Fernando Crôtte's latest update for Mission 51

Jan 16, 2022

Hello again!

I know... two emails in one week. But I thought I’d again remind everyone who pre-ordered Mission 51 to update their home mailing address with Inkshares, as the books will be mailed in the coming days/weeks. See the detailed instructions on how to do that below.

I had a chance to sign the books as promised. That was tricky, with COVID and all, but we figured out how to get it done! The books are now on their way to Inkshares’ fulfillment partner who will ship them out to your address on record at Inkshares.

If you have moved since you pre-ordered the book, it should be intuitive to change your address on your account at the Inkshares site after you click on the image in the upper right hand corner next to the little bell. But some people have had to do this:

1. Login to Inkshares.com

2. Press the image in the top right, next to the bell

3. Press "more", then "profile"

4. Press profile options in the top right corner

5. Account

6. Address

If you have any trouble at all, Inkshares would be glad to help. You can email them at hello@inkshares.com

Thanks again. Launch in T-minus 30 days!