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Ricardo Henriquez

Winner of the Crypt TV Horror contest. Author of The Catcher’s Trap series and Bad Medicine: Slay it Queen!
Ricardo is the author of
Kidnapped by supernatural beings, and forced to face his inner demons, can Andres summon the strength to save himself?
The Walking Dead meets Ru-Paul’s Drag Race. An up-and-coming drag-queen faces a poorly timed zombie apocalypse. Can she wield a machete and still look good in Jimmy-Choo?
Andres discovers that living a normal life is impossible when the blood of monsters run through your veins.
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adorable book with a great LGBTQ message. Please support it, we don't get many of these books on Inkshares.
A kids’ book about a little dog who embraces her unique identity to spread a message about acceptance overcoming adversity.
I read the entire manuscript and I can tell you it is fantastic. Please let's make sure this book gets publish. Pre-order now.
A little girl with a stuffed rabbit.  The inescapable nightmares, whether awake or asleep.  The words she keeps hearing like a song stuck in her head.  For Emily Hunter, the time to discover the key to her madness has finally come.
After reading the first paragraph I got one of those shivers that few things like Doctor Who give me. The concept of the book is also intriguing.
Generations into the future, a crew of renegades known as the Skyscrapers uncover their disturbing human past after a sinister Artificial Intelligent being stores all relics of human history - guarded by monstrosities - throughout our known galaxy.
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