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I am not often completely sucked in. Moonfall sucks -- in the best way! Summer blockbuster worthy characters. Wave after wave of heart-thumping action. Crystal visuals. An unpretentious voice tinged with an amiable sense of humor. It's gonna be big.
When explorers stumble upon ancient alien technology, it awakens latent abilities within the human race, and leads to the lifting of a veil that has been over humanity’s eyes for millennia.
Ancient humans discover portals -- tears in reality -- exposing another... place? world? universe? I'm intrigued already and I'm following the iguanas!
Ages ago, portals opened on Earth. All manner of life went through, to live on another world across the galaxy.
Take a look at M. Robert Randolph's experimental fiction/fantasy. Part Bridge to Terabithia, part The Neverending Story, it will entertain and intrigue both young adults an grownups.
When an approaching darkness threatens an island of light, one man must push back the storm and summon the strength to move mountains.
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