Kelsey Rae Barthel's latest update for Beyond The Code

Jan 24, 2021

Hello everyone!

The campaign for the sequel of Beyond the Code, Beyond the Masquerade, is chugging along but we are far from the goal. If you loved Beyond the Code and want to read more adventures with Luna and Ranger in the world of the Order, we need your support. Follow the link below to the Beyond the Masquerade campaign page. 

Any support that can be given, From a simple following of the project, reading and commenting on the sample chapters, using Inkshares new Nominate function, or pre-ordering a copy would be greatly appreciated and would do soo much for keeping this campaign alive.

And remember, for every follow, share, recommendation, and pre-order, you will be entered into the 3 Tiered Raffle contest. Enter today for your chance to win some cool Beyond the Masquerade prizes.

So if you want to see a sequel to my first novel, Beyond the Code, follow the link below and help in anyway you can. This campaign goes nowhere without your support.