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Janna Grace

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars." ~Whitman
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The air has become poisonous. Olivia and her fellow travelers have miles of underground tunnels standing between them and The Haven. And forget about vampires and zombies...at the end of the world, there are cannibals
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Gray's stories come just in time for Halloween! Creeping, eerie and an atmosphere to die for...plus a donation to an excellent cause!
You are not afraid of wolves. They are far away, far removed from you, in a world of their own. Friend, you are afraid of the woods.
Beautiful, poignant and brilliant-- as expected. I can’t recommend Rebecca’s work enough! Such a unique voice and fascinating world in just a few pages. I haven’t been this excited by a story since the first few pages of Geek Love stole my heart!
A woman living in self-imposed exile on the Shetland Islands is haunted by a dark secret.
Fresh, crisp writing reveals a memoir of a world so many of us can't imagine, and need to. Check it
One eventful middle-class childhood behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Leningrad.  A mix of a fun memoir and social history of the years preceding the collapse of the USSR. (The book is finished.)
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