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UI/UX Designer, Game Designer, Writer, Time Traveler
Alexander is the author of
"After a surveillance culture has taken control over the galaxy, it’s up to an eclectic group of misfits from disparate corners of the cosmos to rediscover the forbidden concepts of life, love and liberty."
Now armed with 300 years of lost history the evil United Planets of Earth tried to keep hidden, our hero’s from Deviant Rising must find a way to broadcast its contents too the whole of humanity before the planet of Strife is invaded.
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This book really stands out. I like how strategically the fantasy elements are blended with the contemporary fiction. Details like Seireadan being a Web Designer cracked me up and drew me deeper into the story.
In a world where humans and faeries co-exist, the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld must choose between a role he never wanted, one that will change the Seelie Court forever, and the destruction of everything he loves.
I really enjoy the way this title is written. It harkens back to a traditional heroes journey in the vein of Aladin or Luke Skywalker but presents it in a fresh new way.
Born a slave, bred a prince. The Slave Prince follows the tale of Thom, a mischievous teenage prince who discovers his lineage in the slave race. When the calling to be the chosen one arises, he relies on the power of a magical stone to save his people.
Don't tend to read much fantasy but the stark, black, tone of the world Andre has created makes me feel like I'm reading a horror novel and that intrigued me. The imagery conjures visions of witchcraft and demonology more than it does elves and dragons.
Ten strangers must band together and find a way to defeat Suelitta before they lose what is left of their sanity.
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