Eric H. Heisner

Writer, Actor & Filmmaker at www.leandogproductions.com    
Eric is the author of
A female Archaeologist and an expat Seaplane Pilot deal with Air Pirates while hunting treasure in the South Pacific after WWII.
One man is called on to stop the rampant illegal poaching of Elephants in Africa ... Tusk.
Books Eric Recommends
An interesting start to a tale of social commentary. Very intrigued to see where this one leads.
Sixty years after The Seclusion, in which America sealed itself off from the outside world, Patch Collins navigates the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state.
Great start to a well written fantasy! Susan Hamilton puts you right there and up close from the very beginning.
In a world where humans and faeries co-exist, the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld must choose between a role he never wanted, one that will change the Seelie Court forever, and the destruction of everything he loves.
Wow, a cool twist on an apocalyptic storyline. Vampires and the last of the human race each trying to survive!
The Blight changed everything, sweeping the globe, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction. The melior, with their immunity and fortified walls, stepped in to provide sanctuary. Now, the last of the human race are enslaved, but alive.
Books Eric recently read
by Louis L'Amour
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I love being lost in another world.
So many books, so little time.
Writing in another name
I’m a screenwriter and now, maybe, a novelist!