around on your account, I’d encourage everyone to take a look at Tabi’s project.

Also, a belated welcome to @Tal M. Klein, who is currently dominating the Hard Science contest, sponsored by Geek & Sundry, with his book The Punch Escrow! If you haven’t taken at look at his book, I highly recommend it. Also, there are many other worthy projects in the contest to consider.

Next month I am considering throwing our weight behind one of the projects in this contest that finished outside the top three, and will still need help to become published once the competition concludes.
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · edited about 7 years ago
I’d like to announce our next syndicate pick! We were thinking of supporting a book in the current Hard SciFi contest, but I was pulled to support a book that is closing in on Quill and is very well deserving, having been on the campaign trail for quite a while.

The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising is a fantastic science fiction work. Alexander Barnes and Christopher Preiman participated in the second Sword & Laser: The Sequel contest. As the SciFi syndicate on Inkshares, it will be great to help push this worthy book across the finish line. Especially now that they appear to have been granted a couple of months extension, this will put the book well along on its final push for Quill!! Let’s make sure this awesome story gets published!

Congrats @Alexander Barnes and Chris!
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · edited about 7 years ago
Well, we had a little snafu. Apparently, selections by a syndicate for a given month need to be made before the 15th of that month. This will probably be changed at some point in the future - really no reason it shouldn’t be at any point throughout a month. So, we missed the window for April. Everybody will have their dues refunded for April. I will make a pick in the next couple of days for May! Let me know if anybody has questions.

Also, welcome aboard to @James Rasile !
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added about 7 years ago
Welcome aboard @Kevin Szurek  ! 

Great to have you in the group. It’s a really exciting time to join our syndicate in particular because the upcoming Geek & Sundry contest on Inkshares is HARD SCIENCE FICTION themed. Right up our alley! So we will be looking to support one of these books in the contest. 

The contest begins on April 4. We should probably plan to begin discussing during the week of the 11th over on Goodreads which of the contestants is catching our collective eye.

Here’s the Goodreads link once again. Feel free to get the conversation rolling.

Profile8 Michael Sebby · Author · added over 7 years ago
Hey, that’s incredible! I don’t have a speech prepared, but thank you so much! I hope this syndicate enjoys reading the book as much as I have writing it. That’s the most rewarding part to this whole process.
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 7 years ago
Congrats to @Michael Sebby !  His book, The Inhabitants: An Unremembered Life is our first Syndicate pick! 
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 7 years ago
Welcome @Philip Norbury ! Great to have you onboard. 

Please feel free to check out the Goodreads forum we’ve set up (see the link in my previous update below). If you haven’t been to the broader Inkshares forum on Goodreads, you should check that out as well - lots of great info over there:

Lastly, I am a bit behind on posting options for us to vote on for March. But I will try and get something up on Goodreads ASAP. If anybody else has suggestions, feel free to make a post!!
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 7 years ago
Hey Everybody,

We are now live on Goodreads!

Come join the conversation. We have some time before we need to make a decision for March, but we can start mulling things over soon. 
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · edited over 7 years ago
Great to have you onboard @Juan Schmechel !
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · edited over 7 years ago
Welcome @Zack Jordan ! Glad to have you on the team!
New profile inkshares Matthew Isaac Sobin · Author · added over 7 years ago
It’s alive!! 

Very excited to take the plunge. I hope that this syndicate focusing on science fiction will add to the growing community and dialogue on Inkshares. And I look forward to supporting the important work of Inkshares authors!

Later in the 21st century it may be said that a few noble idealists banded together and the genre of science fiction, and literature more broadly, took a giant step forward. Too grand?? We shall see.

I would like this syndicate to strive to find thought provoking, intellectual science fiction, which goes beyond escapism. These works show how reality might be in the future, in another dimension, a far off galaxy, or even a separate universe.

Dream on!