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Ferdinand has done a fantastic job in describing the scenes and emotion of someone on a one way trip... to a foreign land, let alone a completely different plamet.
After a tragic, fifty light-year voyage, sole survivor Mat crash lands on a beautiful, sometimes hostile alien world... the planet Earth!  Mission 51 is an immigrant story that is out of this world!
Received a copy this past week thinking OK I get this another Astronaut book...boy was I blown away! Highly, highly recommend any one, any age (this is a YA book) will have a blast. I plan on buying more copies to share with workmates.
A book to inspire today’s students to prepare for their own careers in space.
Awesome idea for anyone that ever has played video games
When two best friends learn they’re NPCs in a video game, they hack reality to make their lives awesome and wind up targeted for deletion by a sadistic programmer.
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