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Fiza Hasan

I grew up & continue to live in Canada, from a young age writing and reading stories. I have won writing contests over the years, but I am waiting to have one of my novels be published and turned into a television series.    
Fiza is the author of
On a criminal psychologist’s journey to find her stalker, she realizes that her past is forcefully crawling to the surface, revealing secrets she was not aware of. Now, it’s a matter of whether she can find the demons hiding behind angelic faces.
Books Fiza Recommends
This is the type of starting hook I want in my story!
Shy, homophobic ex-intelligence man teams up with a hard-boiled Lesbian detective to solve a murder case, only to find themselves caught up in a web of corruption reaching to the highest level of European politics.
I can't say, I don't enjoy reading about demons, especially when they reside within you.
Battling inner demons, Frank Thompson returns to his old stomping grounds after having disappeared for 25 yrs due to being considered the GTK (Georgetown Killer). With 3 bodies in 7 days, each left with a note from the GTK, the manhunt begins.
It started off as a nightmare...
A young woman is dragged into Hell. She doesn’t know if it’s all just a figment of her imagination or something more sinister. Proof that the earth is a battle ground between Angels, and Demons and we are all just pawns on their chess board.
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