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Tony is the author of
In a space-faring future, an alien war criminal seeks vengeance on humanity, and a celebrated-but-bumbling hero is forced back into action... whether he likes it or not.
In the future wasteland of America, Jack and Ed scrape a living as bounty hunters, one job at a time.
An octogenarian learns she is the chosen one, destined to save the world. A nursing home aid joins her epic quest.
A disaster movie-style schlockfest featuring a tsunami and deadly, rampaging baboons.
Books Tony Recommends
This. Is. AWESOME. The tightly paced, hilariously frank thoughts of an EMT through his day-to-day on the job. The samples shown so far would fit right in with some of the best episodes of Rescue Me (loved that show), and I cannot wait to read more!
Heart attacks, car wrecks, suicides, overdoses, gunshot wounds and broken penises... some paramedics have the worst luck. We call them black clouds.
A squid named Hendrix turns out to be a heck of a competitive gamer. This is my kind of book!
When the world’s best online gamer turns out to be an octopus, it’s not long before he goes missing...
Horror comedy! In G.A. Finocchiaro's own words, this is "for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, John Dies at the End, and Ghostbusters". This looks like a lot of fun!
Mike Graves and his pals love burgers, banter, and comic books. They don’t have a care in the world until an evil warlord from another dimension threatens to tear those bonds of friendship apart. Now it’s up to Mike and his best pals to stop it.
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