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Elena Stofle

Inkshares’ Customer Service Extraordinaire, if I do say so myself. I spend most of my day lovingly packaging your books and sending them across the sea. Twitter @ElenaStofle
Books Elena Recommends
Great start, I am very excited to read more.
A woman living in self-imposed exile on the Shetland Islands is haunted by a dark secret.
What a great premise. I can't wait to read the rest.
One eventful middle-class childhood behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Leningrad.  A mix of a fun memoir and social history of the years preceding the collapse of the USSR. (The book is finished.)
Gorgeous, beautifully written and captivating.
The walls were built long ago, and the oceans continue to rise. As Patch Evans navigates the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state, what truths will she unveil regarding the history of her country, and the world at large?
Books Elena recently read
by Katie C. McKenna
by Maureen Johnson
by Brandon Sanderson
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