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Greetings! I am a biomedical engineer with a passion for writing. I am inspired by science and love contemporary science fiction. APEX is my first novel and is equal parts sci-fi, mystery, and horror. Check out, too.
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What is happening with the wolves in a small town in Oregon? Wildlife biologist, Jason Doyle, is determined to find out. Things quickly spiral out of control in a hard science thriller reminiscent of Jurassic Park and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
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What a fabulous premise! After watching the trailer, I read the first chapter and was hooked. Charlie promises to be a powerful heroine with uncompromising strength and fortitude, exactly what I like in an adventure action novel.
Charlie just wants to work on cars in peace. Until a stranger arrives with news about her father’s death. He says she has a Gift, and she’s needed in a war that’s been hidden from the world for ages. Charlene has to find the truth-and make a choice.
What if you could stop time? What if that came with a terrible price? Would you still want to do it? Fung has crafted a novel that explores love and the meaning of life in a profoundly new and emotionally felt way that I highly recommend.
In his quest for redemption, a heartbroken man embarks on a harrowing journey across a time-stopped world to fulfill his dying wife’s only wish.
Haga has crafted a world reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale, where an entire segment of the population is raised for their baby-producing potential. Elena is a 23 year old virgin who has provided eggs to three couples, but now society wants more from her
A woman designed for breeding is thrown into the fight when her home is attacked by men wanting her womb. While fighting to survive, she also fights for herself and everyone like her. For their right to choose, live & love who they want.
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