thank you! Thank you!! Thank You!!!

After one full week of the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest, Mission 51 is sitting in First Place! That is fantastic!


I am sincerely grateful for the outpouring of support for me and Mission 51 this past week. The whole thing is a bit scary. It’s scary just putting the story out there. It’s scary asking for pre-orders. It’s even scary being in 1st place. And believe me, I’m not the scary sort. This is just way different than anything I do in my usual life.

I do feel very good about the book. It has a fun feel, with serious undertones. The historical fiction side includes plenty of real people, places, and things. My hope is that readers want to check  Wikipedia and other sources frequently while reading the book, to get a better and better feel for Mat’s world in 1954-1969. It has a lot of fun detail.

I’m proud of the "Staff Pick" and the "The Great Sci-Fi for the 21st Century and Beyond Syndicate" badges. It’s also humbling and cool to read the great recommendations Mission 51 has garnered. I’m grateful for it all!

There are still five weeks remaining in the contest, and there are now almost 70 projects participating. Twenty of them are now on the leaderboard. So I am grateful for where Mission 51 is right now, but I am still asking for your support. Many thanks to those who have already placed their pre-order. For those of you who have not, I humbly ask that you please take a moment to consider, and then another moment to go ahead and pre-order Mission 51. I would be forever grateful! :-)

Thanks again, and Peace!

Ferd  👽

Mission 51 background stuff

Torkiyan missions to Cerulea (the planet Earth) are always organized by two factions within their government: one that is interested in spreading the beliefs and culture of the Torkiyan people, and another more interested in the commercial and financial aspects of the endeavor. The ideology of these competing yet complementary views are clearly spelled out to the crews of the missions in their Mission Directives:

1. To spread Torkiyan Knowledge, Wisdom, and Truth

2. To advance the technology of endemic intelligent species with the goal of eventually connecting the two worlds

When the Torkiyan Mission 51 to Cerulea was organized about 500 Earth-years ago, two individuals represented these two factions: Petrus, a Torkiyan Ambassador and father of our protagonist Mat, and Major Tran, the Director of the Space Administration.

Mat’s main loyalty was to his beloved father. In that sense, the Mission Directive to spread Torkiyan Knowledge, Wisdom, and Truth was more important than the commercial/financial directive. At least that’s how Mat felt in the beginning. Things changed with the realities of his situation on Earth. Humans made it difficult to be altruistic, and he needed to survive.

The Spanish Missions of Alta California

~La Misión de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad is mentioned in the closing chapters of Mission 51.~

Several ideas came together when I first imagined the story of Mission 51. I wanted to honor my immigrant parents. I wanted to contribute to the immigration narrative in general, even if it was in some small way. I wanted to be honest about human nature, about our virtues and our defects. I thought about the waves of immigration that have come into the United States, and how they have changed the very face of America. I thought about how invaders have decimated native cultures. And then it all crystalized when I thought about the Spanish missions in California, and when I realized the notorious events in Area 51 occurred at the same time as my parents’ immigration to the US in 1954. The story simply had to be about missions and aliens! :D

I am looking forward to the day this story is published. Pre-orders will make that happen, so I humbly request your help. If you have not pre-ordered yet, now is a great time! If you already have, I thank you very much! This is going to be fun! :D

This update is for all the wonderful people who supported me and Mission 51 with a pre-order in 2016. Those pre-orders are gone!

First of all, thank you again for your love and pre-orders when Mission 51 first broke on the scene last year.  128 generous supporters bought 183 pre-orders between February and July of 2016. But all of those pre-orders were returned when I intentionally took the book out of funding last summer. At that time, Inkshares refunded each person for their pre-order purchases. If you were among those early supporters of Mission 51, you should have received your refund sometime in July or August of 2016. Please check your accounts to be sure you indeed received the refund from Inkshares. If there is any question, let me know and I will pursue it.

Mission 51 is now back and better than ever! I have entered the novel in the latest Inkshares Sci-Fi contest and it is again taking pre-orders.

It is my hope that many, most, or all of Mission 51’s previous supporters will find it in their hearts to support it again. You will have to place your pre-orders again, as the pre-orders from last year are no longer in place.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. You can email me at ferdcrotte@mac.com.

I am sincerely grateful for all the love and support you have given me. Our Mission 51 family rocks! :D

How exciting! After the first day of the Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest, Mission 51 is in First Place!

As most of you may recall, I started this project on Inkshares last year, in Feb 2016 to be exact. I had discovered Inkshares at that time and impulsively jumped into a contest that was already half-way through. I had a story in my head and started writing it down. I was thrilled at the early response and amassed a good number of pre-orders, but I was also overwhelmed by the time commitment. Writing the book, campaigning for a contest, and my medical work were really three full-time jobs. I eventually came to the conclusion that to do a good job, I needed the time to complete and refine the novel with as little mental pressure as possible. I took Mission 51 out of funding in August 2016 and Inkshares refunded everyone for their generous pre-orders.

I’m very glad I did that. Mission 51 is now a mature project. It has gotten great feedback from laypersons and professionals who have read samples. Personally, I think it’s a fun read. It is intricate, old-school science fiction which honors a solid foundation of sci-fi lore. It is also a historical fiction and period piece within the time frame of 1954-1969. More importantly, Mission 51 dances around issues of immigration, intolerance, and personal/societal ethics. Those might be heavy issues, but I believe I have kept it light and fun. Aliens help do that! LOL

So, if you supported the project when it was in funding last year, I ask that you please support it again now. Mission 51 is actually way better than it was last year! Your pre-order is essential for it to stay on top of the Nerdist contest leaderboard. The time for Mission 51 has come! The time for your pre-order is now!

Thank you very much!

Ferd  👽

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!


The time has come for Mission 51! There is excitement on Torkiya and on sister-planet Earth!  Click here to dance!

More updates to come, but this is the perfect time to jump in with a pre-order to support the launch efforts. Help Mission 51 get off to a great start!

Thank you!! :D

Hi, everyone!

I’m writing to let you know that Mission 51 will participate in the 2017 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition! This is exciting to me because it means that I will take Mission 51 into an Inkshares funding campaign around the end of the summer or early fall. The best case scenario is if it happens as a Launch Pad Competition finalist, but it will go into funding one way or another. I simply can’t wait any longer to bring you this story!

I have now updated the Mission 51 Inkshares page to reflect my Launch Pad Competition submission. There are eight chapters and I included some of the original artwork that has been produced for this story.

Thank you all very much for your patience while Mission 51 has been simmering in draft mode. I believe you will see that it has been worth the wait!

Peace, y’all!

Ferd  👽

Story Machine

I have a request for you, my treasured Mission 51 family.

Inkshares has developed a new way to curate projects, in an effort to better identify those that show promise. The system is called "Story Machine." It is a page that presents you with an Inkshares project that you can then "Like" if you are so inclined. You can also read the available samples if you want to explore the project further. Then, you click "Next" to move on to the next book.

This may seem simple, but Story Machine is an important new feature for Inkshares, as it allows them not only to identify which projects show promise, but also helps to promote those projects to third parties in the publishing, TV, and film industries.

My request is that you please visit the Story Machine page and "Like" the projects that you do, especially Mission 51 when it comes up. Here is the link:

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it!
Ferd  👽

Princess Gail and I just returned from a busy week in Florida. I golfed with old high school friends in the Clearwater/Tampa/St. Pete’s area and Gail visited her niece, Lana. It is always great catching up with family and friends!

Then we crossed over to the Atlantic side of the state for a multi-purpose side trip. We spent two glorious mornings exploring the Merritt Island NWR. Even before the Spring migration, this is a spectacular site for birders like us. We particularly enjoyed spotting the endangered Florida Scrub-Jay in its dwindling natural habitat.

We visited the Kennedy Space Center in the afternoons. There aren’t strong enough superlatives to describe the things that happened and continue to happen here. We’ll have to come back someday to experience a launch at close range.

On top of all that, one of the reasons I wanted to come to this area was for Mission 51 research, as the final chapters of the book take place around here. It was great to visualize this important geography first hand. It can only make the book better.

Keep your eyes open for the Mission 51 Inkshares campaign which I anticipate to be in the near future!

I’ll leave you with this image of a Great Blue Heron taking flight, which I took two days ago at the Merritt Island NWR.

Peace! 👽

098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Ferd Crôtte · Author · added 3 months ago
Thank you, @Deborah Munro ! Good point! :D
Debmunro2 Deborah Munro · Author · added 3 months ago
I think colorized is preferable. The 1950s/60s comic books and graphic novels were regularly colorized, and it provides a more "finished" yet vintage feel.

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