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Tabi Card

Ace writer from Florida who lives life through words – both writing and reading them - and is a firm believer in the creative power of eating while writing.
Tabi is the author of
A rogue android prototype joins forces with a human girl in a brewing political war. First in a YA speculative fiction/dystopian duology set in the year 2120.
A fast-paced, mind-bending YA sci-fi thriller where a group of teens face a series of dangerous tests they don’t remember signing up for.
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Books Tabi Recommends
I've been a fool to not recommend this sooner!
Before the age of reason and science, magic ruled the world. Now, it’s coming back and if most of humanity gets wiped out in the process....well, sometimes you have to break a few eggs.
I will be among the first to order this book when it's available -- you'd be wrong to pass this book over!
SoulNet, the artificial afterlife both created and run by the MegaCorp Charon. The promise of a Heaven or Hell is a game changer when you can quite literally show people it. Not much survived their rise to power, and what remains is their plaything.
I dig stories with AI's, space, and secrets and this book has them all . . . and more.
They found the universe’s greatest secret. They should have left it buried.
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by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
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