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Leader of Critshares, the critique and feedback group for Inkshares authors on Scribophile. Sci-fi writer and genre devotee. Chillin’ in the Windy City. 
P.H. is the author of
A compassionate alien scientist races to prove to his people that humanity deserves to learn the truth about God  – before he’s forced to exterminate us.
A rebellious doctor uses the mystical plant ayahuasca to roam the astral plane in search of his comatose patients.
Jeremy can’t keep a roommate.  They always die.  His apartment doesn’t approve of his choices, so it keeps killing them.
Books P.H. Recommends
Drag queens fighting zombies?!! That's all you to say. Ricardo has a proven track record of quality with The Catcher's Trap. This deserves to be as equally successful. Please grab a copy. You bettah wurk!
The Walking Dead meets Ru-Paul’s Drag Race. An up-and-coming drag-queen faces a poorly timed zombie apocalypse. Can she wield a machete and still look good in Jimmy-Choo?
This little sci-fii gem is currently flying under the radar. It's well written and leaves you wanting more. Absolutely worth a read.
A man overcomes his restraints during an alien abduction and begins to unravel the true motivation of alien visitors.
If you enjoy a good horror comedy then check this out NOW! Definitely one of the funniest books hiding out on Inkshares.
What would life be like being dead and the unending pain from being alive once again be like to experience? Trapped in his undead body, Rob can only watch the horrors he creates as "the hunger" controls him, while wishing for his second death.
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by Jennifer Foehner Wells
by Hugh Howey
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