Evan Graham

Novelist, educator, thespian, general geek, destroyer of worlds. Proud father of Tantalus Depths.
Evan is the author of
The Diamelen’s survey mission to Tantalus 13 takes an unexpected turn when the entire planet turns out to be an ancient artificial structure. What lies in the heart of Tantalus? And why is the crew’s AI, SCARAB, willing to kill to keep its secret?
Cyborg soldier Jacob Sicarius awakens early from stasis to find the crew of his multi-generational colony ship entrenched in civil war. Can he win the war against the mutineers and the malfunctioning AI implant fighting for control over his brain?
A hyper-advanced alien civilization hides the key to omnipotence on Earth, prompting every alien civilization to invade. Simultaneously.
A young couple living near 1775 Boston experiences a night of dread as their home is besieged by extraterrestrial invaders.
When a forgotten nation re-emerges from extradimensional isolation, its leader beholds Earth’s sorry state and resolves to conquer it.
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Great potential here!
A young girl must discover the truth of her world, her destiny, and a sword with four mysterious runes
Rich with a deep and complex lore, The Vatherian Saga has an unquestionably immersive story, well worthy of your attention
Book 1. Dark secrets, forbidden love. Time-Travelers and Aeons and even Death himself. This is a blend of Science-fiction & High-Fantasy written in a way that allows the reader to create their own story. A trove of lost history.
Long have I searched for the perfect burrito and found my efforts fruitless. If this story is able to reveal the ultimate truths I've sought for so long, it could potentially be the greatest work conceived by man. Please, please support this magnum opus.
A time travel thriller...
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